Sunday, January 30, 2005

44 Dead in Iraq on Voting Day! - Check This!

OK, 44 died in Iraq on the day of their 1st election in 50 years!

I am getting a media crescendo on this fact......However, they might want to check some salient points re: USA Statistics!

For the year 2003, according to the FBI official statistics report (Found on their web site) we have 45.3 people murdered in the USA per day.....

Of course we have much more population, BUT we are NOT at war! They are, and the "insurgents" (Terrorists by my book!) are trying to insure no election and if an election, one marred by violence.

THEY FAILED, and the MSM blabber about this is so out-of-kilter it is unbelieveable!

The elections Worked!
The Iraqi population spoke FOR Democracy with a capitol "D"!
They showed they believe in their new-found freedom.

Nuff bout that!