Monday, January 03, 2005

CBS plays a little shell game!

Over at INDC Journal they comment on the reported visit by Andrew Heyward, President of CBS News to the White House to "mend fences".......

Apparently in the visit Heyward, and his companions were selling the idea that Rather and CBS were not anti-Bush, but secretly were taking cues from FOX, or something like that.

I am not buying a word and find it offensive that they'd try it, as I commented on INDC....

Comments: Ominous Sign
Speaking of Mr. Heyward; Where the hell is that report of "weeks not months" preparation! Mr. Heyward almost literally spits in the eye of the President by claiming neither he nor Rather, nor CBS are anti-Bush.

And all this while the promised report into "Rathergate" gathers LOTS of moss on some back burner....or perhaps it is already in the CBS black hole of cleansing, being sanitized so readers of the eventually-released portion will find there was never even a story by Rather at all. It was a foreign power utilizing CBS airwaves illegally....most likely Isreal!

If not so pathetic,it would be hilarious!

Joke Indeed!