Friday, March 31, 2006

Viva La....Whatever!

The idiocy of the folks who are perpetrating (yes, that is an appropriate word) the Mexican displays of anti-American activities are absolutely beyond belief to main-stream America.... and the funny thing is these idiots do not know that they are really, really, pissing off the very people they hope to influence!

Speaking of being out-of-touch.....Capt Ed has the details.

It gets WORSE!!!!!

Try Michelle Malkin's post and her pics are astounding...

The opinion is not bad either....

Folks we are in the midst of the French equivalent of their "Muslim revolt" is just one of the Mexicanos who now feel California is part of Mexico.

Is there a snow-balls-chance-in-hell that Bush will recognize this. NOT!
He is so hung on the idea of amnesty that he will not abandon the thing even in the face of absolute evidence that the very folk he wants to give amnesty are not interested....They want California, and perhaps a border state or two...

What the HELL is going on folks......?

We must be approaching a European "out-of-touch" level>>>>


"Whose Backlash?" - Indeed!!!

Reverberations from the mass demonstrations by Mexican and other illegals, plus a few thousand school-skipping students, are rolling about the nation.

Victor Davis Hanson at Real Clear Politics has a major piece on the impact, and in one paragraph succinctly explains the situation....

"If many thousands of illegal aliens marched in their zeal, many more millions of Americans of all different races and backgrounds watched--and seethed. They were struck by the Orwellian incongruities--Mexican flags, chants of "Mexico, Mexico," and the spectacle of illegal alien residents lecturing citizen hosts on what was permissible in their own country."

You should just read the whole thing here.

The rumblings out of Washington do not bode well for Bush's plan, but the efforts of GOP members to stop the "amnesty" program may well help them come the fall elections. Given the Democratic proclivity for trying to stand on both sides of any issue...they will only lose or at most break even in the public eye on this issue.

After all, the Dems are just this week again involved in speaking out of both sides of their mouths.....their new message of "Strengthen security" is followed by an actual vote in which they tried to stop, in committee, part of the funding of the NSA for the coming year. During a war on terror one does not propose to cut-withhold nor abridge in any way funding for one of the prime terror-fighting tools! Unless one is a Democrat bent on political gain and not truly on dealing with the security of the country. Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters details this farce in his post "Dems Try to Starve NSA..."

Really an active time politically on several fronts.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trent Lott - "Butt Out" to taxpayers!

Yeppers, folks, it is the almighty "I am way beyond your comprehension" Trent Lott who has killed a bill we needed!!!!!

Read it at Tapscott's Copy Desk, and then see what the almighty Senators of "I am all-powerful" believe of themselves!

It is a crude and rude joke on the people of the USA to find one Senator can do this much to stop reform in our favor.

Give us a CLUE as to why Mr. Lott!!!! But of course, you know just want to stop anyone killing your money/favor control!


Woo Woo! Dems Gonna Git Osama-Been-Dodgin

About time! The Democrats have a plan to get Osama Ben Ladin. What it is, they have not divulged, however, given their proclivity to see all terrorists as needing police action I am sure the maneuver will be highly successful and in a short time period. Rumors are flying fast and furious....possible a San Francisco policeman on vacation will be used as they have had special training in gun removal. Another rumor says it will be accomplished by the KOS kids who always seem to have all the answers anyway.

The Dems want this done as soon as possible so they can get on with cut and run.....Err "Re-deployment" of our troops!


We Want Our Rights! - Illegals Show Their Loyalty!

While more than 60% of the population at large feels animosity for the illegals who have flooded into the USA while our government looked the other way and ignored laws already on the books, the minority say these folks want to be part of our country.

Not by my recognition of their actions. Michelle Malkin shows the true feelings of one California high school group as demonstrated.

The matter smells of anti-US in every respect. Pictures of Mexican, Honduran, and other S. American flags in the parade were ignored or edited by the Los Angeles Times as they loudly proclaimed the fact that American flags were the majority in this illegals parade of opposition to toughening the laws. Included in the parades were also signs which showed the illegal view that California is really Mexico anyway, and that they should be allowed to "take it back".

As I stated in an earlier post just color me stupid! There is no apparent bill going to clear congress that will: 1. Actually build a wall to stop the flood... or, 2. Actually give teeth to stopping any new encroachment. However, the bills will authorize illegals to stay and work toward citizenship.

Our new motto....."If you can get here, in spite of our laws, then we'll find a way to keep you"

Sad day for our country.....and, a truly sad day of compromise from the GOP which is going to succeed in both angering the illegals and their own conservative base of folks who believe we have to play by the rules. The Democrats will beat the GOP senseless with this club come November, even as they now proclaim that enactment of the new laws will violate the rights of the illegals. Watch and see if this does not turn up as an item for them to proclaim GOP abandonment for minorities!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Color Me Stupid! - On The Immigration Bill!

I said (below) that GWB was admitting we had to 1st address the "wall"....fencing the Mexico border; and then and only then would we address the illegal immigrants in this country. Guess what! It is apparently all smoke and mirrors.

The nice new bill crafted by our favorite two "compromisers" McCain and Kennedy, will give us nothing the last bill 20 years ago didn't give us.........AND it will give us the same area of complete lack of funding, enforcement, etc. that the previous bill gave us.

The apparent only thing we gained from the previous bill was 20 years of deterioration. The only thing we will gain from this one is MORE OF THE SAME!

Hugh Hewitt comes to the front with the news of McCain-Kennedy in this story, and then follows with the political consequences of same as offered by John Hawkins at Right Wing News.

What the HELL has the GOP allowed to happen?

Do they seriously feel they can gain a win in November when 60% of the public oppose amnesty for the Illegals.....

Just how far "Business" has Bush gone......betraying his base of conservatives, and ignoring the public in general. Actually siding almost-completely with the Democrats.

& This is supposed to bring us further into the fold of believeing John McCain is our candidate for 2008?????

WRONG Guess.


Why Do I Worry About the "Illegals"

Maybe it is because they can do things like THIS. Perhaps they don't even need the fancy paperwork.....How much paper does one need to wade the Rio Grande and walk into Texas?

I cannot find a reason the border thing keeps getting turned into "workers" when I, for one, am much more worried about those aiming bad things at us, and promising to deliver same.


UPDATE: Mary Katharine Ham at Hugh Hewitt's blog posts on President BUsh's comments yesterday on immigration reform. In the way she edits down his comments they make sense, and I could certainly live with them. Read it HERE!

The primary point in the comments, to my way of thinking,(and agreeing with GWB) is that we cannot address any issues on the 11 million illegals here until we control the flow into the country!

Monday, March 27, 2006

"The March of The Illegals".....

Between Power Line and Mickey Kaus, there is a fine exploration of the strange story offered by the LAT on the march. Seems they are blind to Mexican flags, and cannot count the US flags.....check it out thru PowerLine.....

Then read a lot more at Michelle Malkin'ssite.

Seems to me we are being invaded much as the Europeans. Not all is fine and dandy with the illegals who protested....many claiming California is "their" homeland, not ours....Many more showing threatening signs.

The LAT, however, only seems to see fine folks out for a friendly demonstration while all-the-while waving American flags about gaily.

Focus LAT.....but then, I guess you are....on the Latino/Mexican community which must now be a majority of your remaining, dwindling readership.

You might help yourselves if you convinced more of them to learn English as a language.....of course, you could always just print a Spanish newspaper and drop your English version. The folks who line their bird cages with the LAT won't know, not care about, the difference. damn bet I am. America 1st.....Americans 1st. You DO NOT become an American by strolling/running across a border from your country and working illegally here.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Yale Suffers Self-Induced Ouchie!

Yale is so outspoken in their need for diversification....For terrorists, at least. However apparently NOT so diversified for the terrorists primary victims....Women.

Instapundit brings all the details.

I seriously wonder what the explanation from Yale might be in this case....Well, of course that presumes they will even deign to explain.....Which I am just sure they will NOT!


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can't Keep It Up Forever...

A Post by Little Duke....

Poor, poor Hillary. The woman’s trying so hard to paint herself as a moderate and maybe as a hardliner on such issues as immigration. She has spoken out against our open borders as well as the port deal. I figured it couldn’t last. I figured she would have to reveal herself at some point as she tries to lock up the ultra liberal base and win the nomination. It didn’t take as long as I thought. The Hildebeast’s stripes have come through the poor disguise she tried so hard to don. Today we learn that the woman who wants no foreigners running our ports, the woman who thinks it’s terrible that our borders are so porous is against making it a criminal felony to be here illegally.
From,Surrounded by a multi cultural coalition of New York immigration advocates, Clinton blasted the House bill as "mean-spirited" and said it flew in the face of Republicans' stated support for faith and values.
"It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures," Clinton said, "because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."
How quaint that the Hildebeast herself is invoking God. I guess I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that her "understanding of the Scriptures" involves more than the occasional photo-op at the local church, but to say that protecting our sovereignty and further criminalizing illegal behavior is somehow "mean-spirited" and somehow flies in the face of "faith and values" is more than a huge stretch. She goes on to say that she supports a system to allow the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States to earn their citizenship. So instead of punishing illegal behavior, Hillary wants to reward it. What a great idea. Let’s teach the illegal aliens that you are to be rewarded for criminal behavior in this country as well as telling those trying to legally emigrate that their efforts are a waste of time. What a slap in the face to the millions who are trying to do it the correct way.
I should have known the world’s smartest woman couldn’t keep it up for long. This is similar to her opposition to racial profiling. Apparently, that opposition was just against profiling at airports, not sea ports. Playing both sides of an issue is not your strong point, Hillary. Bill Clinton could have gotten away with that kind of duality. The man was so charming, he could pick your pocket while hugging you and you’d thank him for it. Sorry Hillary, you lack the charm of your husband. You just end up looking like the political opportunist you are. Keep it up, girl. The average American needs to be reminded of what you are, a monster waiting in the shadows.

Little Duke

Russians Sneaking Back into Iraq?

Not only does Mohammed at Iraq The Model believe the Russians, weak on support for the Coalition and long on support for OFF & the old Iraqi regime, are trying to sneak back into Iraq for business purposes, but also he states emphatically he does not trust the Russians.

His entire post is eye-opening and provides a new view of what is happening with business.

This should come as no surprise. The Russians, ever the opportunists, and never the supporters of any US effort are now looking to gain back profits lost when OFF ended and they bailed out of Iraq ahead of our military's arrival.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Prez Creates Some "Buzz"!

Go GWB! After months and years of silence, limited news conferences, etc. GWB has, in the last two days, created a fresh buzz with his direct Q & A news conferences on everything from Iraq to the start of war to the NSA issue. More importantly it was off-the-cuff, straight-at-you statements, including his fisking of Helen Thomas, the "antique" of the WH Press Corp.

The entire thing is the buzz not only in the blogosphere, but also the MSM is grabbing on in a positive fashion!

The WaPo weighed in positively, and Capt. Ed wrote on it at Captain's Quarters.

John H. at Power Line was not as positive about the MSM response, but was solid on GWB's performance.

Meanwhile over at Neal Boortz web site, in his absence, his staff give high marks to GWB for the performance, and detail the Helen Thomas exchange...


In a surprise press conference yesterday morning, George W. Bush walked into the press briefing room at the White House and held a one-hour press conference. He came out swinging and took on the critics point by point. Here are some of the high spots:

On a time line for withdrawing from Iraq, you can forget it. He said that decision will be made by future presidents. In other words, the troops will be there at least until Noon on January 20, 2009. Perhaps he'll change his mind if Republicans in Congress take a bath in this fall's elections.

On whether the much-maligned Donald Rumsfeld should resign, you can forget that too. Said Bush of Rummy: "I don't believe he should resign. He's done a fine job. Every war plan looks good on paper until you meet the enemy." So he's safe.

On the economy: "Productivity is strong. Inflation is contained. Household net worth is at an all-time high." He's absolutely right. Don't forget low unemployment.

He was also asked if he wanted war in Iraq from the start. Said the president: "I didn't want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong ... with all due respect. No president wants war." And then on the subject of whether or not he should shake up his staff, he shot that down too. He says he's happy with the staff he's surrounded with.

So in other words, the media and the left can stick it...and Bush is going to stay the course. One thing's for can give this White House points for persistence.


For the first time in over a year, President Bush called on Helen Thomas yesterday. In case you don't know who Helen Thomas is, she's considered the dean of the White House press corps. She's been there longer than anyone else. In fact, Helen Thomas has been attending presidential press conferences for 160 years, beginning with the Polk administration.

Helen is a liberal. No, not just any liberal...she's a hardcore extremist. She probably makes Michael Moore look like a centrist. She also hates George W. Bush...with a passion. So Bush has ignored her. At one point, he moved her chair from the front row to the back. Helen didn't like that very much, calling Bush a "coward."

So anyway, Bush calls on her yesterday, and here was her question:

Helen Thomas: "I'd like to ask you, Mr. President, your decision to invade Iraq has caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis, wounds of Americans and Iraqis for a lifetime. Every reason given, publicly at least, has turned out not to be true. My question is, why did you really want to go to war? From the moment you stepped into the White House, from your Cabinet -- your Cabinet officers, intelligence people, and so forth -- what was your real reason? You have said it wasn't oil -- quest for oil, it hasn't been Israel, or anything else. What was it?"

Bush handled his response well...he had to interrupt her a few times to get in his answer. He should call on her more...liven things up a bit. One thing's for sure: Helen Thomas behaves in public like an escaped mental patient.

I just love it, but will Bush continue in this mode? Let us hope so, and then watch the ratings take an about-face and head upwards!

Like I said, GO GWB!


Whoa!!! USA Soldiers Dying at a Rate Lower than the General Population?

Say it ain't so. Of course, the MSM will deny it....actually they will probably simply do the ostrich bit and bury their collective heads in the sand.....

The 1st real figures I have seen showing the "terrible" death rate among US citizens as compared to the US soldiers in Iraq are displayed by Charles at Little Green Footballs through input he received from The Angry American.

Digest it all.....


Should the GOP Pull a "Feingold?"

That is the premise of a piece at The idea is being used currently to appeal to the blogger world....however, it could catch on with the GOP itself, given the Feingold headline grab.

Check the facts at CensureCarter, and also read The Carter Hall of Shame.

This pathetic former President, a man of religion who cannot find any evil in the entire terrorist world....just among the USA residents and the GOP itself. I am tired of his pandering to terrorists.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An Iraqi Quagmire! - NOT!

I have read often in the many blogs about the facts/vs/projection in the Iraqi war. Now a quite comprehensive look at the reality of same from Gateway Pundit.

If you are one of those still clinging to the Democratic lines of "he lied", "hundreds of thousands died", etc, then you do not want to read the link... It might give you brain seizures!

How sad that the left of limited capability, plus the liberal biased media have given us (The people of the USA) such an extremely wrong look at the war and its results.

Read it my friends, and then sit back and just glow.....


Monday, March 20, 2006

Retirement Approaches!

The post below indicates a change in the lifestyle of The Duke and Duchess!

Retirement approaches!

Duchess leaves our wonderful hospital at the end of April....after 30 plus years of service there....

I will "leave" at the end of August....I put the leaving in quotes as I am contracting with our hospital for the time following leaving for several efforts... mostly those I now do as part of my job....

The idea is, I will not become bored, and they receive services they do not have someone else to complete.

The pay is a nice thing for making retirement even more rewarding.

I'll be more into retirement as we enter same.

It is scary; fraught with questions and choices most of us are ill-prepared to handle, and just plain frustrating!

More later, I guarantee!


Update! - Part of OUR retirement is our motorhome.......this weekend we utilized it in our 1st outing with car in tow and cats aboard.....I so posted at & Then I Bought an RV my "other" site!

Quiet Weekend in our RV!

Posting very light (none) as the Duchess and I took our motorcoach, towed vehicle, two cats and ventured off to Jacksonville, FL to visit son, Little Duke and his fiancee.

It was a fun trip and I posted about it on my RV blog & Then I Bought an RV!

Preparing to go afield a lot more, but hope to usually be blogging as many of the campgrounds are wireless.

Now back to business!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dance - Dance - Dance!

Today begins the madness. Well, actually I suppose one could say it began last fall. The many teams who thought they could win it all, plus the few who didn't think they could but are now "at the dance", all being included in the winnowing down from the invitees to the finalists of March Madness.

At work our little group of four guys plus a former fellow employee, now at U of Florida working, all lay out our forms and predict (guesstimate) the finals.

Seems a strange year......all five agree on the upper brackets (Atlanta & DC) where we all have Conn & Duke running thru to the final four. All five also predict Duke to win it all. This, of itself, probably dooms Duke to an early departure.

I see my Illini losing third round to Connecticut.

The interesting part are the other two brackets...Oakland and Minneapolis. Across the five sheets we have three differing views on Oakland (Gonzaga(2), Memphis(1) & Kansas(2)). In Minneapolis we have three also, but more universal agreement (Villanova(3), and one each for Florida and Boston College).

Today it begins and I have a race on my hands. I am trying to wire my new HDTV & Surround Sound systems prior to the evening games.

One of the fun times of the year! Go Big 10!!!!


Update: Fun 1st day! A few surprises, and the Illini bench performance makes me wonder if I abandoned them too soon to Conn?

Got the HDTV up, but not the surround sound.....Used TV sound. The remote for this thing takes about a year to learn.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

MSM is MIA on 16 Year Old Who Toured Iraq!

Yes, the story is there, and there is a lot more to it than reported by the MSM who, in their usual fashion, do not fully investigate any story unless it involves Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/et al.

Recall the 16 year old Florida youth who "immersed" himself in a journalism class by flying off to the Middle East?

We never got the story....well, at least most of it.

Check out Newsbusters Tom Blumer as he gets the whole story! Also included are references to some additional stories by others, including a few small traditional media sources.

Islamic Charities; 1,000 faked IDs for Islamic folk; and much more involving the boy's father.....

Was the boy a courier? What motive drove the father in assisting the boy's trip and then feigning lack-of-knowledge.

Oh, and the boy's school has said both that the boy had no journalism class, and his father arranged for his absence.

Come on MSM....follow up with your checks and balances journo training and complete the story....Not that you need to now. The bloggers already have most of it...just Google "Dr. Redha Hassan".....its all there for anyone to see.

HT: Chaotic Synaptic Activity! a milblogger here in Tampa.


Friday, March 10, 2006

No Idea on Gitmo Detainees!

I helped (?) Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters with his review of Gitmo folk for the appropriateness of their detention.

I am sorry to say, there was simply not sufficient information on these folks to be fair and objective.

My Packet (#8) was for 7 men. Of those, I ended with 3 recommended detainees, 2 releases and 2 "I don't knows".....

The information was highly redacted, and lacking many critical pieces.

The idea is good, however, if this is the information upon which a report recommending most detainees be released was based....the report is a joke!

Here is Ed's original post.

And here is Dafydd's answer concerning his group of reviewed detainees. My interpretation was not much different than Dafydd's.


Update: Thx to Capt. Ed for his kind use of a quote and linking to this post in his update on the effort today at Captain's Quarters.

Dubai Traded for Halliburton?

The announcement came from the Senate floor yesterday as Senator Warner read the letter of announcment from Dubai that they would hand the US ports section of the world-wide ports deal to an American company.

Thus endeth the yell and scream success of a clutch of Democrats who sounded on the ports discussion a lot like a gaggle of geese storming around in their pen trying to warn off the fox. Actually it didn't end there as several Dems ranted on "vote it up or down".....what? on an issue that does not exist? How about voting on judicial nominees that have been hanging around for the past two-three or more years?

Now comes the fun, and from Hugh Hewitt to Capt. Ed the speculation is on.....Can it be any company other than Halliburton? Howard Dean will melt into a puddle of screaming agony!

Actually guest host Jed Babbin (Hugh's on vacation) had the Halliburton story as part of his interview of James Lileks and a nice read it is!

Capt Ed at Captain's Quarters opines on the "Dreadful Interlude".

Let the fun begin!


UPDATE: In the comments below and on his blog, Barak of IRIS Blog wrote that he felt the announcement was bogus!.

That could be, however, i am not sure his final statement that the "Army of Davids" caused this is out of perspective a bit. There was a universal display of opposition from media, GOP, Dems, Liberals, Conservatives, etc.....across the board. Bush played a well-out-of-tune piano key and just kept hitting it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mr. President, Where Are You?

I am one of the last to face the fact that GWB is, in fact, arrogant.....To the point of ignoring most of his party to do what he deems necessary. I, at first, attributed this to a certain quality of resolute determination....but given his completely tone-deaf support for the Dubai Ports deal, I am moving quite rapidly to the position of feeling he is simply STUBBORN!.....

"It is my idea, and you'd better support it!"

The nice thing is, we are seeing a GOP defection the likes of which Bush has never seen, and I am sure either mystifies him, or angers him to the core.

He needs to do as he was forced to do about Meirs....."get with the plan", and recognize the folks who have given him his base for so long, and follow thru with a new decision to abandon the doomed ports deal!


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bonds "On Steroids" Markie????

My God, it is all coming back to haunt the guys who wrote the record books in the past few years.....

Check the item: here and then get REAL!

I, as a fan..... and as a person who followed the true greats....including my own personal fav "Stan the Man"......want some answers, and then the obvious....where do the records go????


Monday, March 06, 2006

"Dude, Where's My Civil War?"

So asks Ralph Peters, on-the-streets of Baghdad....not enscounced in a hotel writing from local input rather than fact! You have to read it to see what Baghdad is really like....a refreshing revelation!

While at it Peters continues with a new post today (both can be found at RCP, by the way) from a 2nd patrol....just keep reading!

How refreshing, as I believe I already said!

Does anyone know the last time a positive story flowed from the MSM about Iraq?


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gitmo Report Blogswarm!!!!!

Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters is initiating a blogswarm to determine the accuracy of the recent study of Gitmo prisoners and the alledged lack of specific information on them regarding terrorist activities.

I have signed up to help, and YOU should also. Just go read Ed's story, and then you'll find yourself motivated to join in!


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tit for Tat!!!!!

My gosh......Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters has it RIGHT to the final degree....

Regarding the Palestinian level of dollar support from Isreal......

You have to read it...
His crowning comment is:

Israel will transfer the entire tax money for every month without an attack by Palestinians against Israel, by anyone -- Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, or the Ramadi Rotary Club. In any month with an attack against Israel, the tax monies revert back to Israel. Permanently. Let the Palestinians know that the Triangle Offense will have its consequences, too.

I love it....simple, and direct....Go you guys!

Just read the entire Captain post for more details here.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

AP Tries Re-Write of Katrina Facts!

In a never-ending parade of shoddy, lying reporting, AP has once again stuck foot and a lot more in their mouth. Of course, no old media sources will get it right....including, by the way, FOX.

Kevin at Wizbang! has a good a compilation of the facts as I have yet seen in this deluge of stories finding the really stupid faults of the AP story. Just go read his entire piece!

Media % of believeability.....down two more......Must be trying for 0%, or perhaps they wish to be upgraded to John Cleese comedy instead of news.

I don't know!