Sunday, September 21, 2008


While my blog is not normally a sports center, I have to respond to the fact the Tampa Bay Rays have won entry into the baseball playoffs.

Last place last year.....quite possibly 1st place this year.

Woo-Hoo......I, for one, love a good baseball game, and how nice to be able to see the Rays inside the 72 degree "Trop" in the middle of a super-hot Tampa Summer!

Plus this same weekend......My Tampa Bucs won against a strong Chicago Bears Team IN Chicago (My former faves when I lived in Illinois); and, the Univ. of S. Florida Bulls won again as well as my son (Little Duke)'s favorite team...the Jags.....Nice sports weekend, and the whipped-cream-with-a-cherry-on-top ending is a major victory of the Miami Dolphins against the New England a H-U-G-E margin!

Love a good sports weekend.....