Sunday, September 07, 2008

9/11 Minus Three

September 11, 2001

A day that shall live in infamy....unless you are part of the liberal MSM. In which case it will be either ignored, or passed off as a bad dream which we shall ignore......after all, we cannot show the films of the twin towers as it might inflame some toward the Islamic terrorists who perpetrated this travesty upon us as a nation.

This evening I took in a show on television that traced 9/11 from the beginning of the day through that horrible evening of numbness and lack of reaction as we faced the truth....we were unprepared.

Our intelligence apparatus was devoid of any knowledge....and of any capability....against our enemy which should have been identified, categorized, and penetrated many years before.

I have decided to provide a post each day from now til 9/11/2008. My feelings flow like hot, acrid smoke and I wish every citizen of this nation were required to view once-again the horror of that day. Thus we might redirect our feelings against the monsters who perpetrated this upon us.

The MSM will protect us from this knowledge and any direction of hate.....

After all, "We just need to get along!"

More tomorrow!