Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama-Ayers Pushed Radical Agenda in Chicago Schools

Even as the Obama campaign fights harder and harder to minimize the Obama/Ayers link Stanley Kurtz plows through the records of The Annenberg Project to show very strong ties and a very radical agenda for teaching Chicago kids.

Kurtz' opinion piece is in today's Wall Street Journal

"Just a neighbor" somehow does not compute in the face of the many ties between Ayers and Obama. Indeed, it is a bold lie for Obama to portray his connection in such a light, given the facts Kurtz has unearthed.

Guess this one will stay in the blogs for the most part as the MSM will reliably avoid any exposure....that might hurt "their" candidate.

As son Little Duke commented to me by phone yesterday....This election will produce the death of the MSM. They have not only shown a bias, but jumped full into the tank for "their" candidate.

What a shame that journalism is today in the blogs, not the papers or major media. Actually, it is NOT A SHAME....it is rather a blessing that we have the blogs so we get a true picture of the goings-on as the MSM strikes out when trying hard to force an election to one candidate.