Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hat Man Two !

Zounds, give a guy an Instalanche and lots of things happen......1st the volume, then the comments and questions......

Some interesting stuff I thought I'd reply to!

From George: Where are the dang pictures?

Good question......I am working on it now....have been dragging my feet on opening the picture process....soon as I have it understood, I'll post a couple...

From JorgX: Where are all the hat shops & where the heck do you get them cleaned and blocked?

Danged if i know about the cleaning. Have not had to clean mine yet...keep them pretty well safe. I buy a lot of them in a little hat shop in Madiera Beach, FL...but find them in lots of places....mostly when traveling.

My next hat will be a Stetson....Cannot be a true Hat Man unless you own one. Mrs. Duke has been shying at the $180 plus for one.....go figure!

Thanks again to Instapundit for the Instalanche, and this day's fun.