Thursday, January 27, 2005

& We're In the UN Why???????

The question begs for an answer. By Bush; by Congressmen and Senators; and yes, even by the apologist left!

I am afraid I am at the point where when I see the simple identifier U.N. I physically and mentally cringe. I know several things will be involved;

1. Anti US information (or ignoring US efforts)!

2. Self-Congratulatory comments on the U.N. and/or its actions!

3. More information leaking out about either an expansion of or a new major total screw-up &/or debacle of operation for the UN.

Now the UN is taking credit for almost ALL action regarding the tsunami.At The Diplomad a long read, but one worth your time......

When you are finished reading it, please come back and answer the question/title of this post....... & We're in the UN Why?

I cannot for the life of me imagine why our dollars continue to flow there!