Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Where O Where has the MSM Gone?

Milwaukee's growing voter fiasco (See Captain's Quarters review on the subject) is being completely ignored by the MSM.

Apparently only Milwaukee media, and not all of them, are beginning to look at the staggering numbers of false registrations, bad or non-existant addresses, etc.

The numbers of fraudulent, or unconfirmed voters in Milwaukee County alone are greater than the Wisconsin margin of victory for sKerry!

Bias in the MSM? Lets see......challenge to Ohio with a 119,000 vote Bush margin.....gets MAJOR headlines and time in the MSM. But in the Cheesy State where 11,000 votes decided the thing, the MSM is no where to be found. Bias, do you see bias, naw, I don't see no stinking bias!

Obviously the MSM would Rather consider the problem in Iraq, and any stories about European problems with our elections than to explore the problem or even acknowledge that it exists!