Saturday, January 29, 2005

The IRAQI Vote! - I am HIGHLY Optimistic!

The fact of a REAL potential of a vote of registered folk in Iraq about 20% above that of the registered voters in the USA in November 2004 is FAN-TASTIC!

These folk, despite the media coverage of disastrous and disabling problems from the "insurgents" (Read Terrorists!), are demonstrating the VERY same verdict the voters (read citizens) of Afghanistan expressed! They WANT Freedom and they WANT Democracy!

Donald Sensing One Hand Clapping offers this interpretation which I find agreeable!

I'm going to put on my Amazing Karnak hat and make two predictions:

1. The terrorist attempts to break up the election won't do so and will be actually less violent than expected. In fact, I predict that election day will be a bonanza day for suppressing the terrorists through capture or counterattack.

2. When the above becomes known among Iraqis, Sunday evening and Monday will bring forth the most widespread celebrations among the Iraqi people seen since the downfall of Saddam. There will be dancing in the streets and brief period in which these newly liberated people will be drunk on democracy, for a day or two anyway.

I know I'm out on a limb, and if anyone thinks I am engaging in wishful predictions, I plead guilty. But I still think this will be so.

He is RIGHT!!!!
I don't suffer his doubts!