Monday, February 07, 2005

Churchill wants US "Off the planet!"

Through Neal Boortz' "Reading Assignment" the following lead to World Net Daily where claim is laid that the controversial Colorado Professor and Indian Activist Ward Churchill, now denied as an indian at all, has gone much further than his attributed earlier statement about the NY Twin Tower folks as "little Eichmanns".

In fact he is claimed in the article to want the US off the planet!

I have read with interest several comments in the last few days cautioning against removal of Churchill from his teaching post for some ill-conceived and absurd comments.

In my opinion, however, if the latest claim is true.....and more importantly if Mr. Churchill cannot show proof of his "indianness", I join the chorus of voices urging we "off" him from the college post.

Lying about your credentials is beyond reprehensible...using the fraudulently-achieved post for such ill statements makes the removal mandatory!