Monday, January 31, 2005

Brave Sir Dayton - On A Quest to Daschleland!

My, but I see another opportunity for the GOP to wade in and relieve another marginal member of the Senate of his seat!

"Brave Sir Dayton" (Senator Mark Dayton of Minn.), fresh off the trail of managing to shoot himself in both feet within a few months, is someone I view as a Daschle in terms of vulnerability.

So Does Ed over at Captain's Quarters. A good take on the situation and Dayton's Kamakazi flight thru both closing of his Washington office (Possible terrorist attack), and his ugly drum beating and berating of Condi Rice during her hearings before the Senate.

I am sure there would be a groundswell of potential funding for anyone from the GOP who opposes this lunatic....if not one from the DNC itself to promote a viable replacement.