Saturday, January 22, 2005

Unions & The Blue/vs/Red State Game!

Over at In the Agora Paul Musgrave deals with the "fiefdoms" of unionized blue parts of the country.
Check his comments; to which i offered the below response....

Living in Florida one hears often the jobs here are "lower-paying".....While true compared to the Northern tier union states, the secret is... There ARE jobs here.

People are moving here. They are leaving the unionized states (yes, including California where companies find it hard to make money under the tax/union wage load).

Unions HAD a place. Now, they are costing the states where they rule.

Forget the responses you union folks will revert to and have used for years; "unions protect", etc.

They protect themselves, and generate their own political agenda based on which party will insure continuation of pro-unionization rules. The which party comment needs not include the name of the is that clear.

Why do you suppose the unions have been losing in the percentage-of-unionized workers since the 50s? They do nothing in the form of job protection!

Been there, done that.....Caterpillar Tractor, years ago. When the Japanese offered a slightly less-durable product for half the price (they had no union with which to contend) Cat lost thousands of jobs and lots of money! Not one worker's job was protected...nor even their benefits package for the rest still employed.

Unions have outlived their usefulness...or is it they changed their goals to trying to dictate terms rather than negotiate in good faith based upon fair wages/benefits?

By the way....what input on the union position does the average union employee have? ZERO!

I'd be willing to bet a large percentage of "blue" voters who lose jobs and move to the sunshine end up voting often in the "red" column!

Seen anybody leaning on a shovel at a street repair site, or perhaps standing watching a fellow worker's efforts lately?