Monday, January 10, 2005

Danny Boy is Gone; so are three minions...

SO We here at CBS want you to know that we are DEDICATED - DEDICATED, I tell you, to the NEWS and its truth!

However, we are planning to give our long-time anchor, Mr. Rather, a PASS on his obviously totally screwed up, and indefensible story about George Bush's National Guard service! It is just what we MUST do! Also, it is NOT possible a news President, Mr. Heyward for example, could be responsible for lies, misdirections, lack of accountability, etc. He is just WAY too smart for that.

Thus, we will fire several minions.....sacrifical lambs if you wish to so call them, and hide Mr. Rather by a slight-of-hand trick of moving him from anchor to a spot where his only job will be lying and misdirection.....thus he will not be on nightly for you "pajamahadeen" to shoot at!

Meanwhile, we are reallly, reallllllly serious about our NEWS!

Trust me!

MY GOD do they actually believe this will satisfy the blogosphere, or are they still awaiting orders from space that tell them the bloggers are a figment of their imagination.

The next few days will be "REALLY ENTERTAINING......"