Tuesday, September 30, 2008


No, Not his positions....nope, not his background; but instead because the Main Stream Media are so far in the tank for Obama that they have abandoned all pretense of being "unbiased".....They simply follow the line......

The VP Debate this weekend is going to be moderated by a female who has a book coming out the day of the NEXT PRESIDENT's Inauguration! How "con-veeeen-yent" as the famed SNL "Church Lady" would say!

Michelle Malkin reports......

This is beyond belief, but true in this final last-gasp effort of a failing media to elect "Their choice" as President......

The sad thing is, despite their lower-than-low ratings, they may well succeed!

The consoling factor is Obama would ba a one-term fiasco! He'd tax and spend and display his true Socialist creds until the voters die of remorse. Carter---part II!

We can only hope, but my meager retirement is dependent upon the President for the next 4 years, and he could hurt we retirees, in spite of the DEM lies about "protecting" the middle-class!

God, I love this country....but HATE the biased media which is fading, but about to givbe to this ignorant, elitist man a Presidency....


Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi Gets it W-R-O-N-G!!!!!

In the process she, almost by-herself managed to defeat the Bailout!

Pelosi chose the moment of DEM/REP cooperation on the bailout to single out the GOP as FULLY, completely responsible for the financial debacle!

Thus she insured the bill would fail.....


Then laugh as this cariacture of a woman manages to kill yet another cooperative venture......wonder how long it will take the DEMs to kick her out?



"Don't Call It a Bailout Nor a Recession!"

Matt Kellner of MarketWatch addresses The Nattering Nabobs of Negativism...

If you yell "recession" long enough from the media, the people believe....despite the fact they only buy about 30% of what the media spout. Somehow I find that completely ridiculous. You know the media are not believed....b ut if they say the economy is bad you believe. Perhaps that is from the folks who just "know" they should be better off than they are.....Perhaps Indeed!


Where Is Obama's 5th Condition For Bailout?

NAW, don't tell me he flipped, flopped, or changed again!

Greg Pollowitz:

"In the debate, Senator Obama laid out his four conditions for passing the bailout bill. From the CNN transcript:

So we have to move swiftly, and we have to move wisely. And I've put forward a series of proposals that make sure that we protect taxpayers as we engage in this important rescue effort.

No. 1, we've got to make sure that we've got oversight over this whole process; $700 billion, potentially, is a lot of money.

No. 2, we've got to make sure that taxpayers, when they are putting their money at risk, have the possibility of getting that money back and gains, if the market — and when the market returns.

No. 3, we've got to make sure that none of that money is going to pad CEO bank accounts or to promote golden parachutes.

And, No. 4, we've got to make sure that we're helping homeowners, because the root problem here has to do with the foreclosures that are taking place all across the country.

Yet 48 hours earlier, he had five conditions:

First, there must be oversight. We should not hand over a blank check to the discretion of one man. We support an independent, bipartisan board to ensure accountability and complete transparency.

Second, we need to protect taxpayers. There should be a path for taxpayers to recover their money, and to turn a profit if Wall Street prospers.

Third, no Wall Street executive should profit from taxpayer dollars. This plan cannot be a welfare program for CEOs whose greed and irresponsibility has contributed to this crisis.

Fourth, we must help families who are struggling to stay in their homes. We cannot bail out Wall Street without helping millions of families facing foreclosure on Main Street.

Fifth, we both agree that this financial rescue package should move on its own without any earmarks or other measures. We have different views about the need for other action, but this must be a clean bill.

Yeah. . .can't have a clean bill now, can we? Not when there are billions for ACORN at stake."

Obama has his Masters Degree in flip-flop (hide and seek)!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

USF - Rated A Bit Low????

Has anyone else noticed? The USF Bulls seem to me to be less of the "darlings" they were last year to the ratings systems.....all of them!

I don't understand this as they have the history (now), plus a team of returning guys, and a fine start on the season. I guess my theory of our being a bit ignored will be tested well this week as some of the "A" teams took it badly this weekend. Florida, Wake Forest, etc.

I personally feel they are in the 7 to 10 range currently, and headed UP.

Go Bulls!




The same game continues. Obama willing to utilize gestapo tactics to silence the opposition, and lie like a rug if that isn't enough!

How sad so many do not see this. But then, the In-The-Tank media have fostered a lot of misunderstanding.


UPDATE: By the way, McCain also caught Obama lying.....GO READ!

Bailout Accord Reached - Pending Written Document!

The WaPo details the agreement.

The hard part now is to keep the "understanding" in a form the pols agree matches what they agreed to.

A key here is the apparent GOP-Pushed dropping of a provision which in colvoluted fashion would have ended up funding ACORN the giant organization dedicated to providing new DEM voters in most states. What a fiasco that would have been.

I do not agree with either the bailout, nor the form it is in, but the thing has apparently taken on a life of its own with every politico in Washington seeming to feel if they don't approve something and the DOW tanks, they are in trouble in November...a probably true fact.

Another fine example of BIG & GETTING BIGGER government at work.


Gestapo II - An Anti-Free-Speech-Zone!

The Obama campaign continues to show the tactics that will be employed if this Chicago-Politics-As-Usual candidate is elected.

Now free speech, a cornerstone of our society is being modified by the Obama crew....all in the name of security.

From the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star about the crisis of constitutional rights for an appearance by "The One" at the University of Mary Washington:

"NOT ALL COUNTRIES guarantee their citizens the right to virtually unbridled freedom of speech. The United States does. Would someone please tell the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama? And the dozing guardians of liberty at the University of Mary Washington?

Mr. Obama, the Democratic nominee for president, is scheduled to speak at a rally at the university today. The public is invited to this forum, on property it, the public, owns. However, signs and banners will not be allowed, according to the organizers and compliant campus officials. Suddenly, UMW is a First Amendment-Free, or at least a First Amendment-Crippled, Zone, subject to the self-serving preferences of politicos. Why does an Obama rally–or a McCain rally or a Nader rally–justify taking a little off the top of Americans’ most fundamental rights?

A UMW spokeswoman says that the Obama campaign required the sign-and-banner ban. That campaign tells us that the ban is for “security” reasons. But a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, responsible for protecting presidential candidates, says that the service has no objection to signs at rallies, provided that no “part of the sign could be used as a weapon”–e.g., a heavy metal pole or a sharpened stick. Finally, the McCain campaign tells us, “We encourage people to make signs at our events.” (my color emphasis added)

Why is there a deafening silence from the supposed 4th estate about this direct infringement upon our free speech rights?

Anybody wanna bet what the attitude will be once "The One" is in office, and how much the FBI, and DOJ will be used as implements to silence any one who would speak against Obama?

I find this horrendous, and surely hope there will be a lawsuit filed, and a few leaders at UMW taken to task for the offense.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Missouri Governor Attacks Obama Gestapo Tactics!

His statement:

"JEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

“St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

“What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.

“This abuse of the law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideals of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson’s thinking than using the power of the state to deprive Americans of their civil rights. The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.

“Barack Obama needs to grow up. Leftist blogs and others in the press constantly say false things about me and my family. Usually, we ignore false and scurrilous accusations because the purveyors have no credibility. When necessary, we refute them. Enlisting Missouri law enforcement to intimidate people and kill free debate is reminiscent of the Sedition Acts - not a free society.”

In spite of their continued tanking for Obama, I cannot for the life of me fathom the near-complete silence by major newspapers and networks on this topic.


Debate Items

The debate........#1

Well, depending upon which party rep you visit with McCain or Obama won......

Drudge has a poll going on who won: McCain 67% - Obama 30%
Instapundit also has a poll: McCain 71% - Obama 10%
(The Insty Poll has a third option: "I was resting my eyes!" which got 19%)

In The New York Post Charles Hurt found a really striking comparison between the attitudes of Obama and McCain.....

"One of last night's most telling moments came when McCain revealed a wristband that had belonged to a soldier killed in Iraq given to him by the soldier's mother. Do everything in your power, the mother told McCain, to make sure "my son's death was not in vain."

"I've got a bracelet, too," Obama said - given to him by the mother of a dead soldier who asked Obama to "make sure that another mother's not going through what I'm going through."

Here lies the difference between these two men:

Obama will accept defeat if continuing on hurts too much. For McCain, any mission where defeat is an option is a mission not worth fighting in the first place."

How true.


Obamessiah Releases The Gestapo To Halt Free Speech

Threats; Intimidation; yech!

Patterico covers the latest threats against free speech.

This has even made the TV news!

If you think you are hearing bad things from The One now; threatening to pull licenses from broadcasters; asking arrests of those who "lie, deceive" (wonder who gets to judge what is lying and deceiving?)......

Elect Obama, and he'll control your media so much it will remove any cover of free speech!

This is serious stuff which should be screamed from every newspaper headline and TV in the nation. Whys is it gaining no traction? It comes from The One. If McCain ever issued such a blast at speech, he'd be pilloried from coast to coast. The One can do no wrong.


Paul Newman, R.I.P.

Actor Paul Newman has died of complications of a current bout with cancer. He was 83. How many movies of his did I watch?

R.I.P. Blue Eyes!


Friday, September 26, 2008

DEMs Spin-Spin-Spin.....Trying For Traction

These folks are completely off the chart.

They fault McCain for leaving the campaign to face, in Washington, the most extreme challenge this country has faced financially in decades. They call him a coward afraid of a debate. They say he is "slowing" the solution to the financial crisis. Plus they indicate he is weak. WHY? Because he is working on the problem. Every DEM knows that he should be rehearsing for the debate, not dealing with National problems!

Now the spin is McCain needs to be a "BIG" winner tonight in the debate because of his DEM-Perceived losses by abandoning the campaign.

I am reminded of the fact Obama is not yet weaned off teleprompter, and sure hope the questions tonight are not "scripted"....guess we'll have to watch the crowd for a teleprompter displayed on one of Obama's supporters chest!

This is too good.

McCain was concerned over the economy, and the financial crisis....not how he will do against "The One" in a face-to-face.

I, for one, cannot wait.

One pollster is already predicting that absent a major Obama positive the race is McCains by large numbers!


OH OH! - Now It Is ON!!!!!!

Iranian students have drawn cartoons denying the Holocaust......

Little Green Footballs has details!

By this time tomorrow Jewish folk everywhere will be burning Iranian flags in the street, stomping down any Iranian they find, and organizing a crew to hunt down and kill these cartoonists......They will declare a "Hosanna" against the cartoonists binding all Jews to hunt them!


"Dirty" Harry Reid Trying To Sneak Through Shale Oil Ban!

After taking heat from hell on the drilling issue Democrats were forced to allow the ban on offshore and shale oil drilling to lapse.

POWERLINE says Reid is trying to sneak the shale oil ban back in!

Only a decrepit old fool like Reid would presume to try such a stunt. I sincerely hope each and every one out there contacts their rep to oppose this.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

MAY DAY....MAY DAY!!!!! Al Franken is in Trouble!

Powerline has the details, and it is beyond interesting, and almost amusing!.....well except that this idiot is an actual candidate for the Senate!



The Apocalypse?????

Hugh, my MAIN MAN is going to have to cut back????


At 84 I just wish to still be breathing.....let alone having a problem with cutting my female entourage!


Life is full of incongruities!


Obama Opposes Free Speech! - There IS A Case For It!

From Guy Benson at Pajamas Media:

"In June of this year a spokesman for Barack Obama had this to say about reimposing the “Fairness Doctrine”:

Sen. Obama does not support reimposing the Fairness Doctrine on broadcasters. He considers this debate to be a distraction from the conversation we should be having about opening up the airwaves and modern communications to as many diverse viewpoints as possible. That is why Sen. Obama supports media-ownership caps, network neutrality, public broadcasting, as well as increasing minority ownership of broadcasting and print outlets.

On its face, the statement seems reassuring. But Barack Obama has proven himself virtually incapable of adhering to a consistent position. His willingness to brazenly toss previous policy preferences under the bus as soon as they prove inconvenient to his short-term interests cannot be ignored. If he hasn’t hesitated to repeatedly betray liberal orthodoxy to satisfy his immediate needs, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to envision Obama discarding a right-of-center pledge faster than you can say, “This isn’t the fairness doctrine I once knew.”

It’s also important to consider this matter through the lens of Obama’s mythical history of “bipartisanship.” In the United States Senate, Obama voted the Democrat Party line 97 percent of the time; more often than his own caucus’ leader. It takes quite an effort to out-liberal Ted Kennedy and Bernie Sanders, but the non-partisan National Journal says Obama managed to do just that, ranking him the most liberal senator in the chamber last year. With that in mind, consider this: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the most powerful members of Obama’s party, has clearly stated her desire to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. When asked if she’d allow a vote on Indiana Republican Mike Pence’s anti-Fairness Doctrine legislation, Pelosi shot back, “No. The interest in my caucus is the reverse.”

Can the public really trust an Obama administration to resist a Democratic Congress’ efforts to revive the censorship measure? Considering that Senator Obama hasn’t stood up to his own party in any substantial way thus far, it’s unlikely a President Obama would magically adopt the practice.

Beyond the hypothetical, the Obama campaign’s actions betray speech-muzzling impulses. On numerous occasions during his general election campaign, Obama has sought to silence, rather than engage and refute, his critics."

So why, I wonder, does the Obama campaign continue to threaten folks who run ads they oppose.....Such as the current NRA ads??????

Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

As do I.........

Glenn Reynolds reports......HERE!!!!


Semper Fi -

Marine in Hidatha group demonized by Murtha files suit!

Damn Right! - Paybacks are hell you lying sack of "pretend soldier Murtha".....


Bill Clinton Appointed Head Cheerleader.......FOR MCCAIN?????

Paybacks are hell for "The One!"


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wah-Wah-Wah; "Sarah is A Mean Old Girl!"

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....

"Stop the presses! (In other stunning news, the sun rose this morning in the east, and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.)"

From Hugh Hewitt's site, we find this by Bill Dyer!

It is nice to see some have an equilibrium!!!!


Obama-Ayers Pushed Radical Agenda in Chicago Schools

Even as the Obama campaign fights harder and harder to minimize the Obama/Ayers link Stanley Kurtz plows through the records of The Annenberg Project to show very strong ties and a very radical agenda for teaching Chicago kids.

Kurtz' opinion piece is in today's Wall Street Journal

"Just a neighbor" somehow does not compute in the face of the many ties between Ayers and Obama. Indeed, it is a bold lie for Obama to portray his connection in such a light, given the facts Kurtz has unearthed.

Guess this one will stay in the blogs for the most part as the MSM will reliably avoid any exposure....that might hurt "their" candidate.

As son Little Duke commented to me by phone yesterday....This election will produce the death of the MSM. They have not only shown a bias, but jumped full into the tank for "their" candidate.

What a shame that journalism is today in the blogs, not the papers or major media. Actually, it is NOT A SHAME....it is rather a blessing that we have the blogs so we get a true picture of the goings-on as the MSM strikes out when trying hard to force an election to one candidate.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Pelosi & Reid Blew It!

Andrew Cline at American Spectator:

"The most fascinating political development of the summer has occurred with little notice. Republicans are respected again. Wait, what?

Believe it or not, entering the final quarter of the eighth year of the George W. Bush presidency, Republicans are ascending in popularity, Politico.com reported yesterday. Half of registered voters and half of independent voters have a favorable opinion of the GOP, according to a new poll from the Pew Center for the People and the Press. Democrats hold a slight edge in favorability among registered voters (55 percent to 50 percent), but they are statistically tied with Republicans among independent voters (Republicans 50 percent, Democrats 49 percent.)

How could this happen? Anyone half-paying attention for the past eight years can rattle off the list of reasons voters are supposed to be fleeing the GOP: Iraq, Katrina, Wall Street, Abramoff, DeLay, Bridge to Nowhere, bin Laden at large, gas prices, and home mortgages. When Democratic presidential candidates dream, they dream of election years like this one.

And yet since August the Republicans have closed an 18 point gap with Democrats among independent voters. A new Gallup poll finds that Democrats have only a three-point edge (within the margin of error) when people are asked which party they want to control Congress.

I think the answer is pretty clear: The Democratic leadership in Congress took the golden opportunity it was given in 2006 and pissed it away on petty partisanship -- just like the Republicans who preceded them did.

A Gallup poll out this week is revealing. It found that only 47 percent of Americans say they have trust in the legislative branch of the federal government. That's the first time that number has dipped below 50 percent since Gallup began asking that question in 1972. The same poll found that only 18 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing vs. 31 percent who approve of the job President Bush is doing.

There is good reason for those low ratings. When voters swept Democrats into power two years ago, they expected that the party would deliver on its promises. It hasn't. Instead of leadership and statesmanship, we got gamesmanship. Instead of governing, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid embarked on a two-year political campaign.

The Democrats opposed the troop surge in Iraq. When the surge turned a raging insurgency into a slinking retreat and the Democrats ridiculously proclaimed that it wasn't working, an average American listening to both sides could only shrug his shoulders and wonder what in the world the Democrats were smoking.

When Democrats opposed every measure to increase domestic oil production, they angered millions of Americans. And when they finally tried to claim they were for new drilling by producing two bills that allowed new drilling only where there was little or no oil, Americans quickly picked up on the scam.

On all of the major issues of the past two years, the Democrats chose to play political gotcha instead of actually govern. The public, it turns out, seems to have seen through the charade. It's kind of hard to convince Americans that you feel their pain when, for example, you are doing everything in your power to keep gas prices high through the election. By being Democrats first and public representatives second, Democrats have lost the enormous advantage in goodwill the Republicans handed them on a silver platter two years ago.

This election year should have produced a Democratic sweep of historic proportions, delivering the White House and massive majorities in the House and Senate. But thanks to the incompetence of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Republicans might pull a respectable showing."

The sad thing for the Democrats is that they could have addressed at least a couple of the issues on which they had promised action and then won nicely this year.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah Has Peaked! - Yeah Right!

The Antique Media would have you believe that the Sarah-Cuda surge is over....

Yeah Right!

Just look at the 60,000 who attended her visit to The Villages in Florida!

That is right.....60,000 in the middle lands of Florida!

Go Sarah-Cuda



While my blog is not normally a sports center, I have to respond to the fact the Tampa Bay Rays have won entry into the baseball playoffs.

Last place last year.....quite possibly 1st place this year.

Woo-Hoo......I, for one, love a good baseball game, and how nice to be able to see the Rays inside the 72 degree "Trop" in the middle of a super-hot Tampa Summer!

Plus this same weekend......My Tampa Bucs won against a strong Chicago Bears Team IN Chicago (My former faves when I lived in Illinois); and, the Univ. of S. Florida Bulls won again as well as my son (Little Duke)'s favorite team...the Jags.....Nice sports weekend, and the whipped-cream-with-a-cherry-on-top ending is a major victory of the Miami Dolphins against the New England Pats....by a H-U-G-E margin!

Love a good sports weekend.....


OBAMA LIES - No Surprise!

The usual Democrat lies are that the GOP is going to "CUT THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY!"... and they are continuing this election cycle....even when they are complete L-I-E-S!!!!!

FACTCHECK.ORG has the details....

Why am I not surprised when this is the eleventeenth time the Democrat idiots have tried to pass this off....despite their own votes which have caused SS benefits problems in the past.

Just read the facts!

"# The private accounts would have been voluntary. Anybody fearful of the stock market's risk could simply stay in the current system.

# Obama's reference to "casino culture," disappearing "nest eggs" and gambling with "your life savings" are also misleading exaggerations. Only a little over one-fourth of any workers' total Social Security taxes could have been invested (a maximum of 4 percent of taxable wages, out of the total 15.3 per cent now paid, split equally between worker and employer.)

# Speculation in individual stocks would not have been permitted. Workers would have had a choice of a few, broadly diversified stock or bond funds.

# While McCain has voted in favor creating private Social Security accounts in the past, and endorsed Bush's 2005 proposal (which never came to a vote in Congress), he is not making a strong push for them as part of his campaign. In fact, a search for the term "Social Security" on the McCain-Palin Web site brings up the following: "No documents were found."

WHY The voters seem to find the Democrat lie acceptable is beyond me!


No Surprise, But SURPRISE!!!!!

The Duke's local family had a gathering yesterday. We are a very, very diverse group.

The results of my conversations with family members was quite interesting.

I am from a family which, locally at least, lives mostly in rural Florida....mostly middle-state, and what is traditionally called "Red-neck".....

I expected that the folks who have, every election from at least 1990 forward, chosen Democrats for various reasons, to chose a Democrat this time. The difference was, my localized family folk are really of the redneck culture. I felt Obama might be a trip point for them. However, they seemed comfortable with Obama. NOT BECAUSE he is Democrat or Black (partially), but instead because he is the opposite of McCain.

Their reasons were vague ideas of "McCain's lies".....and "Bush Politics." Hummmm!

No responsibility for the Obama hiding of his records and his voting as "present" in the Illinois legislature; many, many times. This does not count for them. He is impervious to such things in their mind, and thus the Democrat yell & scream about their candidate as the "Messiah" seems to be holding. The call is for the "new support for people" which Obama espouses.....translation....What can the Govt. do for me??????

They are not FOR OBAMA.......they are Opposed to McCain! Because McCain has been painted (somewhat successfully) as a Bush surrogate! Why I cannot discern from my family conversations because this never is answered. Just the "More-of-the-same!" mantra is espoused as if it were true. Even though the ads saying McCain voted "with" Bush 90% of the time have been disproved as he actually voted with him about the same as Obama!!!!!!!!


Then the opposite side of the nickel is exposed by comments from the chief family protagonists for Obama.....my brother and nephew.....THEY ARE NOT REGISTERED & HAVE NO PLANS TO DO SO! Thus they will not vote......

That places a twist on any survey!

McCain will win. Posted by me on Sept. 21, 2008

Duke (& I take responsibility for my posts!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Non-Partisan What????????

From a comment by David Bernstein at The Volokh Conspiracy.....

"An Odd Definition of "Partisan":

Let me get this straight: if the only prominent American politician to attend a rally against Iran is Hillary Clinton, the rally is a neutral, nonpartisan event. If Hillary Clinton AND Sarah Palin attend, then the rally becomes a partisan political event, and Clinton couldn't possibly agree to appear. Very, very strange."

Yes it is very strange.


Obama's Teleprompter Breaks, and........

This is incredibly funny.


My God, this is way too funny. He cannot speak without a teleprompter. He has no idea what his subject is, and no idea how to talk in an ad-lib fashion.

BOY, I cannot wait til he meets Putin for the 1st time as President.......If Putin manages to hack the teleprompter, we might give Alaska away!


R.I.P. Conservatism!

Michelle Malkin tells it like it is!..........

"Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson just wrapped up his press conference announcing the Mother of All Bailouts. He said a “bold” approach was needed to achieve “stability” in the market.

Let me translate that.

“Bold” = Massively massive, taxpayer-funded rescue.

“Stability” = Privatizing profits and socializing losses on a scale we have never seen before in our lifetimes.

I have had it with Pollyanna conservatives who continue to parrot the “fundamentals of the market are great!” line.

The fundamentals of the market suck. The fundamentals of capitalism have been sabotaged.

Yes, yes, crony Democrats are to blame for much of how we got here. You don’t need to recite all the talking points back to me. I’ve been writing about the Fannie/Freddie debacle for years.

But it is September 19, 2008. And this is a Republican White House presiding over the Mother of All Bailouts. Every step along the way since stimuluspalooza began last summer, we’ve heard that every bailout step was just a one-off. Each step was supposed to calm the markets. Each new government intervention and allocation of taxpayer dollars was supposed to achieve “stability.” Each new package of goodies rewarding irresponsible behavior and bad financial decisions was supposed to prevent new ones.

None did. And now, here we are.

This is your Bush legacy — not Pelosi’s, not Reid’s, not Obama’s: A ginormous bailout of every last, failing, panicked financial institution’s illiquid assets that may reach into the trillions — TRILLIONS – when all is said and done.

Reader John in Venice, CA e-mails: “Going forward there is no debate a conservative can win when pitted against a liberal wanting to spend money on social programs. What would the argument be against spending money on terrible social programs? Government money does not work? Conservatives who are supporting this welfare bailout are no different than Maxine Waters or Barbara Boxer. We have lost. Conservatism has absolutely no more moral high ground to speak from.”

Fiscal conservatism has been on life support for quite some time. Bush/Paulson pulled the plug permanently today."

Wanna read the entire Malkin piece? GO HERE!

What ever happened to the GOP?

Mark my words.....today, September 19th, 2008.....we lost the Presidential election and also produced massive Congressional swings.....which could have, to this point, been avoided.

Please prove me wrong! PLEASE!


A 1% Glass Ceiling Change!

Mr. Obama is all for equal pay for equal jobs for females and males.

He speaks to the point by telling that women earn only 77% as much as men in equal jobs.....but...oopsie!

On his staff in Washington women earn just 78% as much as the men!

As Gomer Pyle would have commented........Goooooollllee!

We have some more of that Obama elitist "do as I say, not as I do" stuff.

Maybe Obama will blame this on his staff....he knew nothing about it. He sounds more and more like the infamous Sgt. Schultz every day.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harry Reid Forgot Promise To Drain The Swamp!

In two years of majority rule the Democrats seem to have completely forgotten their rousing battle cries issued to get them elected.

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds takes them to task....


"As the stock market plunged nearly 1,000 points in two days this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada was preoccupied with protecting billions of dollars worth of earmarks contained in a separate, unpublished committee report that got a one-sentence reference in a giant $612 billion defense bill. Reid engineered the 61-to-32 vote to limit debate on the bill, thus barring consideration of an amendment offered by Sen. Jim DeMint. The South Carolina Republican’s amendment would have deleted the reference to the committee report so that it would have to be considered separately. By leaving the language in the bill, the lawmakers were able to carry out one of their favorite maneuvers: Incorporating committee reports into omnibus bills so they can give billions of tax dollars to their cronies without recorded votes on specific spending measures. This is the same Harry Reid who with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” of Republican corruption if voters would return the Democrats to the majority.

But Reid’s move was not just a slap at DeMint. Under pressure from a bipartisan coalition of fiscal watchdog groups, including Porkbusters, Club for Growth, Citizens Against Government Waste, National Taxpayers Union and Taxpayers for Common Sense, President George W. Bush signed an executive order last January that directed federal agencies to ignore earmarks that only appear in committee reports. If DeMint’s proposal had passed, the earmarks in the defense bill’s committee report would have been merely suggestions – not legally binding spending instructions. No wonder Reid made sure the South Carolinian’s amendment never made it to the Senate floor."

Remember the change that the Democrats promised in 2006? It hasn't materialized, has it?


Obama Hates When Truth Comes Out....It MUST Be Racism!

Yeah, Right!

President....er, Candidate Obama is off and out-of-it....

His absolute strong position of "no-position" is just so much Obamassiah WHOOOEEE!

Love this guy and his lack-of-position!


McCain Points Out The Difference....Clearly!

Hugh Hewitt shows the comments, and points out the differences...

My gosh it is NOT rocket science.....it is simple, straight-forward reading folks!


"Astrologers Must Die!" - Religion of Peace

Yeppers folks, this is real.....

Little Green Footballs unveils the plan for our "Religion-of-Peace" brothers....

What a bunch of complete idiots.

General theme.....Agree with me, or D-I-E!!!!!

Nice for the "Religion of Peace!"

Completely unbelievable.......


McCain & Palin Attack....With Justification!

Time to, as Obama sez, take of the gloves and attack!

The nice times were never there for the DEM choice.

Michelle Malkin reports with the "Right Stuff!"

Just love the fact of Obama's disintegration....


Saint Obama Comes Down To Earth!

Victor Davis Hanson lights a fire of reality under the sainted one!

That has always been the problem with trying to pass oneself off as "above" others in capability, thought, or action.....Reality jumps up and bites you in the keister!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do You See A Problem? I Don't See No Problem!

Nancy Pelosi most certainly is showing us, as taxpayers just why we need to keep her and her cronies in charge of the playground.....er, Congress.

In two years since the Democrat Congress took control gas prices doubled; there was a mortgage meltdown; and, Congressional transgressions have been up front the entire time.

Now, within the space of two days, Pelosi has a) said emphatically that the financial crisis in mortgage/insurance business is not/could not be/ never was a Democrat problem. After all George W. Bush runs the country under the dictatorial powers invested in him by a departing GOP majority! and b) refused to remove Charlie Rangel as chair of a major tax committee, even in the face of his blossoming set of tax evasions, non-payments, etc.

He must be from the same school as Rep. Jefferson who gave an entire new meaning to the term "cold cash."

Pelosi lives in a delusional world where each day is seeing the previously large win predicted for the DEMs this fall shrink as it slides into a much closer race.

But she sees no problem. Besides if McCain wins, it will all be Bush's fault anyway. Him and those damn swift-boaters!


Obama A Strong Supporter of Political Reform....Just NOT In HIS STATE!

From Real Clear Politics:

"Obama Sidesteps Reform in Illinois
By Dennis Byrne

For those of you who still cling to the fantasy that Barack Obama is "about change," you should note how he, or his minions, want nothing to do with reforming politics in Illinois, perhaps the most corrupt state in the Union.

"Throughout his political career, Barack Obama has fought for open and honest government," proclaims his campaign Web site. Apparently, no longer. When the Democratic presidential candidate--now his party's industrial-strength voice for our deliverance from political corruption everywhere--was asked by a reformer if he would help get his political mentor back home to get off the dime and move the most minimal of state ethics legislation toward passage, the Obama campaign sent word back that amounted to a "no."

State Sen. Emil Jones (D-Chicago) is the Chicago machine politician who might have been most instrumental in jump-starting Obama's political career. Now, as Illinois Senate president, Jones is the one sitting on the reform legislation, refusing to call it for an expected favorable vote before it officially dies of neglect.

Jones is the pal of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, no friend of reform, who used his amendatory veto power to change the legislation after it passed both houses so that Jones would get another chance to kill it.

If all that's confusing, welcome to Illinois politics, where intricacy is the best camouflage for chicanery. Suffice to say, neither Blagojevich nor Jones is working for reform.

So, along comes Cindi Canary, director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, thinking that now might be a good time for Obama to parlay his friendship with Jones to do a good deed: Won't you intervene with Jones and try to get him to call the Senate back into session to get this law passed? "[T]his is a place [Obama] could come in and quickly clean up some of the damage and serve his state," she told the Chicago Sun-Times. After all, her group and Obama worked together during those halcyon days when he actually supported reform in Illinois, so maybe he'll be receptive to a plea to intervene on behalf of Illinois folks who have been getting gouged for years by the likes of Jones. "A 30-second phone call to the Illinois Senate president could yield huge dividends to this state," she said.

In response, Obama's campaign issued an oozy statement reaffirming Obama's alleged commitment to reform, while getting no more specific than urging everyone to get together and love one another right now. What Canary was asking Obama for wasn't all that much. Maybe a 30-second phone call to back up his usual pap of, "Look, ah, I've, ah, always been for, ah, reform." For most people, the reform that we're talking about is so basic that they might ask, "You mean it's not illegal already?"

The legislation would make illegal the widespread abuse called pay-to-play politics, by which companies doing business with the state contribute to the state official in charge of ladling out contracts. The new law wouldn't let you do it if you have more than $50,000 in state contracts, which, even at that, leaves open a nice loophole. In Illinois, this is a huge leap forward from how things are done. Blagojevich, who has reaped bundles of cash from state contractors, could be one of the pols most jolted by the prohibition. That explains why he rewrote the legislation in a way that would make it ineffective and why the House overwhelmingly rejected his changes.

Jones now is the only one standing in the way of the reform, with Obama abetting.

Here's another example of how Obama has revealed himself to be a creature of the Chicago machine. Who can forget his silence when he could have affirmed his reformer credentials by endorsing Democrat Forrest Claypool over machine creature Todd Stroger as Cook County Board president? When things got too hot, Obama severed his ties from his racially inflammatory pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. That's not too hard; you can always find another pastor.

But betraying your political godfather(s) in Chicago and Illinois is an entirely different matter. Especially if you lose the presidential election and return to being just another senator from Illinois. Cutting his ties with the corrupt Chicago machine is one bridge you will not see Obama burn. Not now, not ever.

Agent of change, my foot."

Amen. This dolt really, truly expects people not to notice he sez one thing and then does the opposite?


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Team Obama; "Thugs Are US!"

Want free speech to continue? How about fair and balanced discussions?

Apparently Team Obama does not!

One would think after all the whining and complaints from their campaign and from The One, they would a) allow a discussion without overloading phone lines so no one can phone in, and b) welcome open discussion with both sides represented.

If Obama is elected you will see an onslaught against talk radio like never before. They will do all in their power to end radio talk....After all their attempts at talk radio backfired and died. Can't have an area of the media the leftist thugs do not control, now can we matey?


Obama - "I, ah, Invented The Internet!"

"What?, Gore did what?"

Blink, blink!

"Er, ah, No wait! Actually I invented the stimulus plan that passed this year!"....Yeah, That's it!

Really unfortunate that Obama was not even there to vote on the stimulus plan! Don't you just hate when that happens?

Maybe he can take credit for improving education.....er, sorry, his tenure at the Annenberg project left us $100 million poorer in taxes with NO DISCERNIBLE ADVANCE by students in the schools on which he perpetuated that hoax! MUCH MORE DETAIL HERE!


Welcome One and All To Our $4 Million Bus Stop & Weed Garden!

Pork is Pork is Pork.....

A simply marvelous short video at Eyeblast.TV

Too bad so many of our pork offerings are not as easily shown for their waste and personal-privilege by thew local Congressman/woman.

& We wonder why we have a government riddled with debt? I don't.


Monday, September 15, 2008

BRITS! - Let's ALL Get On Board With Sharia Law!

The Brits, our compatriots for two world wars, and thru the Iraq war....are now accepting "Sharia Law"


The Brits are lost. They are allowing another law system to be placed upon theirs as a result of complete Political Correctness!

May we, as a nation, oppose such and keep our laws intact!

Or we D-I-E!!!!!!!

As a nation!


Now I KNOW Palin Was The Right Choice!

It is right there in the news today and over the weekend.

Lindsey Lohan and Pamela Anderson both issued scathing remarks against Palin.

That convinces me. Palin was the right choice. When the bubble-heads from Gollywood are against someone politically, I pretty much feel the subject of the Gollywood ire is the one I need to be supporting.

Whatever possesses these mindless "talents" that they feel they reflect the attitudes and choices of most citizens is beyond me. Probably the same elitist attitudes that are now ruining Obama's chances. After all Obama seemed to do quite well until our gal Sarah Palin came along and we viewed the REAL mindset of middle America....REAL Change, not verbal platitudes that are completely out-of-touch with reality.

Thanks Pam & Lindsey for reaffirming my position.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rasmussen: McCain Reaches 50%

READ....and, If you're an Obama supporter, get worried!

As for me, I say....Hoo-Rah!


"The Isotoner Campaign" - Gloves off X 4

Ed Driscoll details the multi-times "gloves-off" campaign of Barack Obama


Deadness of The Soul of Americe?

Dr. Sanity tells of the dead silence at Columbia University.



Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Enemy Which Will Kill The United States Has Been Identified!

The story begs for the description by that cartoon character Pogo, "We has met the enemy, and he is US!"

The read is a bit lengthy, but certainly worth your time over at Armed and Dangerous!

Whether one buys the writer's dire prediction, or his alternative, we are in trouble plenty. As a new retiree, I am particularly distressed. We are reaching that point where the public has learned it can demand a feeding trough of programs, and get them from a political class which knows no limit to spending.

It scares me even more that we have a man running for President who wishes to expand the programs....to take from those very folks who make our economy work....and, to give to those who do nothing to make the economy work. Socialism, my friends...no matter what label you would prefer to use. Socialism has failed in every location where it has been tried. Yet the call of something-for-nothing still is alluring to us, and the politicos know it. By the way "The One" who is advocating even more programs, is only a few points from being a winner.

Times are scary, my friends.


This Storm May Lower Houston's Crime Rate!

Wish I could take credit for this, but Little Duke has the honors!

We were visiting by phone a few minutes ago (He lives in Jacksonville, and I in Tampa) as he checked here about our daughter who lives in Houston. They are fine as she, hubby and grandkids made it to Austin for a long weekend.

Little Duke commented that the storm will probably reverse the impact of Katrina. In that storm thousands were bused to Houston where Houston's crime rate rose and has stayed up. Thus, he reasons, now that Houston has been hit perhaps many of the NO natives will return home, taking the crime hike with them.

There is probably more truth to that than Little Duke even knows.


Obama Has Critical HOOF-IN-FACE Disease!

The reason John McCain does not use email? He cannot use a keyboard, comb his own hair, or anything else involving hand/finger work. BECAUSE of the permanent injuries to his hands while a captive in North Vietnam!

This obama commercial about McCain not using his email is a low-life spectacle, and has taken on a life of its own!

Instapundit is all over this one with link-after-link....Just keep reading!

I swear Obama and/or his campaign are trying to throw this election....and, doing mighty well at it too!


"An Army of Sarahs"

Hugh Hewitt tells the story.

& The Antique Media; Liberals; Liberal (DEM) Politicians and Elitists stand there, mouth agape with no clue as to what is happening.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama - Fact vs His Fiction!

"There is a yawning gulf between what the Democratic candidate says and how he has acted. That's why the race is so close.

Gerard Baker"

The story is quite revealing. A GOOD READ & SOLID REASON FOR US ALL!


Wa-Po Blows It - Surprise, the Story Is Anti-Palin!

There should be shame in newspaper row this day, and for the past two weeks. My guess is two-fold. There is no shame and the gutter-biased stories will continue....Oh, until about the day after the election or so.

Michelle Malkin is all over this one!

I actually feel, as do many in the blog-o-sphere, that the MSM (better known as the Antique Media) are helping Palin and her buddy McCain. This type of National Enquirer story, by the Wa-Po is beneath contempt, and completely transparent to almost any voter with a modicum of intelligence.

Speaking of The Inquirer, they also launched this week a barrage of untruths about the Palin family. Almost all of the charges were disproved before the "newspaper" hit the stands.

What a truly sad day for our American media. Such unabashed bias is beyond belief, er...well it WAS beyond belief until this campaign to crown "The One."


DEMs Congressional Lead Evaporates!

Lydia Saad follows the changes.

Lots of election changes in the past two weeks....this is the one change I probably least expected. Come on DEMs block that oil drilling some more.....hello Palin!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


D J Drummond at Wizbangblog.......

"On this day then, evil came to America and murdered thousands of people, men and women, child and adult, soldier and civilian, Christian and Muslim and Atheist and Agnostic, in hopes of destroying Liberty.

On this day now, our soldiers fight to create Liberty in the very nations which spawned the evil which attacked us.

On this day then, thousands of our enemies cheered the death and pain brought about by villainy.

On this day now, millions of our new friends live in freedom and prosperity because of the efforts of Americans.

On this day then, monsters targeted people they knew to be innocent, in hopes of creating despair.

On this day now, our troops have destroyed many of the worst terrorists in the region, yet are careful to spare innocents, in hopes of fighting justly.

On this day then, the last long war America had fought was Vietnam.

On this day now, the world understands we can fight anyone, anywhere.

On this day then, the makers of terror believed they were immune from the consequences of their evil.

On this day now, we have obliterated the majority of Al Qaeda's leadership, along with the network which coordinated plans and attacks for more than a dozen terrorist groups.

On this day then, some in America chose to side with the terrorists.

On this day now, sadly some in America still side with the terrorists.

On this day then, many in America supported the troops only in words.

On this day now, many in America support the troops only in words.

On this day then, the enemy thought to take over the world by chasing America out of where it wanted to go.

On this day now, the enemy hides in holes and lives in constant fear of discovery by our troops and the sure destruction our men bring to them.

On this day then, our enemy thought us weak and timid.

On this day now, we stand stronger than before, and surer of our precepts and prouder of our soldiers.

On this day now, more Americans than ever believe in our nation's ideals, its value, and its promise.

On this day now, we remain resolved to destroy the tools and makers of terrorism, and to establish and protect Liberty throughout the world."

Ever more eloquent than am I........AMEN!


9/11 - Thoughts

Today I watched FOXNews as they played their 20 minute compilation of reports/videos of the 9/11 debacle.

For the most part, I was pleased that they chose to replay these tapes, and to re-visit the 9/11 events.

One thing stood out, for me, and caused me great distress. A comment by one of the talking heads of FOX as they introduced the piece......"Warning, you might want to keep your kids from this viewing!"

B. S.

I, for one, WANT my kids/grandkids to see the film of the events. I want them to be able to recognize the vile, and evil persons who wish us death and destruction.

I want them to know we are not involved in a "police action" against a few extremist idiots, but are, indeed, involved in the fact of a religion which plans to TAKE OVER the world by making us all either "Subjects", or Islamic extremists, just like them!

If not, then why, oh, why are the Islamic folk of our country so timid about denying they wish us to be Islamic also.


Bridge-To-Nowhere-Politics.....Palin 1; Obama/Biden Nothing!


Why, oh, why would Obama and Biden bite this poison apple?

Idiots who think folks do not know how THEY VOTED?

What the hell is their logic here?


Global COOLING Ahead.....The Farmer's Almanac!

OK, so we mostly look at the almanac as a means of finding some info about weather things....done in a less-than-scientific method.


Another nail in the GW coffin!

All Hail Gore....the Wrongest Guy on the PLANET!....well, except for Mr. Moore!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah is In A Bikini????

This is patently absurd.....BUT CNN finds it newsworthy......

My God, is there no end to MSM bias??????


Plus, the news for me is the statement of the "AK-47" she alledgedly holds.

If this gun is an AK-47, I am a giant cannon......It is a small-calibre rifle of some sort.

MY GOD, what, if any, is the depth to which the main stream media (MSM) will sink before they seem out-of-bounds????

My guess is they have NO MORALS about this, just a mantra to help the Obamessiah get elected.....and pursue their goal of complete liberal control.

SAD for a media of which I was once a part!


2012 - Barracuda vs Shark????

The scenario is easy to paint, given the current rankings of the political candidates.

McCain/Palin triumph. Obama is outta-here, and Hillary looks like the woman scorned who "might have" won!

2012.....McCain, now 76 years old, sez he's a no-go. Palin, now vetted with the 4-year VP experience on the national and international stage (can you get the picture that just flashed through my mind of Sarah Barracuda meeting Putin for the first time? Gr-r-r-r-r-r-r Ruff!) is the GOP nominee, and Hillary is resurrected as the "woman who was scorned, and could have won" by the DEMs.

Yikes what a race that would be. & That does not even go-there about the ladies and their VP choices!

Just a few random thoughts here.



McCain Was No Top Gun; However.....

Jay Tea, at Wizbangblog explains some comparisons left out by Obama and company when they attack McCain/Palin:

"What, you say McCain has voted with President Bush 90% or 95% of the time? Why, Obama has voted with the Democratic leadership in the Senate 97% of the time -- and Congress' approval rating is about 20 points lower than that of Bush.

You say that Palin is too inexperienced to be vice president? She's got more executive experience than the other three candidates combined, and has probably spent more time in her office than Obama has -- and he's been in the Senate twice as long as she's been governor.

Hey, did you hear Palin's belonged to some nutty churches? Well, Obama spent 20 years attending a church led by a race-baiting demagogue, and Joe Biden is a Catholic who believes that life begins at conception, but opposes any and all restrictions on abortion.

I heard Palin actually supported the "Bridge To Nowhere" before she later opposed it, and helped kill it, and actually sought out federal earmarks when she was mayor of Wasilla. Well, Obama's racked up about three quarters of a billion dollars in earmarks in his short career, and both he and Biden both voted for the Bridge. In fact, the Bridge came up for a second vote, when it was proposed that it -- and a lot of other earmarks -- be scrapped in favor of Hurricane Katrina relief, and they voted for that danged bridge AGAIN.

Then there's the hint of a scandal involving her ex brother-in-law, the state trooper. Did Palin try to get him fired? Maybe, maybe not. But if you want to talk about politicians using their power for the benefit of family, Barack Obama steered a million-dollar earmark to the hospital where his wife works -- which, coincidentally, had given her a 120% raise right after he was elected. And Joe Biden steered about three and a half million dollars to the clients of his lobbyist son.

Now I think I know why folks are so busy just making up stuff about Sarah Palin. The truth has failed them miserably; fiction is all they have left."

Nuff said!


Obama Gaffes on Earmarks.....BIG TIME!

"But, you know, when you've been taking all these earmarks when it's convenient, and then suddenly you're the champion anti-earmark person, that's not change. Come on! I mean, words mean something, you can't just make stuff up." -- Barack Obama, Sept. 6, 2008

He was, of course referring to Sarah Palin......However, he failed to take into account that numbers for himself were also available. Let me see.....in 2007 Obama made 150 earmarks.....Palin 31! OUCH, that's gotta hurt!

This guy is running for President?????


There Need Be NO "Living With The Consequences of Your Decisions!"

Neal Boortz nails the Obama "wealth redistribution plan".....er, tax reform plan at his Neal's Nooze site today:

"Remember .. most of these people who, as Obama says, are having a "tough time," created their own tough time. "Having a tough time" is another way of saying "living with the consequences of your decisions."

What would life be like in an ObamaNation? There's the government sitting there watching you – watching you work – watching you go the extra mile. The government takes note of the fact that you pursued an advanced education. Then the government observes you working 50, 60 maybe 80 hours a week trying to start a business. The government watches your income as it rises. Finally at some point the government says "Enough! You now have more than you need! There are people out there who did not pursue an education like you did. There are people out there who did not work as hard and as long as you did. There are people out there who did not make the careful choices and take the risks you did. Now you have to be a good neighbor. So we're going to take some of that money you don't need and 'spread the wealth', so to speak."

Do you really want a government that can decide when you have enough .. and take the excess away? Then vote for Obama."

How true. The socialist/marxist plan is what Obama follows....even as he tries to ice it over with different words. If YOU are an achiever, then you OWE to those who are not. B.S.!

If 50% of our wage earners effectively pay no taxes, then the only taxing going on here is more against those of us already carrying the load here. I, for one taxpayer, am a great deal fed up with "needing" to support those who didn't achieve because they never tried....beyond expecting someone to give them a job making big bucks, just because they are nice folks. Or perhaps they feel "entitled".....


"The Hunt For Sarah October!"

John Fund writes from on-the-road in The Wall Street Journal.

The theme today across the blogs is a dissection of an apparent Democrat clarion call of "May Day - May Day." It is loud and clear.

The MSM, of course, has done no such job of searching for Obamessiah's "lost" papers and records....you just don't mess with "The One!"


"Obama Intimidated By Palin" - Clinton Camp

From The New York Observer....

I guess the story speaks for itself. It is obvious that McCain/Palin have a) Stolen the "Change" line, and b) Upset the Obama camp so bad they cannot seem to find any traction what-so-ever against them.

The next few weeks will be more and more interesting.


UPDATE: Instapundit links this addition to the story....PALIN PANIC as an unveiler of DEM leadership weakness.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

9/11 Minus One

The actual day 9/11, as I mentioned in my post below, 9/11 Minus Two, is a day that shall haunt my mind forever.

I worked at the time for a major hospital, working for the Assistant Medical Director. I was headed to meet with her when I was told she was in the conference room. Entering I found her watching the TV in the corner. One tower was smoking...it had been hit by an airplane. We sat there around the conference table, joined by other department personnel, and watched as the 2nd tower was hit. Disbelief struck us all completely silent for long seconds, except for the collective gasp as the plane struck the 2nd tower.

We were all simply drained of reaction. I can more than understand President Bush's initial lack of a visible reaction. The moment froze us in our places. His mind must have been going as a furious pace.

Then suddenly, it was completely clear to me...as it probably should have been from the moment of impact #2......"This is an attack!"

My mind reeled, and I literally almost shouted it out loud. The good doctor, my boss, looked at me with a stunned look, and then said, "My God...can it be true?"

Word filtered back as we all sat there for hours......The Pentagon was hit....Flight 94 was down in the fields of Pennsylvania. The twin towers fell one-by-one, and people fled a field of smoke, gases, and rubbish for blocks around the towers. Today, as I remember the images, I cannot, for the life of me, remember the exact sequence of events.

I truly expected more. I thought it had begun a series of events from which we would never recover.

I left her office, and I left the hospital. I went home, and sat in front of the TV as rumors, and reports flew like chaff in the wind. President Bush was bound for Colorado; no, wait, for Washington.....etc.

The rest is a blur. I, somehow, instinctively knew this was the beginning of something which we, as a nation, would be bound to follow up on, and quash. The visions of the idiots in Gaza dancing and celebrating. The public comments of world leaders, as stunned as were we.

The pictures of the smoke covering New York, and covering miles downwind.

No These pictures will not be lost to my memory forever.

Tomorrow, I write of hope, and direction from a leader.


Rev. Wright Had A "Side squeeze"

Yeppers, the man-of-the-cloth best known for "God Damn America", and his 20 plus years as a friend to Obama, got caught.

Details in the Washington Post....

Maybe he could call in Jesse Jackson for some counseling....al a Bill Clinton!

Sorry, that just leaked out of my smirking mouth!


McCain takes lead in Independents!

McCain takes the lead among Independents.

He is rising in favorability in most polls, and the Obamessiah train is sort of off-the-tracks!

Is it just me, or are the constant series of thumps being issued by Obama's minions and the MSM against Sarah Palin just serving to push McCain-Palin further ahead.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama & Biden DO NOT Want This Known!


OOpsie, the Obama/Biden folks are suckers here......

But then, they are in almost any voter comparison!

Love It!


9/11 - Minus Two

I have never, in my lifetime, found something so profoundly impacting me and my view of life, as the 9/11 events.

The events and the follow-ups are impressed upon my mind as sharply as anything I have ever seen....& I am one of those who lived through the Kennedy assignation!

That, for then, was the defining moment of my life. I had never felt so much and worried so much about the country.

9/11 changed that.

Terrorism is now my largest concern.....

Many voters have already abandoned this in favor of economy, etc.



& The Answer IS!!!!!!

The ratings are daily, and today they are:


The amazing thing is the DEMs thought they were driving this election.....& They well may be in the Congressional elections, but in the Presidential election, they are suddenly sucking wind!


YOICKS! - What's Next???

GOP Team McCain/Palin leaps into the lead......

From FOX News....of course!

But completely credible!


Olbermann & Matthews Out As Anchors at MSNBC!

I suppose most could see this coming. The bias, and generally-displayed far-far-left duo have made it plain Obama makes their skin tingly!

Officially they are now analysts, not anchors.

MSNBC read the tea leaves, and recognized the viperish attitude these two displayed was costing them any form of recognition as the slightly-left answer to FOX...leader in the cable wars; and by-the-way FOX also was the leader over cable and network programs at every day of both political conventions. I guess we know where the public's opinion is located.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

9/11 Minus Three

September 11, 2001

A day that shall live in infamy....unless you are part of the liberal MSM. In which case it will be either ignored, or passed off as a bad dream which we shall ignore......after all, we cannot show the films of the twin towers as it might inflame some toward the Islamic terrorists who perpetrated this travesty upon us as a nation.

This evening I took in a show on television that traced 9/11 from the beginning of the day through that horrible evening of numbness and lack of reaction as we faced the truth....we were unprepared.

Our intelligence apparatus was devoid of any knowledge....and of any capability....against our enemy which should have been identified, categorized, and penetrated many years before.

I have decided to provide a post each day from now til 9/11/2008. My feelings flow like hot, acrid smoke and I wish every citizen of this nation were required to view once-again the horror of that day. Thus we might redirect our feelings against the monsters who perpetrated this upon us.

The MSM will protect us from this knowledge and any direction of hate.....

After all, "We just need to get along!"

More tomorrow!


Back To School.....For ALL!!!!!

Will Collier, over at Vodkapundit GIVES US A LESSON IN REALITY-101!!!! NOTE: Be sure to read the comments at this site!

Amen Will, Amen!


O-M-G!!!! - Clash of The Titans?????


We will be seeing this, I am sure.....I do feel McCain/Palin will oust Obama/??????, and then The Hildabeast is regenerated into the 2012 election. I hope I live that long!




Washington Times reports.....

Obama denies he meant it, but if Palin had said "I am a Communist!" there would be play from coast to coast to coast to coast!

OF COURSE Obama did not M-E-A-N to say it.....it would be his death knell!

BUT.....He did say it, for whatever freudian reason.....(scary enough in and of itself!)

Mayhaps he is feeling the heat and at-a-loss for a way to go to counter-act Palin????? just a thought!


Anatomy of A SMEAR!

The Dean Barnett posting tells the tale.....

"Anatomy of a Smear

Blogger Charlie Martin has helpfully compiled all of the smears that the left has hurled at Sarah Palin. 54 and counting!

Given that we’re more than halfway to the century mark in Palin smears, I think it’s time to take another brief look at the left’s method of smear dissemination. Yesterday on a blog hosted by the prestigious magazine the Atlantic, a post popped up at 11:49 a.m. with the breathless title, “Here We Go.” The post read in its entirety, “Todd Palin's former business partner files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed. Oh God.” The post linked to the Alaskan court system where you could see the motion if you cared to click through.

Although the author didn’t care to make his innuendo explicit, the insinuation was clear – the National Enquirer had previously reported on what it called “a rumor” that the former business partner in question had had an affair with Sarah Palin. The breathless title and the brevity of the post implied that the smoking gun for the affair laid in the court filings that the former business partner wished to conceal. Naturally, because the purported scoop had the imprimatur of the Atlantic, many other news sources picked it up in rapid order.

Quicker than you can say “conspiracy theory lunatic,” this particular lunatic theory jumped off the tracks. The Court denied the motion to conceal the papers, allowing the curious to sniff through them. Shock of shocks, Sarah Palin’s name wasn’t even mentioned in the filings. Nor was there anything regarding an affair with her. In this particular wild goose chase, the goose flew free.

Thus, the method of the smear mechanism reveals itself – print a lot of speculative crap, all while maintaining a malign indifference as to whether or not you can prove said speculative crap. Actually nailing down a story before running it? That’s so 20th century, at least in the virtual pages of the Atlantic. Doing actual reporting to confirm life-damaging rumors before circulating them? Such quotidian tasks are obviously beneath an Atlantic blogger’s pay grade.

One more thing of journalistic interest occurs: The “news” about the motion to seal the divorce papers appeared in the virtual pages of the Atlantic first, not the National Enquirer or the Daily Kos as one might expect. Obviously, Atlantic field reporters haven’t trekked up to Alaska to monitor every random court filing. Therefore, someone had to tip off the Atlantic’s chief rumor spreader about the motion to seal the divorce papers. It would be interesting to know at whose bidding the Atlantic staffer in question is spreading unfounded smears.

I’m sure in the interests of full disclosure, the magazine and its chief rumor spreader will rush this information to the public. Right after they apologize for yesterday’s smear du jour turning up empty."

GOLLEE....Who'd a thunk it?

Dems smearing the GOP, or one of its candidates while The Obamassiah tells of never allowing same.....

You can hide, but not really successfully Barack!

We will find the base and your defense is moot.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hillary Notices!

Amy Holmes, a CNN Analyst, offers this:

"McCain has a strong woman? Well, the Obama campaign wants voters to know they’ve got one, too, and they’re going to deploy her to crush the moose hunting hockey mom from Alaska. In a strange twist of logic, the Obama campaign is touting the woman they passed over as the woman they need to beat the woman the other guy picked.

The New York Times reports that “Mrs. Clinton’s campaign event in Florida, her first for Mr. Obama since the Democratic convention, will serve as a counterpoint to the searing attacks and fresh burst of energy that Ms. Palin injected into the race with her convention speech on Wednesday, Obama aides said.”

So, let’s get this straight. They didn’t choose her and her 18 million voters to put on the ticket. They gave the VP spot to Joe Biden. But now that Sarah Palin has arrived on the political scene, they’re promoting Hillary as the female answer to the Republican VP nominee. Awkward, to say the least.

And as one female democratic strategist tells me, don’t think that Hillary hasn’t noticed."

Don't think the voters will not notice as well!




Logic I follow and believe. I cannot, for the life of me, think of a single decision John McCain has made in....oh, say....the last 20 years that rivals his choice of Sarah Palin for VP.

This will be a far-more-interesting election than I ever anticipated.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Oprah Likes Obama, Has NO TIME For Other POliticians!

Ms Oprah, Bazzilion-aire extraordinaire is NOT Biased Racially......

Just biased by her own preference.....


She has endorsed Obama; had him on twice, at least, and now she states she will not have Sarah Palin on until AFTER the election......cause she will not play politics.

Get ready, sweety, Ms. Oprah is about to take a political/social/monetary hit!

You cannot pretend to be unbiased when you already endorsed.....and then you flee to the cover of not wanting to be political.

Just exactly how ignorant do you really feel your audience is Oprah? Obviously fairly ignorant.

Millions and millions of dollars seem to make many feel they are impervious to public opinion.... Guess again deary!


Is It Just Me? - OR Is Obama Running Against Sara-Cuda Now?

Ya Gotta Love It!

In the space of a week the McCain campaign has Barack Obama running against Sarah (The Barracuda) Palin instead of against McCain!

The moves have been marvelously interesting and masterful. Is Rove still around and guiding things?

The first reaction of Obama that Palin was the Mayor of a small town lost him a BUNCH of creds with all of us from small towns. The following attempts to paint Sarah as "unready" were both disingenuous and false as Palin has done much more "managing" than has Obama.

The attempts to trash Palin by the MSM have been disastrous......she is now MORE POPULAR than McCain OR Obama!

Ya Gotta Love It!

Obama finds himself facing the GOP VP instead of McCain, and McCain is whistling happily as he moves forward with Obama's "Change" word in HIS pocket!

Life is GOOD!


How Pathetic......

PATHETIC!!!! What a sad Photoshop!

Everyone who knows Sara-Cuda knows she'd never be caught with such a small calibre gun....She'd be totin some kill-power!

Facts is Facts folks!

Go Cuda!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Waffle - Waffle - Waffle !!!!!

The Surge has FAILED er, Succeeded....and Beyond my wildest dreams!!!!!

Obama searches for a new face to SPIN upon his opposition to the Surge......

READ HIS REVERSAL....an unabashed reversal which he will NOT explain!.

However, we know it is vote-gathering! at the very lowest level!

Obama's positions not only stink, but they are reversed daily to fit the current position of the voters!

This guy sucks at politics......how long will "Change" & "Hope" continue to support this fellow lacking credentials enough to get in to the DEM convention?


Rest In Peace

NOW, 1966 to 2008

NOW, the National Organization of Women passed last night after a long illness. She finally collapsed after a week trying to explain why she was against a strong, powerful woman with a family and career who seemed to be completely equal to (or even superior) to men while supporting a pair of good-old-boys. The weight of contradiction finally overwhelmed her. The illness began in the mid 1990’s as she gleefully stated she could care less about a powerful man taking advantage of a subordinate female and would gladly share a cigar with Bill Clinton anytime. She will be missed by a few left-over hippies who last saw a razor in the 1950’s. Rest in peace…

Last night’s speech by Sarah Palin showed the world that a strong woman can be of any political persuasion. She’s a hockey mom happily married with a vibrant career as well as being smart and articulate with ethics to boot. I can certainly see why NOW would be against that. Whatever small shred of relevance that group may have had after the Bill Clinton years is gone now. This is what the women’s movement has come to. Susan B. Anthony is spinning in her grave. Rest in peace, NOW… you won’t be missed

Little Duke

DUKE: "Hoo-Rah!" I have seen no speech by a major candidate that comes close to the speech of Sarah Palin last night!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

US Magazine Is B-I-A-S-E-D to The Nth!

Let us see what is happening!

JUST READ & Look at the pics.....

Biased?....OF COURSE!

Their editor-in-chief is one of Obama's chief fund-raising folks!


Just you go figure!



From Instapundit......words of wisdom:

"HOW THEY COULD HAVE KEPT THE PALIN PREGNANCY STORY OUT OF THE PRESS: Leaked it that John Edwards was the father . . . .."

Absolutely! The MSM would never touch that one!



Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"My Experience....I'm A Campaigner!"

Obama truly believes his campaign experience outweighs Palin's experience as the....ACTUAL leader of a state government!

How Nice.....


We are actually being asked to be dupes for this Illinois/Chicago Yahoo who knows nothing, and speaks VERY WELL....in the face of a man known for his background, and experience, and his VIP choice who is an actual L-E-A-D-E-R!!!!!!

TOO MUCH to believe!

Go Palin!

DEMs Posting New Heights of Racism/Feminism!

WE are the Democrats force.....WE are Allowed to be Racist/Anti-Feminist!

Just not you GOPers!

Mitchell Blatt has details of the absolutely outrageous difference...

The Democrats are lying thru their teeth.......

They are what they accuse others of being!

GO Dems, kill yourselves!



Monday, September 01, 2008

Obama vs Palin?????

The theme flows smoothly......McCain and "Slow Joe" Biden are old timers of decades of Washington experience.

Obama and Palin are newcomers.....BUT you have to read the comparisons by Gerard Baker of Obama vs Palin!

OUCH....Obama is taking a BIG hit, and the comparison is to his opposition VP candidate. WOW!

I am thinking Obama's weakness is being highlighted by the Palin pick!


It Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle!

DEMS weasel and waffle about weather!

Don't you just love it when the DEMS show their true stripes as teenage titterers, instead of vocal folks able to discuss things logically?

I know I do!