Monday, January 24, 2005

Hewitt leads the way as our "Bootstraps Guy!"

Hugh Hewitt, Author of Blog, was today on CNN & Fox and Friends both within a short period of time.

One would have thought he'd be hawking his book, but instead he spent his time, as he usually does, speaking out for the blogosphere.

He alone is producing more recognition and legitimacy for the bloggers of this planet than most of the rest of us combined.

I emailed him:

The bootstraps guy for the pajamahadeen!

Not only are you creating a tremendous increase in the awareness of bloggers among media and the non-bloggers, but you also....vis-a-vis your understandable offerings in all media forms, are building blogosphere credability among the masses.

My hat is off to you and your efforts. When the Blogger's Hall of Fame is opened you, along with the PowerLine folks, Glenn at Instapundit, and several others who speak so loudly and clearly for us will be first across the honorable threshold!

Duke of DeLand

If you have NOT purchased and read so! The easily assimilated ideas and descriptions give a fine look at what this beast we all enjoy is all about!



THANKS Hugh for the mention on your blog!


Over at Captain's Quarters they are also into the Hugh visits to the media.....
Check out the verbage from CQ:

Me! Me! I'm Unintelligible! No, I Am!
Hugh Hewitt traveled to New York, braving hours of delay, to make two short appearances on national TV this morning. He first appeared on Fox and Friends, which I think I TiVo'd for later viewing. Hugh went from there to CNN and an appearance on American Morning. Unfortunately, his appearance there was all too brief:

HEWITT: Well, I've been a broadcast journalists for 15 years. I've worked in print and television and radio. And the blogosphere is by far the most accurate and the most objective in terms of accountability. Because the moment you make a mistake, you get jumped on by your colleagues and your adversaries in the blogosphere. Dan Rather got brought down by bloggers.
O'BRIEN: I was going to ask you about that.

HEWITT: Yes. Powerline found it. A number of us jumped on to the story, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and others.

The message as I stated above stands!