Thursday, February 03, 2005

Eason Jordan -Now I get it!

Now it comes into focus!

There is no absurdity to Eason Jordan's "targeting journalists" comment.

From evidence revealed in the blogosphere today it is clear the real truth is he is running a PR aimed at making CNN another Al Jazeera!

CNN's numbers in the states are diving like a rock through air.

ONLY by promoting their own recognition among the Islamic States, and among the Euro attacking the US, and particularly the US Military....are they going to grow their foreign market and audience!

It is not funny, and further belittles the already-shredded facade of this news outlet. However, it may be what CNN sees as their only answer to replacing the US market losses.

How truly sad!


UPDATE: Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for mention in his listings of folks commenting on Eason Jordan's fiasco!