Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 - Thoughts

Today I watched FOXNews as they played their 20 minute compilation of reports/videos of the 9/11 debacle.

For the most part, I was pleased that they chose to replay these tapes, and to re-visit the 9/11 events.

One thing stood out, for me, and caused me great distress. A comment by one of the talking heads of FOX as they introduced the piece......"Warning, you might want to keep your kids from this viewing!"

B. S.

I, for one, WANT my kids/grandkids to see the film of the events. I want them to be able to recognize the vile, and evil persons who wish us death and destruction.

I want them to know we are not involved in a "police action" against a few extremist idiots, but are, indeed, involved in the fact of a religion which plans to TAKE OVER the world by making us all either "Subjects", or Islamic extremists, just like them!

If not, then why, oh, why are the Islamic folk of our country so timid about denying they wish us to be Islamic also.