Friday, September 05, 2008

Oprah Likes Obama, Has NO TIME For Other POliticians!

Ms Oprah, Bazzilion-aire extraordinaire is NOT Biased Racially......

Just biased by her own preference.....


She has endorsed Obama; had him on twice, at least, and now she states she will not have Sarah Palin on until AFTER the election......cause she will not play politics.

Get ready, sweety, Ms. Oprah is about to take a political/social/monetary hit!

You cannot pretend to be unbiased when you already endorsed.....and then you flee to the cover of not wanting to be political.

Just exactly how ignorant do you really feel your audience is Oprah? Obviously fairly ignorant.

Millions and millions of dollars seem to make many feel they are impervious to public opinion.... Guess again deary!