Saturday, January 15, 2005

Social Security Reform....Who is Right?

Jonathon Rauch, in the National Journal, writes his theme of questioning GWB's Social Security revamp plan. His statements (
offer up a whole devious version of why the plan by Bush is not needed. He ignores the far as I am concerned. I so stated in my email to him....

My Money - To My Kids/Family!

Ignore the chaff of who is taking money where for what, and the costs, the time to depletion of the ability to sustain the current system which is "drained" of its income each year by a willing congress.

Social Security - I die......My money invested over (in my case 45 years!) my working life is GONE!

Some private investment of a portion of SS monies.......whether I am a good/lucky investor or not......I die, my money goes to my family....not good ol Uncle Sam! If I made 0% interest on my money during the investment years my family is still AHEAD of the current system! (My added emphasis here...not in email)

End of story........

Why is that so hard for liberals to see or understand......oh, yeah, I forgot.....the "Govt. must take care of you" mentality. The biggest disappointment to me is the number of folks who actually believe Govt. is the answer to everything.....I believe that, in most places, is called Communism.....a massively failed proposition wherever it is tried....

I am sure there will be a response not directed to my point.....I will post it if there is a response at all!