Friday, September 12, 2008

Wa-Po Blows It - Surprise, the Story Is Anti-Palin!

There should be shame in newspaper row this day, and for the past two weeks. My guess is two-fold. There is no shame and the gutter-biased stories will continue....Oh, until about the day after the election or so.

Michelle Malkin is all over this one!

I actually feel, as do many in the blog-o-sphere, that the MSM (better known as the Antique Media) are helping Palin and her buddy McCain. This type of National Enquirer story, by the Wa-Po is beneath contempt, and completely transparent to almost any voter with a modicum of intelligence.

Speaking of The Inquirer, they also launched this week a barrage of untruths about the Palin family. Almost all of the charges were disproved before the "newspaper" hit the stands.

What a truly sad day for our American media. Such unabashed bias is beyond belief, er...well it WAS beyond belief until this campaign to crown "The One."