Friday, September 05, 2008

Is It Just Me? - OR Is Obama Running Against Sara-Cuda Now?

Ya Gotta Love It!

In the space of a week the McCain campaign has Barack Obama running against Sarah (The Barracuda) Palin instead of against McCain!

The moves have been marvelously interesting and masterful. Is Rove still around and guiding things?

The first reaction of Obama that Palin was the Mayor of a small town lost him a BUNCH of creds with all of us from small towns. The following attempts to paint Sarah as "unready" were both disingenuous and false as Palin has done much more "managing" than has Obama.

The attempts to trash Palin by the MSM have been disastrous......she is now MORE POPULAR than McCain OR Obama!

Ya Gotta Love It!

Obama finds himself facing the GOP VP instead of McCain, and McCain is whistling happily as he moves forward with Obama's "Change" word in HIS pocket!

Life is GOOD!