Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do You See A Problem? I Don't See No Problem!

Nancy Pelosi most certainly is showing us, as taxpayers just why we need to keep her and her cronies in charge of the, Congress.

In two years since the Democrat Congress took control gas prices doubled; there was a mortgage meltdown; and, Congressional transgressions have been up front the entire time.

Now, within the space of two days, Pelosi has a) said emphatically that the financial crisis in mortgage/insurance business is not/could not be/ never was a Democrat problem. After all George W. Bush runs the country under the dictatorial powers invested in him by a departing GOP majority! and b) refused to remove Charlie Rangel as chair of a major tax committee, even in the face of his blossoming set of tax evasions, non-payments, etc.

He must be from the same school as Rep. Jefferson who gave an entire new meaning to the term "cold cash."

Pelosi lives in a delusional world where each day is seeing the previously large win predicted for the DEMs this fall shrink as it slides into a much closer race.

But she sees no problem. Besides if McCain wins, it will all be Bush's fault anyway. Him and those damn swift-boaters!