Monday, January 10, 2005

Wine or not this is TOO GOOD to pass on....

Enjoy some fine writing!

Silent Runnings

Either Mary Mapes is a huge liar, or Dan Rather is an absolutely clueless moron. And there is a strong probability that both is the case. Despite having more than a couple (as it is portrayed in the report) of opportunities to grill Mapes and demand to see some evidence besides simply taking her word for it, Rather apparently just blindly went along with the whole thing despite being asked to do at least three fairly 'nothing' interviews of people that really didn't know the first thing about the direct facts of the case. The exception being the document guy Matley, who apparently was pretty straightforward with his explanation of his reservations and the limitations of his analysis. So Rather is either dumber than a clod of Texas dirt, because Matley's explanations went right over his head, and not a single bit of what should have smelled like a three card monty game in progress by Mapes caused even a twitch of any 'finely honed pro-journo' instinct within the man; or, he was, lock, stock and barrel, a willing and active facilitator of the whole sham. I'm not sure which is more convincing to me that his head is occupied by a total vacuum, lacking even three functional brain cells to rub together - that he just didn't get the stink that was emanating from this, or that he expects us to believe that he didn't get it.