Monday, March 31, 2008

MAY DAY! - MAY DAY! - Bush In Crash Mode!

George W. Bush, ever oblivious to his public perception; the polls; his own idiocy as a leader.....

He now strikes out for the L-E-G-A-C-Y he so much KNOWS he deserves.....


He sends Condi to the Middle East for a "final triumph!".......she finds the Isreali's doing a death-dance on the grave of Bush's peace hopes as the Isreali's go any hopes of peace by announcing expansion of their housing into areas the Palestinians hope to have!

GOSH....could this send a bad signal to the bombing idiots of the Palestinian Front....nope.... They WILL bomb Isreal daily, no matter the agreements, signings, etc. They are what they are.....


They bomb, and given a chance to avoid that they will DECLINE any and every day!

Bush also is in crash mode about housing. The only losers here are those given loans because of Democrat insistence that the poor should have loans too.......of course those poor loans are failing at an astronomical rate!

Go figure!

& Now the Democrat idiotarians argue that the folks who made the loans, they themselves called for, are the culprits!

Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Gotta love them Democrat idiots!


22 Questions For Obama About Rev. Wright!


Just go read and LAUGH...CHORTLE...ROLL ON THE FLOOR!!!

Cause you and I both know Obama ain't N-E-V-E-R gonna answer these....not no how, not no way, not any time!

Yeppers he is in trouble plenty....but will the Media hold him so.


Get real.....he is, after all, the Main Stream Media (Read Antique Media) anointed!

The President-elect to the panderers of political leftism!

Golly....we is gonna have fun here tween now and November folks!


Hillary's Lies In Format!

Neal Boortz today returns from a well-deserved vacation and lets out with his list of Hillary's lies:


Hillary is a liar. She's a pathological liar. A habitual liar. She lies when there is no compelling reason to do so. She lies when the truth is easily ascertainable. It's just part of her psychological makeup ... when she talks you can't believe what she's saying.

Hillary is such an accomplished liar that books have been written dedicated solely to exposing her lies! One you might like to try is "I've Always Been a Yankees Fan, Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words."

Now I know that this is old news, but I was on vacation last week and didn't get to gleefully join in the raucous laughter when Senator Rodham Clinton Rodham came out with this wonderful comment about ducking sniper fire upon her arrival in Bosnia. By the end of the week we were being treated to a video of Hillary saying something like "So, I made a mistake. I'm human" in an overly snotty and condescending manner..

Mistake? This was a mistake? Did she, as she says, "misspeak?" Let's subject this ridiculous assertion to a little logical scrutiny.

Hillary says it was a mistake. Well, what was the nature of this mistake? Did she confuse Bosnia with some other dangerous location she visited while First Lady? Think about it ... There was not. To accept that this was a mistake you would have to form some sort of a belief that she was actually thinking of some other situation – some other landing and visit to a combat zone – and errantly transposed that experience to the Bosnia visit. Well, have you been listening? Have you heard her say that she just transposed events? Have you heard her explain that the sniper fire actually happened at another time and another place? I'll answer that one for you .. no, you haven't. That would be because the whole "corkscrew landing" and running from sniper fire never happened anywhere at any time. It was completely made up. It was a lie .. a lie told to make her appear to be more important and courageous to the voters than she really is. It was a lie to enhance her image and credentials. Mistake? Give me a big time break. Her mistake was in making up and telling the lie in the first place. But that is a mistake she makes quite often.

Let's just do a quick review here.

* Then there's the story about Chelsea jogging around the World Trade Center when the Islamic terrorists attacked on 9/11. Wasn't true. Chelsea was nowhere near the trade center. Where did Hillary get this story? Did her daughter make a mistake and tell her that she was out jogging? Hardly. There was no basis at all for this lie. None. This was Hillary trying to make herself a part of this tragic story .. telling a bold lie in order to bring to herself just some of the sympathy felt for those who suffered actually losses in this attack by Muslim goons.

* How about Monica Lewinsky? Do you really think that the whole story was just made up by some "vast right wing conspiracy" to discredit her husband? Come on now. How many so-called "bimbo eruptions" had Hillary handled before Monica came huffing along? She knew what a whore-dog her husband was, yet she sat there and prattled on about a right-wing conspiracy. Just another lie.

* Then we have the Sir Edmund Hillary thing. Yeah .. her mother named her after the first person to climb Mt. Everest. Problem is, nobody had heard of Sir Edmund Hillary when Hillary Rodham was born. A lie.

* Remember Bill Clinton pardoning those Puerto Rican FALN terrorists as he left office? Hillary was running for the Senate in New York at the time, and the Puerto Rican community was demanding these terrorists be pardoned. Hillary – the woman so involved with everything Bill did in the White House – says she didn't know about the pardons. Right.

* Oh yeah ... Hillary wanted to be an astronaut. Remember this one? She wrote NASA to find out how to apply, and she says they wrote back saying that they "don't take girls." Sally Ride was about three years younger than Hillary when she became the first U.S. woman in space. Do you believe that NASA actually sent that letter to Hillary.

* Then there's this biggie. The Rose Law Firm billing records. This wasn't an inconsequential lie designed to enhance her image. It was a lie to cover her rear end. Investigators wanted her billing records from the Rose Law Firm to see if she had done any work on a tax scam known as Casa Grande. She claimed – under oath – that she didn't have those billing records, that she didn't know where they were, and that she frankly doubted that they existed at all. Well .. it turns out they did indeed exist. They were found in her private quarters in the White House two years after she swore under oath that she didn't have them. Not only were they found, but they had her handwriting and fingerprints on them. This particular lie was a crime. She was never prosecuted.

* Moving right along to the soccer lie. The story here was supposed to be that Hillary was on a junior high school soccer team and had a confrontation with the goal tender from an opposing team. If I remember the story correctly, the opposing goalie told Hillary that she didn't like white people. Oh yeah .. like high school soccer goalies just spontaneously blurt out their hatred for white people during a soccer game. The problem here was that the school Hillary was attending didn't have a soccer team. Another lie.

* Hillary says she didn't give the order to fire the White House travel office staff. Staffers remember the exact words she used: "Fire their asses." She then had their asses and all their belongings unceremoniously dumped on the Ellipse behind the White House.

Well, as much fun as we're having here remembering Hillary's lies – it really is somewhat of an exercise in futility. She's toast. She has so many forks sticking out of her she looks like a porcupine. I'm just sitting around waiting for her to completely implode as her presidential aspirations – her quest for the job she's flat-out entitled to – goes up in smoke."

The neat thing is, nothing anywhere indicates these lies have ever been proven...just dropped out there by Hillary and then after a small "misspoke" or "misremembered" she abandons them like the garbage from her kitchen.....wait she does not cook! Sorry bout that!

Time to spiral outta here!


FITNA Has WAMY Fit To Be Tied! - How Bout Some Equality?

Yeppers, predictable as a Swiss watch used to be.....

Wilders film "Fitna" is shown and the heathens go crazy!

The WAMY folks (if you wanna know, look it up) are screaming that the film "cuts dialogue"....

Maybe if they practiced a bit of the tolerance we show in the West, they'd be much more accepted at the table by us.....They take any bibles found in luggage when a Christian enters Saudi territory....and they GRIND THEM UP in a shredder. They have highways down which non-muslims cannot drive. There are signs so noting, and if you do drive down them you might be shot!

Perhaps we need to retaliate via a few new laws......

How about WE confiscate Qurans coming into the USA & Grind em up! Or, we create special no-drive zones in front of Christian Churches in the USA....and, then we could also outlaw wearing of the hijab completely as both a health hazard and a form of disguise?

That'll do for starters.

Then, on an even footing we can open the WAMY dialogue.....We'll call it the "double-WAMY!" (Note: I stole that double-wamy from a commenter at Little Green Footballs!!!...sorry!)


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Al Sadr Retreats!

He is telling his supporters to drop the guns.....

Bill Roggio is still on the case in Iraq!

Of course, he does tie the comments to release of all his troops.....more than 350 captured so far. He is probably finding it easier to restock the arms of his folks quietly than he is to replace the troops who are getting more and more scarce.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Hillary sez...."I am Gonna Fight It All The Way!!!!"

She will not matter the damage to her party......

Hildabeast is going to run til the party is destroyed!

FOX Reports!

It is shameful, but typical Clinton (Bill or Hillary)....

How sad to see a party torn assunder by ego. The Clintons do not know any form of "Losing"....


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rev. Wright is Living The GOOD Life...."God Damn America!"

Retire from hating your country and LIVE THE GOOD LIFE!

Rev. Wright, the Obama "Cross to bear!"

Is In Loco Vida!

Yeppers it is good to be the "Hate-Meister!"

Very, very good!


It Just Gets Interestinger & Interestinger!

So To Speak!!!!!!!!

The Hildabeast is out for SUPER Delegates........


The fight just gets better with each passing day. The Obama...."My Preach is a Freak" group vs the "NEVER-NEVER SAY DIE" Clintonistas....

As a Libertarian/Conservative I gotta love it!


Get "Unpierced!" If You Wanna Fly The TSA Sky!

This is another example of the stupidity of our TSA operations. This one is painful to me and I have NEVER had, nor am I likely to have ANYTHING pierced!


I hope someone staples the nipples of the TSA agents involved...particularly the males!

Idiocy runs rampant when TSA is involved.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Dog's Better Than Your Dog!......

The fact is the dogs are ripe!.....


The Dems continue the road to suicide!

Love it!!!!!!


Political Poker....Democrat Style!

I'll see your Rev. Wright, and raise you a Bosnia Sniper......

Gosh, but the Democrat politics are getting VILE!

Hillary and Obama are both going for the jugular and they are actually making it work.....BUT in the process they are killing the DEM chances for November. Gosh I really HATE that! Har Har!

McCain is surging ahead in the polls, and with good reason.

It is NOT, however, a final decision. There is a LOT of process between now and November. Much will happen, and McCain will not be allowed to go on cruise-control!

There is a lot of work to be done folks......

IF we are to depose the "Anointed" Hillary or Obama....


Quick, Let Me Search Your Home For Guns Before The Supreme Court Tells Me They Are Legal Anyway!!!!!

Yoicks & Away!

The hounds of deliverance are upon us!

The Washington D.C. Examiner offers editorial comment upon the current door-to-door D.C. visit by police seeking guns!

"WASHINGTON (Map, News) - If the U.S. Supreme Court seemed on the verge of finding the D.C. government guilty of violating its citizens’ First Amendment rights, would the D.C. police be going door to door looking for printing presses to confiscate? Of course not. It would be unthinkable. Civil libertarians would be — to use an apt phrase (figuratively speaking) — up in arms. But when the civil liberty at issue is the right to bear those arms, as protected by the Second Amendment rather than the First, District officials seem determined to leave no gun unturned in.

Mayor Adrian Fenty and Police Chief Cathy Lanier may have all the best intentions, but their “Safe Homes Initiative” is constitutionally and otherwise objectionable on several levels. The initiative involves door-to-door visits with police asking residents for permission to search their homes for guns. Any firearms found will be confiscated, but owners won’t be prosecuted unless the guns are determined to be linked to specific crimes.

The program has drawn criticism not just from gun-rights lobbies such as the National Rifle Association but also from the National Black Police Association and the American Civil Liberties Union. No matter how much respect and support police officers deserve, there is still an intimidation factor involved any time an officer is on one’s doorstep, such that the “permission” may not seem as voluntary as police mean it to be. So where does this end? How long before Lanier sends police into selected neighborhoods — selected by whom and on what basis? — asking to search homes for marijuana, terrorist literature, evidence of intent to commit a crime, fireworks or Cuban cigars? Lanier is establishing a precedent that would have horrified the founders of this republic.

What is clearly at work here is the District’s determination to enforce its broad gun ban while it still has nominal power to do so. Never mind that a federal appeals court has ruled the ban unconstitutional, or that most observers of last week’s Supreme Court oral arguments on the issue reported that a majority of justices seem inclined to throw the law out. Never mind that the fundamental constitutional right of gun ownership is at issue. District officials appear to believe their own antipathy to guns outweighs all those pesky concerns about whether the Constitution empowers their confiscations. But the guns they take away today may turn out to be perfectly legal under the Constitution. It would be far better to wait for the high court’s direction than to rush, half-cocked, into this kind of a crackdown."

Next up, "voluntary" searches for marijuana, illegal drugs, illicit sex, and other tragedies of our society!

Way to go D.C., you have once again proven yourselves incompetent to run your own city. Time for the Congress Fairy to take control and let the locals from a nearby state take charge! Do you suppose Marion Berry would apply for the job as Commissar?

What a crock D.C. shameful that the "seat of government" is allowed to be so completely bereft of any form of control with logic!


Let Me Be The 1st.....

To predict that the horrible economy, the Democrat follow up to their ill-fated "the war is lost"routine, is also lost.

February the housing market makes an unexpected bounce back upwards in sales!

The stock market, teatering up and down around the 12,000 mark for months, is suddenly back in the mid-12,000s.

Could it be we have reached the bottom of the media/democrat created "recession"?????

After all, we have not yet had ONE, let alone TWO quarters of lowered GNP...the criteria for a recession.

Gosh, what-o-what will the DEMs do if this argument is also lost?

Perhaps they could hang their collective hats on ending sniper fire at airports; or, even working to insure that vitriol sounded by preachers against the USA can be "hidden" instead of exposed.


Misspeak's The Game; Hillary's The Name!

The "I misspoke" explanation by an obvious lying-thru-her-teeth Hillary, regarding the alleged under sniper fire incident, is only part of her long and colorful list of outright lies!

Over at Althouse a commenter, Daryl, gave an actual list of the lies:

" Daryl said...

Did Hillary "misspeak" when she brushed aside Sinbad's remarks by saying that he was just a "comedian"?

Did Hillary misspeak when she said she played a role in the Northern Ireland peace accords?

Did Hillary misspeak when she said she opposed NAFTA from the very beginning?

Did Hillary misspeak when she said she supported intervention in Rwanda during the crisis there?

Did Hillary misspeak when she said she could take the 3AM phone call because of her years of experience of waking up next to the president?"

The last one tickles me quite a lot as I believe the last time she woke up next to Bill was probably the night Chelsea was conceived!
But then I'm a skeptic!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Lets Play "Guess That Party!"

We probably should as the AP seems only capable of striking the "(R)" symbols on their computer keyboards......

John at Power Line: "Guess That Party!

The Mayor of Detroit has been charged with perjury. The Associated Press covers the story:

'Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a one-time rising star and Detroit's youngest elected leader, was charged Monday with perjury and other counts after sexually explicit text messages contradicted his sworn denials of an affair with a top aide.'

The AP tells us a lot about the "popular yet polarizing 37-year-old mayor," yet, in a 19-paragraph story, it never gets around to mentioning what political party he belongs to. So let's fill that gap by referring to Kilpatrick's Wikipedia entry:

Kilpatrick briefly addressed the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He is currently Vice President of the National Conference of Democratic Mayors and its representative to the Democratic National Committee. Kilpatrick served as the leader of the Democratic Caucus when elected to the Michigan State House of Representatives, making him the first African American to hold a leadership position in the Michigan Legislature.

Kilpatrick has been in the news as one of the superdelegates who will select the Democratic Party's nominee this year.

If only the AP had been similarly reticent about Mark Foley!"

Quite possibly the "(D)" series is not working on their keyboard!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Obama is W-R-O-N-G! & He is also OUT-OF-TOUCH!

This is not a debate is some facts we all need to read, and they are delivered.....


READ THEM....know this is F-A-C-T!

Obama is weak and untested, and untruthful!

Clinton is a constant liar.......

McCain also is not true to his roots, but he AIN'T Clinton and he AIN'T Obama....

That just might be enough!


Religion of Perpetual Rage Trying To Stop Dutch Film!

No surprise here. Gert Wilders as yet unaired 15 minute film aimed at the Koran is being vilified by Muslim (ROPR) idiotarians who have now convinced the internet carrier where the film is to be shown to close Wilders least temporarily!

"& The Few Shall Lead The Many!!!!"

Reuters has an unusually straight-forward report!

Once again the very object of Wilders film is being proven as we approach showing it. He terms the film our last chance to stop Islamification by coddling to a few. PC carried to the extreme...which today seems to be the norm.

Stand by United States to be boarded after Europe falls......actually the boarding slips have already been issued!

Duke - "A Typical White Person"

Friday, March 21, 2008

At Age 91; Accused of Sexual Crimes!

WOW! & I just want to be alive at age 91!

Read the story of THIS Fellow!!!

The entire thing reminds me of a story which is both true, and perhaps I should have written about before.

In the early 60s I was an insurance adjuster for a company in Illinois. I was assigned to their Mt. Vernon office (Southern Illinois). We covered 30 counties, two of us, back when there were then 13 miles of interstate in the entire area.

I drove more than 60,000 miles in those 30 counties in 18 months. Probably one-quarter of those miles were on gravel roads. Today few can drive gravel roads as I 70 mph, and sliding about the same as a boat! It was old-time Southern Illinois.

I got a call from our agent in Fairfield, IL. He had an insured who had a barn fire.

I went to investigate and pay. The agent told me that "Charles Harris" was our insured. Then he refused to accompany me to the burned barn upon which Mr. Harris wished to collect. I could not figure why until I was told by a local that 'Charles Harris" was actually "Black Charlie Harris", a surviving member of the Shelton gang of Southern Illinois.

The Sheltons and Bergers had had a BIG war in Southern Illinois....old-line crime folks.

I found out when I asked some questions that Black Charlie had shot his girlfriend and her "lover" in the barn, and then burned it down to hide the crime. When I investigated the thing I found Black Charlie was on the FBI most wanted list.

We denied the claim (of course), but the agent would not tell Charlie, who was on-the-lam and wanted money for the barn.

Charlie was caught, and tried and was quite proud he had been charged with killing his lover at age 68!

The old Southern Illinois politics/gang wars were rough!

Look up a rare book "The Other Illinois!" which was written back then. Neat stuff, and a fine thing to have been part of since I never had to meet/confront Charlie. He died in jail!

ALL True!

Maybe one day I'll tell the story of being chased out of a 1/4 mile lane by a disgruntled insured whom we did not pay.....his shotgun laying on my hood as I backed out the lane. I was really SCARED! There were then no phones in the area.

Southern Illinois in the early 1960s was still remote; wild and did I say DANGEROUS?


I'm a "Typical White Person!"

Yeppers, according to the Obama speech, that is what I am.

Of course, I find no reason to feel BAD about being this "Typical White Person!"

I am not a person who has ever spoken ill of, nor provided impetus for any movement by "Whites" to make "Non-Whites" less, nor to limit them in any way. I have participated & formed operations which were aimed entirely at helping minorities (mostly Spanish at that time).

I DO NOT OWE you as a minority person. I am TODAY!

I was not a slave owner.....I did not prevent you from using my drinking fountain.....I did not send you to the back of the bus.....I did not laugh at you, cause you any form of upset by virtue of the situations in which we live!

I have, however, been laughed at by blacks for being white and "not understanding." I have also been told that I owed something to blacks because my great-great grandparents "might" have owned slaves.....(They did not as we were the poor white trash of Vermont/Massachusetts).

It is soooo easy to find fault and try to make everyone responsible for the times and places of 200-300 years ago.

Let us live in the day. Bill Cosby, not a bad role model, has proposed this. He is castigated by those who wish to perpetuate the race idea. Obama and his "Typical White Person" demonstration has cost him the Presidency.

Mark my words!


Call The Police & Die!

It happened in California........

A simple handgun/shotgun, possessed by the person who died, would have prevented this.

Control guns and criminals feast. Give gun owners their due rights and criminals melt away. It is fact according to every gun law in every area. Doubt it? Show me!!!!!

Find for me a place where gun control, taking guns out of the hands of citizens, has LOWERED the crime rate.

YOU, my deluded friend, are going to find it never has happened.


Wake up you idiotarians of the Left. Gun control is only applied to those who DO NOT commit crimes. Criminals give your laws not-a-glance. They know if the citizens are unarmed they are going to prevail.


Bring em on....I got more facts than your rhetoric can overcome........


HELP! My Veneer is CRACKING!!!!

Neal Boortz tells the tale of "Obammystique" lost!


Well .. the veneer has been penetrated, hasn't it? So much for the exalted "trans-racial" election. Looks like its more of the same old same old.

With a few days under out belt, Obama's sermon from the mount – his speech on race – was little more than an eloquent rewrite of so many speeches and rants we've heard in the past ... look at the speech again and a nuanced reading will show you that Obama was laying the blame for Jeremiah Wright squarely at the feet of white people. Wright, in Obama's eyes, is merely a response – if a rather harsh one – to the crimes of white America.

So now we see the real Barack Obama. Whatever is wrong with black America can be traced back to the actions of whites.

Then we have Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis. The Obama campaign tried to hide it for a while --- but when the media got wind of the fact that access to the thesis had been shut off by Obama, the ploy was over. The thesis is 95 pages long ... and we haven't gone through it yet ... but an initial glance shows once again that whatever problems faced by black American are traceable to --- you guessed it – whites. Now I've read a synopsis which says that our possible future First Lady wrote that America was founded on "crime and hatred" and that whites are "ineradicably racist." I want to see those words for myself in the thesis .. but they do sound like they could come from someone who was never proud of her country until her husband saw success in his race for the presidency. Now I don't know about you, but I would not like the idea of a First Lady who says that America was founded on "crime and hatred." * We have combed through the entire thesis ... twice ... and we are still unable to verify these statements. If you have any insight, please let the Talkmaster know.

I have a thought about Barrack's membership in Chicago's Trinity United Church of (Hate) Christ. As I understand it, Obama joined this church just about the time he was ginning up a political career. Perhaps Obama thought himself too white. Raised in large part by a white couple (his grandparents), attending prestigious private schools – where my sister was teaching, by the way – then Harvard, the Harvard law review – and all of that white stuff. Maybe he felt he needed to shore up his black credentials – get a little street cred --- so off we go to join the dominant black church. I suspect that Obama was searching for black votes at this church more than he was searching for God. You can see why someone would search for votes in an atmosphere of hatred – but God?

It's been a helluva week ... the American people see Barack Obama a bit more clearly. They now see him as a man who can construct a bizarre moral equivalence between someone like Geraldine Ferraro and Jeremiah Wright .. someone who suggests that Obama's race has been a help in the campaign, and someone who shouts "God Damn America" from the pulpit and blames white America for AIDS. In all of this many don't see a man deserving of the Oval Office."

I am quite certain several options weighed by Obama this week were better than the ones chosen. "Typical White Man" may be a phrase that haunts him to defeat....either in the primary or the general election.


GOP (McCain) To Get Disgruntled DEM Votes?

The poll in Pennsylvania indicates the divisive DEM primary has decided voters...both for Obama and Hillary...that they would defect to the GOP if their candidate loses the primary!

BIG NEWS for the GOP, and not unexpected!

This year just gets interestinger and interestinger!

Har Har


Thursday, March 20, 2008

The NEW Hillary Campaign Song?

Yeppers, it is a fine piece of campaign info....


Ya gotta love an election year!


How To Reduce Crime! - NYPD Style!

The NYPD found a quite novel method of lowering their crime rate........


I mean, how can you possibly count a day which only occurs every 4 years?

Just cause hundreds of crimes happened that day does not mean we need to pay any attention at all.

Just move along folks, nothing to see here.

Your NYPD, Ignoring crime as a regular option!



Speaking of YUCKINESS!!!!!

Where the HELL is the mind of this nation?

In the toilet?

Thousands of pages of notes about appointments for Hillary during "The White House Years!" have been released.....

Analysts throng to the task of finding out "things".....whatever they may be.

The 1st result......The Blue Dress Day & Hillary!

My God Folks!!!!!!!

There are thousands of more-important things to look at!

How sad, indeed, that we find this the top story. As far as I am concerned....and I admit I am bereft of any knowledge myself, the Billary have not co-habitated...well, at least not co-bedded for decades...probably dating from shortly after Chelsea appeared on the scene!

What an extremely YUCKY topic.......

I am not a great looker, and have never been what you call successful in the finding-others department (with the lone exception of The WIN!) but I have to refer to a close friend's phrase when thinking of Hillary as a bed partner...."I cannot get that drunk and stay awake!"

Having dispensed with that topic....

CAN SOMEONE please proceed to look for relative information among the pages...something NOT related to a blue dress?



Saudis' Make GIANT Strides VS Women and Freedoms!

HINT: It is a farce!

The Saudi government, ever mindful of the need to advance from the year 1000 to near 1,001 is making giant strides re: Women's rights!

Neal Bortz nails it today:


Saudi Arabia is really coming a long way, folks. I mean really. Take a look at this for example. The Saudi Shura Council has recommended that women be allowed to drive. Of course, this comes with heavy government restrictions:

  • The woman driver must be under 30.
  • The woman's driving is conditional upon the permission of a relative [father, husband, brother, or son].
  • The woman driver must obtain a driver's license from the center for teaching women to drive.
  • The woman driver must be modestly dressed.
  • The woman driver will be permitted to drive alone in the cities, but outside the cities she must be accompanied by a relative.
  • The woman driver will be permitted to drive Saturday through Wednesday between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • The woman driver must have a cell phone with her, so she can call for help in an emergency.
  • The woman driver must pay a certain sum when her license is issued; this sum will be set aside for car repairs.

The Shura Council also ordered the following:

  • The establishment of a special women's transportation department; this department will collect the fees.
  • The establishment of a telephone emergency center.
  • The establishment of transportation centers for women in the cities, which will be under religious supervision.

Oh and these recommendations also include a one-month prison sentence for anyone that tries to talk to a woman from another car. Yep, it's Islam alright."

WOW The progress is amazing. By the year 2100 they could be at the level of 1,002! What amazes me is the fact of the apologists in the Western world who yell long and loud that the Islamic nations ARE making progress. The problem is, these folk seem to think progress can be anything. One small step forward for a culture mired in the 1,000s......



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FOXNews Tops Cables

It is reported that Sean Penn, Mr. Liberal, has pronounced that FOX is near-death. I don't have the exact quote, but find his analysis....perhaps his wish-list in be complete Gollywood Garbage.

As listed this morning on Drudge, the latest ratings of cable shows.....


FNC GRETA 1,862,000
FNC SHEP 1,583,000
FNC HUME 1,508,000
CNN DOBBS 1,227,000
CNN KING 983,000
CNN COOPER 976,000

Wow....let me see if I can read the numbers correctly:

FOX had the top 5 shows with some 10.3 million viewers.

ALL the rest of the cable shows produced 6.2 million. O'Reilly, with just over 3 million, had almost half as much as the other networks combined!

Yeppers, FOX is near-death.

They currently O-W-N cable news! Lock, stock and barrel.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do You See Illegals?; I Don't See No Illegals; OH! & Fire The American!

This is too rich, and the Oregon folks are completely happy with it.....Well, other than the folks fired since they cannot supervise the non-English-speaking Illegals!

MAN-THIS IS Impossible....but wait, it is Liberal Oregon!


The straight-faced reply by Oregon officials tells the tale. Oregon has become Mexico-North.

When-O-When will America wake up and realize we are being MEXICANIZED.....All due the Liberal apologists who allow us to be so displaced.....Well, not to mention the pols who are (Thanks GWB, you idiot) backing them hoping for votes!

GOD, I believe I am going to be ILL....


TRUST ME!!!!! You Plebian Fools!

Hillary has outdone herself, once again.

Now she hypocritically calls for "complete transparency of Government"......only it will be "after she is elected"...

Given her denial of access to the records of the alledged "Clinton & Clinton - Hand-In-Hand" Presidency, and the fact she refuses to release the records of her income, and the fact the Clintons still hide much of the "Joint-Presidency" (Remember the "WE are the President!" comment), it is completely laughable that this woman wants us to buy into her story.


My GOD! Does this woman still think the sheep of the electorate so dumb as to believe this after the obvious cheating/hiding, etc.?

Hope springs eternal that the electorate is not this dumb!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

DEM Prez Race Gets Interestinger & Interestinger!

The yowling black minister in Obama's closet has had an impact. The last 4 days polling, according to Rasmussen on FOXNews this morning, shows a BIG change in the rankings.

Not good news for Obama. His 50 to 42 rating last week is now 47 to 44 this week. Rasmussen pointed out only two of the four days polling were after the minister's videos began showing up!


Meanwhile McCain is on cruise control in Iraq.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

A "Made Up" Recession?

Looks like it!

How many stories have you read/heard over the past two months....perhaps three or more....of how we are "in", or "close to", or "verging upon" a recession? Hundreds. Obama and Hillary both tout the word like a cudgel used to beat the GOP about the head soundly.

They are L-Y-I-N-G!

It is that simple. The facts are we are at least 4-6 months from the point where a recession could actually be happening!

Beldarblog has the story of how Clinton, Obama and the DEMs are wishing, hoping, crying for a recession!

If one can manufacture a recession, then it can be "George W. Bush's recession", and the DEMs have a battle cry of "save the country's economy".

We ain't got no recession folks. As Beldar stated, the economy could not even meet the definition of a recession before mid-year....and that only IF both the 1st and 2nd quarter shows a drop in the GNP. Were that to occur, and many economists seem to feel it will not, then at the start of our being in a recession...even a tiny one...would be mid-year, and the DEMs would have been yelling "the sky is falling" for more than half a year ahead. Perhaps their real goal is to actually say enough bad about the economy to drive it into recession.

If you want a real recession, just elect one of the DEMs President next fall....then watch what happens after January 2009.



Wow, how much more succinct can one be?

Quoth Tim Graham at Newsbusters: "The news media doesn’t see its job as informing the electorate. They see their job as getting the Democrat past the electorate."

Graham, Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center, writes a good bit more as he strikes on the MSM for their coverage (or lack of?) in his full article.

Media bias comes out in any honest review of coverage. Liberal MSM is as accepted and recognized as oxygen...Just not by the MSM themselves who are still in the "unclothed king" mode.


Global Warming Appears Much Ado About Nothing!

The stories, analysis, reviews, etc. on the Al Gore and IPCC dire predictions about our climate are indicating the Gorites are at least way over-stated, and probably completely wrong on Global Warming.

H. Sterling Burnett Explains the mess! Burnett is a Senior Fellow at the non-partisan, non-profit National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas.

This report, coupled with the recent call by John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, seems to indicate my long-held, and oft-espoused view that Global Warming is a mythical creation of the anti-capitalists in the U.N. and folks like Gore who make a living spewing such irrational information to willing listeners.

I cannot wait for the Gore/UN choo choo to begin beating the drums for some other cause and simply dropping this one like a hot potato.

Lets get on to dealing with real problems we face.


Friday, March 14, 2008

TOO GOOD! - Amen!!!!

Obama has once-again Out-Clintoned the Clintons!

The fellow revealed his financial records some time ago....Hildabeast still refuses...much to the consternation of most DEMs.

NOW, Obama has revealed his "Pork" for the past three years....his time in the Senate, and asked Hillary to do the same! She is in a quandry.

Reveal, and then the world knows how "Pork-rich" she has been....not-reveal, and face the ire of an electorate knowing she is hiding something!

Master stroke by Obama and his minions.

What will Hillary do?

She now faces a dual "I-am-hiding-my-stuff!" view by the folks of election time.

Oh, and we are still awaiting the opening of the records from Hillary about her "Service & Experience" during the Billary years....a sure top-seller...

The Clintons are on the way out, and THEY know it....but they have few answers left.

Love it!


Report Card! - Detention Called For!

Democrats took Congressional control in January 2007.

Rep Jeb Hensarling of Texas presents a show-and-tell on their activities since!

Yep, we got rid of them GOPers and their spending, and got doubled gas prices and doubles earmarks in a single year!

Ain't that just special. Guess you need to rethink before giving the DEMs control of the WH too! I cannot afford them....not sure about you!


Soo-weeyyy! & Grab Your Wallet Too!

The Democrats are coming! The Democrats are coming!

No, you don't need to hide your daughters....well, not as long as Bill C & E. Spitzer aren't in the charge anyway.

You DO need to secure your wallet, if that is possible.

Yesterday the wonderful Senate voted down an anti-pork bill by a huge margin as the Democrats, minus a couple, but plus half the GOP refused to reign in the spending. They dumped the bill with only 27 votes in favor of restraint.

THEN....just to add insult to injury....the Dems voted in both houses to let the Bush tax cuts expire. At least most of them. A $3 trillion dollar rollback.

& If you think that is bad news, just wait til we get a Democrat in the White House!

Obama/HRC have announced so many new tax and spend programs we'll all be reeling with the new tax burden.

Such fun. Maybe we can get Obama's minister to come and straighten things out for us. He seems to have some strong ideas about how bad it all is.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


That is the simplistic way of announcing the ideas of John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel....

Coleman (confession, he was my fave weatherman many, many years ago....pre-Weather Channel.... when he was Weatherman in Chicago.)
is saying Gore's ideas are wrong, and that Gore KNOWS that!

You have to read Coleman's STATEMENT OF PURPOSE to understand the idea.

I, personally, feel he is right!

GORE is a PR freak, and his ideas are a box of frogs........they leap about and are not proven at all.

Global warming....if it even far from being proven as the fault of the humans on Earth.

Gore is riding this til hell freezes over (which might, coincidentally, occur as the weather seems to be COOLING.....)

The media love Gore and his diatribes.....THEY are wrong.

Scientific data suggest we are NOT warming......

The media of today are a mere shadow of the folks whom I joined in 1968....and of whom I was a part til 1971.

Then I decided the media were being "driven" by outside forces.....then political, with agendas to follow Liberal leftist ideals. They are NOT newsfolk any more.



More On NO DEMS as Criminals!

This is just too juicy......if you read the post below this, it relates to the media's obvious bias in reporting GOP pols charged as vs DEM pols charged......

Now, the facts on how Spitzer faired as opposed to other GOP folks charged/exposed.


Media bias????? Guess we have to find it by a story count, and IT IS R-E-A-L!!!!!!

Shame on the media!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There Are NO Democrats.......ABC

Well, at least not when a politician is charged/exposed involved in crime.

That's The Fact Jack!

NewsBusters Tom Blumer tell the tale (Shown in full as I do not want anyone to skip over the link!):

"From ABC: A Comprehensive History Lesson in 'Name That Party'
Photo of Tom Blumer.
By Tom Blumer | March 11, 2008 - 10:00 ET

NewsBusters posters have already given Old Media deserved grief about its reluctance to pin the Democratic Party label on Eliot Spitzer, who, as of this moment, is still governor of New York (Brent Baker on evening news show coverage; Ken Shepherd on the BBC; Shepherd on the AP).

But, as blogger Ace noted last night (warning: some profanity at Ace's link), ABC has outdone the other outlets one better.

ABC's "Political Sex Scandals Redux" popup slideshow has a series of 13 slides relating to current and past politicians. If Republicans are or were involved, the network, with one rare and minor exception, consistently applies the "R" label almost immediately. With Democrats, with one very old exception, the party label isn't there.

Here are the specifics:

* Slide 1, Eliot Spitzer -- No party ID on New York's current Democratic governor.
* Slide 2, Mark Foley -- immediately labeled "R-Fla."
* Slide 3, Randy "Duke" Cunningham -- immediately labeled "R-Calif."
* Slide 4, David Vitter -- immediately labeled "R-La."
* Slide 5, Randall Tobias (Deputy Secretary of State; April 2007) -- party affiliation not identified, and apparently not known.
* Slide 6, Bill Clinton -- No Democratic party ID. The slide only mentions Monica Lewinsky. Others, who the BBC 10 years ago referred to as "All the President's Women," are nowhere to be found: Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, and several others. Juanita Broaddrick (backup link)? Surely you jest.
* Slide 7, Jim McGreevey -- No party ID on the former New Jersey Governor, who resigned in 2004.
* Slide 8, Larry Craig -- immediately labeled "R-Idaho."
* Slide 9, James E. West -- No party ID on Republican former Spokane, WA Mayor, 2005. Big whoop, as if a lower-level GOP overlook makes up for the other oversights identified here.
* Slide 10, Bob Livingston -- GOP Party ID noted in the first sentence.
* Slide 11, Daniel Crane -- immediately labeled "R-Ill."
* Slide 12, Gerry E. Studds -- immediately labeled "D-Mass." The Studds scandal dates to 1983.
* Slide 13, Wilbur Mills -- No party ID on the former Democratic House Speaker.


* Six Republicans immediately identified; one relatively obscure GOP member not ID'd.
* Four Democratic affiliations not noted; one, involving a matter dating back a quarter-century, immediately identified.
* One party affiliation not clear, and apparently not known.

Ace's key comments:

This is all in our minds, huh, MSM?

It's all accidental, right?

Then why does it keep happening, and why do you stubbornly refuse to make a simple style guide change -- requiring the party ID of any and all politicians caught in scandals upon first mention, in the first paragraph?

It's because you want to preserve your freedom to continue doing this. Only Republican scandals are, in fact, Republican scandals. Democratic scandals are never identified as such, and instead are, in your "nuanced" telling, either scandals of a particular man alone or of "The System" generally.


Indeed! Lets ask ABC about this one kiddies.....wonder what their answer would be. Answer.....What answer?

NOTE: for those who would actually like to see the slides to make sure I ain't fibbin, here is the link to the story with slides linked as well: GO...READ...Confirm!


Monday, March 10, 2008

24 Hours In A Day......

24 Bottles of beer in a case........coincidence?

The above Steven Wright comedy bit has been around the track a number of times.....however, after READING THIS, I take it much more seriously.

At least with beer/wine, I know what I am consuming.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Distinction Between "Women Only" and "Muslim Women"

This is HUGE!!!!!

Not only do some of the recent steps by Uber-Liberal Universities sway far beyond normal male-female attempts...they are simply "ISLAMIC".....

Ali Eteraz Has Details!!!!

Boy is this juicy.....Perhaps we could get a liberal Antique Media (Main Stream Media) person to explain why one religion should have its precepts protected while others get no such protection!

In fact NO OTHER religion gets such protection. Shall we compare the % of Islamic population to all others, and then justify this????



Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama "Loss" on 2nd Tuesday is Less Than Reported

es it is....

The fact is, the tiered voting in Texas negated the
"Win" by Hillary. This is fact.....

Here's the story AS REPORTED!!!!!

Just read the story and know there are problems with the Dems and their woeful awarding of delegates.

Why is it the DEMS seem to find these really terrible means of selecting delegates?



Help Me! - I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up!

Democrat folks are facing a real problem......They are in a party which will beat itself soundly about the head and shoulders during the remaining primaries....much to the joy of the GOP!

The GOP, remember, has it's candidate.....

The DEMs are still in the "kill or be killed" stage of the nomination process, and they seem destined to be there until the 12th of never!

McCain, beaming, and accepting the Bush mantle for the party, is off on a cruise. He can attack both candidates at will, and find them soft targets as they must have their guns aimed at the "other" DEM candidate!

Neat and interesting!

Love it!


Bush Bagged Us Yet Again!

"You want border control?.....I got your border control......"

Oh, and GWB is going to keep the border control too....keep it far from the border!

We been had folks.....all 75% of you who feel and really desire a stop to the flood of illegals.

"BORDER INSECURITY!", an article at Real Clear Politics by Tony Blankley.

GWB's legacy......a long thumbing of his nose at the supporters who twice carried him to the White House. I'll never forgive this imposition of his will on the very folks who took him to Washington and then kept him there.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Global Warming; A No Go????

OwlGore will shake rattle and roll all over if he reads the following piece at FOXNews by John R. Lott, Jr......

" John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all promise massive new regulations that will cost trillions of dollars to combat global warming. McCain says that it will be his first task if he wins the presidency. After consulting with Al Gore, Obama feels the problem is so imminent that it is not even really possible to wait until he becomes president.

Ironically, this political unanimity is occurring as global temperatures have been cooling dramatically over the last decade.

Global temperatures have now largely eliminated most of the one degree Celsius warming that had previously occurred over the last 100 years. Hundreds of climate scientists have warned that there is not significant man-made global warming.

A conference in New York on Monday and Tuesday this week will bring 100 scientists together to warn that the there is no man-made global warming crisis.

Yet, we just keep on piling on more and more regulations without asking hard questions about whether they are justified.

New mileage per gallon regulations were signed into law last year that will mandate cars get 35 MPG. The rules will make us poorer, forcing people to buy products that aren’t otherwise the best suited for them. More people will die because lighter cars are less safe, but we are told this is all worth it largely because of global warming.

But much of what gets passed is arbitrary. Was there anything scientific about picking 35 MPG instead of, say, 30 MPG other than the desire to do more? And how do these regulations fit in with all the gasoline taxes we have that are already reducing gas use?

To see if all this makes any sense there are really four questions that all have to be answered "yes."

1) Are global temperatures rising? Surely, they were rising from the late 1970s to 1998, but "there has been no net global warming since 1998." Indeed, the more recent numbers show that there is now evidence of significant cooling.

2) But supposing that the answer to the first question is "yes," is mankind responsible for a significant and noticeable portion of an increase in temperatures? Mankind is responsible for just a fraction of one percent of the effect from greenhouse gases, and greenhouse gases are not responsible for most of what causes warming (e.g., the Sun).

Over 100 leading climate scientists from around the world signed a letter in December stating: "significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming."

In December a list was also released of another 400 scientists who questioned the general notion of significant manmade global warming.

3) If the answer to both preceding questions is "yes," is an increase temperature changes "bad"? That answer is hardly obvious.

Even the UN’s original draft stated that an increase in temperature of up to two degrees Celsius would be good for many regions of the globe. Higher temperatures could increase ocean levels by between seven inches and two feet over the next 100 years.

Although some blame global warming for seemingly everything, according to others higher temperatures will increase the amount of land that we can use to grow food, it will improve people's health, and increase biological diversity.

4) Finally, let's assume that the answer to all three previous questions is "yes." Does that mean we need more regulations and taxes? No, that is still not clear.

If we believe that man-made global warming is “bad,” we still don’t want to eliminate all carbon emissions. Having no cars, no air conditioning, or no electricity would presumably be much worse than anything people are claiming from global warming.

You want to pick a tax that just discourages carbon emissions to the point where the cost of global warming is greater than that of cutting emissions.

Too little of a tax can be “bad” because we would produce greenhouse gases when their costs were greater than the benefits. But too much of a tax also makes us poorer because we won’t be getting the benefits from cars or electricity even when the benefits exceed the costs that they would produce from global warming.

What is often ignored in the debate over global warming is that we already have very substantial taxes on gasoline, averaging 46 cents per gallon in the US. Even if one believes that gasoline use should be restricted to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the question is whether our taxes are already restricting use "too much" or "not enough.” But simply saying that carbon dioxide emissions are bad isn’t enough.

In fact, William Nordhaus, an economics professor at Yale and former member of President Carter’s Council of Economic Advisors, puts the “right” level of gasoline taxes at around 10 cents a gallon today, reaching 16 cents per gallon in 2015. Nordhaus’ analysis assumes that the answers to the first three questions are “yes.” If anything, while gasoline taxes are partially used for such things as building roads, it seems quite plausible that, even accepting Nordhaus’ assumptions, current gasoline taxes are much too high to deal with the harm from global warming.

However good the intentions, the debate over global warming is much more complicated than simply saying that the world is getting warmer. It is too bad that these questions won’t be getting a real debate this election. The irony is that those who sell themselves as being so caring aren't careful enough to investigate the impact of their regulations."

Lott is the author of "Freedomnomics" and a Sr. Research Scientist at the University of Maryland.

My claim all along in this GW "the sky is falling" routine has been lack of proof that it was even happening, that man caused it if it is happening, and that we have any control over it at all....

That is basically what Lott proposes in his piece, but with much nicer detail.

The old Pogo statement still applies to all these over-reaction situations: "We has met the enemy, and they is US!"


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just Why Is That??????????

As rockets from Gaza rain down on her neighborhood, Laura Bialis wonders how the western media still manages to portray Israel as the aggressors in this weekend’s bloody conflict.

At Pajamas Media Ms. Bialis explains!

Well, at least as much as anyone can explain a bias of the MSM (Antique Media) so profoundly evident.

Let me see....put simply....Country One can shoot rockets at Country Two for days and weeks on end and it is not reported by the MSM. Country Two, being shot at, first warns and then attacks to stop the rockets. MSM kicks in with story of vicious attacks by Country Two. WOW! What journalistic integrity and honesty. (Maybe that last sentence should be more properly written as "What? Journalistic integrity and honesty?)

Shame on the MSM and their unbelievable bias. & They do it all complete straight faced!