Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rest In Peace

NOW, 1966 to 2008

NOW, the National Organization of Women passed last night after a long illness. She finally collapsed after a week trying to explain why she was against a strong, powerful woman with a family and career who seemed to be completely equal to (or even superior) to men while supporting a pair of good-old-boys. The weight of contradiction finally overwhelmed her. The illness began in the mid 1990’s as she gleefully stated she could care less about a powerful man taking advantage of a subordinate female and would gladly share a cigar with Bill Clinton anytime. She will be missed by a few left-over hippies who last saw a razor in the 1950’s. Rest in peace…

Last night’s speech by Sarah Palin showed the world that a strong woman can be of any political persuasion. She’s a hockey mom happily married with a vibrant career as well as being smart and articulate with ethics to boot. I can certainly see why NOW would be against that. Whatever small shred of relevance that group may have had after the Bill Clinton years is gone now. This is what the women’s movement has come to. Susan B. Anthony is spinning in her grave. Rest in peace, NOW… you won’t be missed

Little Duke

DUKE: "Hoo-Rah!" I have seen no speech by a major candidate that comes close to the speech of Sarah Palin last night!