Saturday, February 05, 2005

"Hat Man" is my nickname!

I found this on Instapundit to be quite interesting, and a topic not often aired.

My interest is my nickname "Hat Man".....for I own somewhere upwards of 25 hats. That does NOT count baseball caps of which I have a good number; nor the three different styles of Coast Guard Auxiliary hats I still own, despite my absence from their number.

I own lots of straw from tropical to my Buccaneers NFL straw hat. I have two REAL fedoras (felt & crushable); three leather from brown to black (one bought in Puerto Rico); a "Tula" hat made in Mexico, and a genuine white Resistol (cowboy hat for the uninitiated, and bought in Gatlinburg).

I rarely leave the house without a hat. Usually carry them almost everywhere, except into movie theatres.

LOVE the cutting of sun exposure to my face where I am four surgeries deep already for skin cancer (Love Florida, in spite of this).

I often wonder why more men folk don't wear them.....and, for that matter why not more ladies. I find them sexy, and my wife (among the non-hat people) loves me in a hat.

Next week I'll be in my Buccaneers straw hat AT the Pro Bowl in Hawaii! Life is Good!

Try a hat dudes!!!!


UPDATE1: A BIG tip of the Hat Man fedora to Instapundit for the current "Instalanche!"

UPDATE2: Not sure if it is just normal snafu, or the Instalanche, but my site meter is down!

UPDATE3: Cable modem was going out.....needed to be reset. Site meter back OK. Can't wait to go wireless.....already am on my laptop...still hardwired for Mrs. Duke & My PCs.

Several commented I had no pic on the site, so I have posted two in new posts......check it out by going direct to: