Friday, February 04, 2005

Is it beginning to end in Iraq?

This story at Free Iraqi is, I most profoundly hope, the first of many we shall see from Iraq.

Citizens, attacked by terrorists trying to punish the citizens for voting.....and the formerly cowed citizens rose up, killed five terrorists, wounded 8 more and only suffered three wounded themselves. Then to top it off, the newly-empowered Iraqi voters burned the vehicle the terrorists used.

Much more than possibly giving terrorists cause to pause in their somewhat random plunges into Iraqi society, I am hoping this signals the Iraqi people, 8 million of whom voted, are saying in effect, "Get off me....I now have rights and the ability to vote. I am a person!"

That is at least how I am going to interpret this!

Hurray for these folk!


UPDATE: check out the story currently on FOX website about new feelings of security in Baghdad!!!! Seems to support my above interpretation/hope/wish.....