Sunday, September 21, 2008

OBAMA LIES - No Surprise!

The usual Democrat lies are that the GOP is going to "CUT THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY!"... and they are continuing this election cycle....even when they are complete L-I-E-S!!!!!

FACTCHECK.ORG has the details....

Why am I not surprised when this is the eleventeenth time the Democrat idiots have tried to pass this off....despite their own votes which have caused SS benefits problems in the past.

Just read the facts!

"# The private accounts would have been voluntary. Anybody fearful of the stock market's risk could simply stay in the current system.

# Obama's reference to "casino culture," disappearing "nest eggs" and gambling with "your life savings" are also misleading exaggerations. Only a little over one-fourth of any workers' total Social Security taxes could have been invested (a maximum of 4 percent of taxable wages, out of the total 15.3 per cent now paid, split equally between worker and employer.)

# Speculation in individual stocks would not have been permitted. Workers would have had a choice of a few, broadly diversified stock or bond funds.

# While McCain has voted in favor creating private Social Security accounts in the past, and endorsed Bush's 2005 proposal (which never came to a vote in Congress), he is not making a strong push for them as part of his campaign. In fact, a search for the term "Social Security" on the McCain-Palin Web site brings up the following: "No documents were found."

WHY The voters seem to find the Democrat lie acceptable is beyond me!