Sunday, September 21, 2008

No Surprise, But SURPRISE!!!!!

The Duke's local family had a gathering yesterday. We are a very, very diverse group.

The results of my conversations with family members was quite interesting.

I am from a family which, locally at least, lives mostly in rural Florida....mostly middle-state, and what is traditionally called "Red-neck".....

I expected that the folks who have, every election from at least 1990 forward, chosen Democrats for various reasons, to chose a Democrat this time. The difference was, my localized family folk are really of the redneck culture. I felt Obama might be a trip point for them. However, they seemed comfortable with Obama. NOT BECAUSE he is Democrat or Black (partially), but instead because he is the opposite of McCain.

Their reasons were vague ideas of "McCain's lies".....and "Bush Politics." Hummmm!

No responsibility for the Obama hiding of his records and his voting as "present" in the Illinois legislature; many, many times. This does not count for them. He is impervious to such things in their mind, and thus the Democrat yell & scream about their candidate as the "Messiah" seems to be holding. The call is for the "new support for people" which Obama espouses.....translation....What can the Govt. do for me??????

They are not FOR OBAMA.......they are Opposed to McCain! Because McCain has been painted (somewhat successfully) as a Bush surrogate! Why I cannot discern from my family conversations because this never is answered. Just the "More-of-the-same!" mantra is espoused as if it were true. Even though the ads saying McCain voted "with" Bush 90% of the time have been disproved as he actually voted with him about the same as Obama!!!!!!!!


Then the opposite side of the nickel is exposed by comments from the chief family protagonists for brother and nephew.....THEY ARE NOT REGISTERED & HAVE NO PLANS TO DO SO! Thus they will not vote......

That places a twist on any survey!

McCain will win. Posted by me on Sept. 21, 2008

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