Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing!

I have read many comments regarding the Democratic posturing and pressuring over Condi's appointment. Two things are obvious. Their position is a losing one & they know it!

What is less obvious, and I certainly have not see explained away, is why they pick this particular fight. It has become obvious the Democrats are going to pick fights on about everything, however I am still surprised they are so vociferous about Condi. If they feel they can attack the first black woman ever named to the post, and make the general black population accept that she is "different" because she is a Bushite, then I am afraid they are mistaken.

I think one of the most-overlooked factors in Bush's re-election was his diversification in cabinet appointments. There must also be a number in the black community of voters who also feel this way as they turned out a much larger percentage for Bush this time around.

Picking on Bush's judicial appointments is something I can almost understand. The Democrats have little else they can do. However, the anti-Condi efforts seem tailor-made to further alienate an electorate.

UPDATE: Over at
Captain's Quarters Ed has a much more detailed look at the Democratic idiocy! Check it out.....