Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dean, Dean, the DNC Machine!

What the Hell are the Democrats thinking??????

Are the Democrats thinking??????

Howard Dean is as incendiary as the 4th of July fireworks he unleashed upon the folks covering his failed campaign for Presidential nominee!

Yet the DNC, in their complete oblivion to REALITY, have seen fit to make him the favorite to assume the post of "him-who-seeks-to elevate-the-Democrats-for-election" MY GOD! Are they crazy???????

Of course they are, they still accept the postulations of Kennedy; Boxer; et al!

Will there be no end (I hope not!)?

Go RNC, make ground.....

What shall our battle cry be in 2006?????

Down, Sir Dayton, Down!

DOWN the drain, like your compatriot Sir Daschle!