Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There Need Be NO "Living With The Consequences of Your Decisions!"

Neal Boortz nails the Obama "wealth redistribution plan", tax reform plan at his Neal's Nooze site today:

"Remember .. most of these people who, as Obama says, are having a "tough time," created their own tough time. "Having a tough time" is another way of saying "living with the consequences of your decisions."

What would life be like in an ObamaNation? There's the government sitting there watching you – watching you work – watching you go the extra mile. The government takes note of the fact that you pursued an advanced education. Then the government observes you working 50, 60 maybe 80 hours a week trying to start a business. The government watches your income as it rises. Finally at some point the government says "Enough! You now have more than you need! There are people out there who did not pursue an education like you did. There are people out there who did not work as hard and as long as you did. There are people out there who did not make the careful choices and take the risks you did. Now you have to be a good neighbor. So we're going to take some of that money you don't need and 'spread the wealth', so to speak."

Do you really want a government that can decide when you have enough .. and take the excess away? Then vote for Obama."

How true. The socialist/marxist plan is what Obama follows....even as he tries to ice it over with different words. If YOU are an achiever, then you OWE to those who are not. B.S.!

If 50% of our wage earners effectively pay no taxes, then the only taxing going on here is more against those of us already carrying the load here. I, for one taxpayer, am a great deal fed up with "needing" to support those who didn't achieve because they never tried....beyond expecting someone to give them a job making big bucks, just because they are nice folks. Or perhaps they feel "entitled".....