Sunday, January 30, 2005

They gave them the finger (BLUE)!

So, the backward, long-deprived Iraqi people have, perhaps, provided the USA with an object lesson! Are we listening and observing?????

November 2004, we have rampant voting of people registered, but not identifiable (Wisconsin, not Ohio), and voting though dead (Washington, not Ohio).....

January 2005, the Iraqi folk dip a finger in permanent blue ink to indicate you voted and to prevent your voting again. The "permanent" ink lasts a week or so and then fades away.

It is two things: An emblem of no small pride, as shown by the many pics from Iraq, and it also prevents voter fraud.

Is this something we could learn from???? Will we????
Probably not if the Liberal Democrats have any say, as it might "inhibit" voting...
Yah, Sure!