Saturday, January 29, 2005

Just when you think you have troubles!

As I blogged just prior to this entry; Ms. Duke and I spent Friday/Saturday at a hospital for a small surgery, and recovery time for her.

Just when you feel for the problem of this time-taken event; you find out something I had apparently missed earlier! The wife of Captain Ed is awaiting a pancreas transplant.

Not many know what this is........

You may picture "waiting"......let me add perspective; The organ is not healthy! It needs to be are "on a list"....

What is your number? How tough a match are you (age, blood type, and lots more qualifiers).

Capt Ed faces this with his 1st Mate, and we here hope it all resolves in a positive fashion. The GOOD news is, transplants today are wonderfully successful! The bad news, there are WAY too few donors!

Are you an organ donor? Ms. Duke and I are.....check you local laws and DO IT! Once dead, you DO NOT need your organs, etc. ONE Donor can help up to 23 people!

Duke & Ms. Duke!