Monday, February 07, 2005

A left-slide by Drudge????

I have emailed Matt Drudge, asking quite pointedly why he has not exposed ANYTHING on the Jordan matter!

See below:

I sincerely hope I am reading the signs wrongly.....on Drudge!!!

NOT A WORD on the Eason Jordan fiasco.........from the "breakmaster"?????

Come on big fella, what the heck is going on?

This WILL surface, and it WILL play, and given a new effort to directly approach our congressional folks for an investigation, it will be cannot miss....

Hope you don't miss this train are already seriously behind the curve!


Will I get a response.....judging by the balance of the MSM (of which Drudge seems more and more to be a part) Nope!

BUT I do hope he responds with either a story or an explanation to me!


UPDATE: Forgot to mention the Congressional effort by Ed at Captain's Quarters. I have joined......Florida's Congressmen (in my area) now are alerted. Time to join Ed and help get this out of "the cone of silence" imposed by the MSM, and perhaps Drudge!