Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Limit a Heart Attack!

Some VERY IMPORTANT information YOU need to have available in the event of chest pain from Donald Sensing, via InstaPundit.....

Read it, take it with you, BUT add one thing!

If you have the chest pain.....take ONE MINUTE before leaving for the hospital to take a regular aspirin!

This is serious.....I recently had the tour of the "Chest Pain Center" (euphamism for heart attack emergency room) in the major hospital where I work. My tour followed a phone call to my physician to describe chest pressure and burning.

My doc's 1st words....."Take an aspirin and go straight to the chest pain center!"

Being prepared is mandatory from about age 30 up!

Duke of DeLand

p.s. My problem proved to pretty mundane as they found a chronic sinus infection which was draining and causing the pressure on my lungs! Many pills later I am fine.