Friday, September 26, 2008

DEMs Spin-Spin-Spin.....Trying For Traction

These folks are completely off the chart.

They fault McCain for leaving the campaign to face, in Washington, the most extreme challenge this country has faced financially in decades. They call him a coward afraid of a debate. They say he is "slowing" the solution to the financial crisis. Plus they indicate he is weak. WHY? Because he is working on the problem. Every DEM knows that he should be rehearsing for the debate, not dealing with National problems!

Now the spin is McCain needs to be a "BIG" winner tonight in the debate because of his DEM-Perceived losses by abandoning the campaign.

I am reminded of the fact Obama is not yet weaned off teleprompter, and sure hope the questions tonight are not "scripted"....guess we'll have to watch the crowd for a teleprompter displayed on one of Obama's supporters chest!

This is too good.

McCain was concerned over the economy, and the financial crisis....not how he will do against "The One" in a face-to-face.

I, for one, cannot wait.

One pollster is already predicting that absent a major Obama positive the race is McCains by large numbers!