Tuesday, January 11, 2005

MSM gives Blogosphere Credability? NON!

As I just posted in comment on Captain's Quarters

MSM cannot recognize the role of bloggers in this fiasco for CBS. If they do, then in one step, they give authentication to the actual value of and depth of reporting/analysis in this new arena....an arena which so far passes the abilities of the hamstrung MSM that they would be immediately deposed!

As a former newsman (30 plus years), it gives me hope to be a part of the blogosphere and the NEW communication.

In our world the biases are worn on our sleeves...and, in our world the problems of game-playing for position and inserting our political views "as news" does not, for the most part, exist.


I hope we never exhibit the mindset of MSM that we are biased in our own beliefs, but we will be quite capable of not letting that influence our stories......The BS line of MSM is now exposed, and to our benefit....

Gains for the "pajamahadeen" come daily!

I look forward to it!