Monday, June 29, 2009

Global Warming...I Don't See No GW!!!!

The game is afoot....and the GW freaks are losing....

The question is....will the public awake to the facts before the die is cast and we spend BILLIONS???

I find it annoying that so very many voters have no clue!


Obama....Opposed to Democracy????

Kim Priestap at Wizbang:

"Does Barack Obama Like Democracy?
Posted by Kim Priestap
Published: June 29, 2009 - 5:57 PM

Earlier this month Iranians took to the streets to protest what they saw as being fraudulent elections perpetrated by the repressive Iranian regime. In response, the regime worked to squash the protests by beating and killing Iranians in the street. America's president Barack Obama would not stand up and support real democracy in Iran. It took him days to say anything, and when Obama finally said something, it was so milquetoast it was embarrassing. It took him two or three more times to actually show any kind of backbone toward the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad, and even then it was obviously a reluctant gesture as he still didn't put his full support behind the protesters and their fight for freedom and democracy.

Now there's a upheaval in Honduras as its former president, Manuel Zelaya, tried to unilaterally - and illegally - change his country's constitution so he could increase his power. In other words, he wanted to tyrannically force himself onto the Honduran people. As a result, the Honduran Supreme Court stepped in to protect its country's constitution and ordered that Zelaya be removed from office. The military complied with that court order and now Zelaya is in exile in Costa Rica.

This time Barack Obama was quick to jump in and cry foul at Zelaya's removal by calling the Supreme Court's actions "not legal." He also has put his full support behind the ousted dictator by declaring that he is the only truly democratically elected leader of Honduras. Obama has joined with, of all people, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and Fidel Castro in condemning Zelaya's removal.

So, this is the pattern that is forming with Obama: he refuses to support democracy in Iran by denouncing the fraudulent elections and supporting the protesters. At the same time he supports Zelaya's Chavez-inspired attempts to illegally change Honduras' constitution so it helps him maintain power, and denounces the Honduran Supreme Court's attempts to protect its constitution.

Based upon these two examples alone I have to ask: does President Obama like and respect democracy or is he deep down a latent and wannabe dictator himself?"

Not that PrezBo supporters care....they are ALL Obama....ALL-THE-WAY!



"Don't Cry For Me Argentina!"

Madonna dances, sings, etc....but it is more of the same for the folks of Argentina.....

Their governments come and go!

Another goes, but perhaps less-noisily than others!

Don't cry indeed!



The critter from the movies (Joe Pesci) often created a turn-of-events by changing his mind/plan/thoughts.

Is this the new PrezBo policy????

THE GOALPOSTS GET MOVED as yet ANOTHER statement gets obliterated by F-A-C-T-S!!!!

Thanks Chicago Man for the provision of new political comedy!

The problem is the "Sheeple" simply do not get it!


No Way!....We Won't (have to) Pay!!!!

How con-veen-yent!!!! (Apologies to Church Lady!)

Now the DEMs are ready to tax health care benefits for ALL the taxpayers.....well, except for UNIONS! Thus 12.4 % of the workers get a free ride.....and they vote how????

Is there an actual voter-base out there that is catching ANY of this stuff?

I sincerely doubt it.

Meanwhile the national debt piles UP & UP & UP!

Quick, before "THEY" notice, let's pass the cap & tax and the healthcare thingee.... Then we can retire gleefully as the Socialization of America becomes unstoppable!


Sonia's Saga Takes A Bad Turn!

The Supreme Court has decided with the New Haven firefighters....reversing a Sonia Sotomayor decision.

Let the games begin!

This should prove interesting fodder for the Dems to chew on and the GOPs to spew on in the upcoming hearings. If it were any other Pres. (read Bush) there would be within hours a clamor for withdrawal of the candidate. PrezBo, however, will most likely muck ahead. The Chicago way is force....threats....cheats, et al.


Sunday, June 28, 2009



God, I hate when I am RIGHT!



Wizbang once again offers the message!!!

"Timing Is Everything
Posted by Shawn Mallow
Published: June 27, 2009 - 4:16 PM

"Timing is everything," as the saying goes.

The Obama administration has some fortuitous timing.

While the media and the country should have been debating the ramifications of the disastrous "cap and trade" bill, they were off drooling over one quirky man.

The media coverage of Michael Jackson's passing has been sickening. His death no less a circus than was his life.

Yes, he was an individual with uncanny talent, both in music and dance. Someone who touched untold amounts of people with his abilities, providing joy and inspiration to young and old alike.

Strip back the veneer of that talent, and you are left with an emotionally fragile, pathetic man. A man whose unrelenting self esteem issues manifested themselves into grotesque physical alterations and bizarre emotional behavior, leading to drug abuse, unimaginable debt, and pedophilic tendencies.

The shock of his sudden death has enabled many in the media and society to gloss over the undesirable attributes of the man, leading to some unhealthy and obsessive reporting.

He was not a president. Not a spiritual leader. He saved no lives with his inventions. Altered no course of history and was not a noble role model.

He was an emotional wreck who happened to have a gift for entertainment. His odd behavior was a detriment to himself and others who were too young to understand it.

There are important events unfolding in the world right now. Things in this country which will have an actual impact on the lives of us all, born and unborn.

Things that matter.

Let's get on with it."

My God, but we are listening to the progress of those who really, really decide the future!

I am ashamed as we let the liberals decide for us.....

Thanks Obamassiah.....You have KILLED The USA!


I Don't Care; I Don't Care; I Don't Care......We'll STILL Negotiate!

So what of they killed, maimed, bullied, and controlled the press/citizens/et al????


After all, we are Jimmah Carter.....ER....sorry, The Obamassiah!!!! The ONE.....

We negotiate, despite the killings, the control, the despots.....

We can shmooze our way thru this.......possibly, perhaps, well, maybe!!!!

These idiots, led by the Obamassiah, seem to really believe this will work.




We are no longer part of our country's decisions....the Congress, made up of pandering, profligates of self-serving decisions are!

Nothing matters, except the view of a politician whose election depends upon the $ he/she brings to their home court!

That is the signal device...the Congress today does not consider our nation....ONLY their constituency!

We all lose.....

Nothing of national/international importance matters to anyone.....Least of all the Congress.



p.s. It is not going to happen.....guaranteed!

8 "Republicans" Passed the Tax and Cap Bill.....8!!!!

If you don't know these jackasses....get to know them....VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

They are delusional....they are sold on the DEM/Socialist agenda by the availability of $ for their own district.....Nothing of substance here in terms of actual consideration of the "unread" bill....




Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wind Power Production Growing Rapidly

On our just-completed 10,000 mile jaunt from our Tampa home to Washington State and back, we drove one time for 7 plus miles along I-90 watching a line of wind power machines. There must have been at least hundreds of the tall giants slowly whirling in the near-perpetual wind of the plains. I snapped the picture above through our motor home windshield.

A quick check in Google produced this report on 45% growth in these machines in 2007 alone (the most recent year for which data is apparently available.)

We also spotted hundreds more in other locations...South of Rockford, IL along West Texas...and several other locations.

I found at many campgrounds there were entire teams of fellows who spent their Summers these days building the towers, and then stayed home in the winter when such construction is not possible.

I was surprised to hear that 30% of all new electric generation in 2007 was by these tall structures.

The times...and the power generation...they are a changing.


Friday, June 26, 2009

I QUIT!!!!!

Now even FOX, ignores the vote on anything just to trumpet the MJ death.....

What a monumental thing.... Our Country is embroiled in a vote of our lifetime for or against a monumental waste of our money and a debt to our GRANDCHILDREN....and FOX is trumpeting the stories of MJ....


Really S-I-C-K!!!!!!


House Advances Climate Bill.....FOX News Delerious Over Michael Jackson!

WTF Happened to FOXNews??????

Our supposed unbiased media are so touched by the need to cover, and cover, and cover eMJ they cannot find any way to cover the challenge to our CLIMATE (Read: Global Warming) bill!

The only network still not loyal to The Obamassiah now avoids ANY word of the vote and any word of the possibilities.....BUT They have the Michael coverage down to a science!

FOX.....WTF are you doing?????



* Taliban Bomber Kills 2 Soldiers in Pakistani Kashmir
* Gov. Sanford's Wife Not Standing by Her Man
- S.C. Lieutenant Governor Says Sanford Should Stay
* Gore a No-Show at Capitol Hill Thursday ... Why?
* Memorial to Honor D.C. Train Crash Operator
* Hospital at Afghan Base Sees More GIs
* Alaska Town With 46 Residents to Get $21M Airport
* Man Suspected in Porn Model Murder in U.S. Custody
* Woman's Head, Arms Found in Ohio Suspect's Freezer

* Oklahoma Boy, 7, Revived After Almost Drowning, Dies
* Body Found in Indiana Believed to Be Missing Toddler
* Doctors Baffled: Girl, 16, Has a Baby's Body
- PHOTOS: 16 Years Old — and Still a Toddler
* Hands, Feet of 4 Thieves Cut Off by Islamists
* Teen Paid Thousands After He Falls Off Bunk Bed
* Landlord Admits to Peeping on Women Tenants
* Court: Hustler Wrong to Print Pics of Wrestler's Wife
* Oregon Woman Who Fed Bears Ousted From Home

The level of FOX News and their coverage of the Democrat vote on CAP & TRADE!

Absent without cause.....So Much for the FOXNews independence.....

Michael Jackson....all-the-time


"The Powers That Be"

The investigation of the ACORN problems are now abandoned.....due....

DUE The lack of ?????

ER....I can guess!


All Michael Jackson....ALL The Time!

FOX network of folks NOT dedicated to the Obamassiah's song and dance is now

They are, on the day we might see the Congress pass a near 800 BILLION dollar bill to address unproven, oft-disputed, global warming that will possibly increase EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN's cost of living by $2,000 OR MORE......ABSENT-WITHOUT-CAUSE!

Trumpeting Michael Jackson, the sick, tired, entertainer's death as their lead!!!!

What-The-Fxxx happened to the voice of reason in the MSM?????

Are they tone deaf???? Are they Dead-by-design????


We, as rational, alert, and intelligent folks abandoned by the very network in which we HOPED there was still a voice of reason.

FOX....You may have died today!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama Brings Chicago Style to IG Table!

Inspector General......PrezBo needs to make sure you IG NOTHING!

Another McCain tells it like it is....

Is the public watching?......Interested.....Deaf, Dumb & Blind????

The lemmings are marching to the sound of the Obamassiah!

God I hate this!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where Investigations Go To DIE!

GOP...DEM....nothing seems to matter.....

As a Senator, you are presumed innocent, Well....forever!

Ethics my ASS!

This is a travesty and we all know it, but still allow it to occur by virtue of our re-election process which allows incumbents to return to office, FOREVER!

Are our voters permanently disabled? I'd guess so....


From the O-M-G Department....

YOU Have to be KIDDING!!!!

They released this????

Just too much folks, not that I've ever seen this particular expression on any female's face....



Hard Hats passed out by Union...."Made in China?"


This is soooooo Union and soooooo obvious as to warrant their lame excuse of a "NEW" employee who did this without knowing!





Hold on troops.....YOU are not marching to the "Dear Leader's Drum!"

How can Americans possibly not feel the need for national health care????

Another Emily Litella moment for the Obama administration?

Possibly they have screamed "FIRE" just one or two times too many!

One can hope


UNIONS - ONIONS...They Smell Bad, and Produce No Positives!

Neal Boortz produces the most coherent review of Unions and their impact upon companies/business......

"I got on a rant about unions again after reading about these government school teachers in New York. You know the ones sitting in these "rubber rooms" doing crossword puzzles and playing grab-ass? Yeah, those are the ones. What a joke. But you continue to turn your children over to the government to be educated.

Anyway, that got me thinking about how hideous unions are for this country, and I was reminded of a recent study by the Heritage Foundation. Take a look at some of the highlights below. It's wonderful stuff.

* Studies typically find that unionized companies earn profits between 10 percent and 15 percent lower than those of comparable non-union firms.

* Some unions win higher wages for their members, though many do not. But with these higher wages, unions bring less investment, fewer jobs, higher prices, and smaller 401(k) plans for everyone else.

* Final union contracts typically give workers group identities instead of treating them as individuals. Unions do not have the resources to monitor each worker's performance and tailor the contract accordingly. Even if they could, they would not want to do so. Unions want employees to view the union--not their individual achievements--as the source of their economic gains.

* Consequently, union contracts compress wages: They suppress the wages of more productive workers and raise the wages of the less competent. Unions redistribute wealth between workers.

* A better summary of the economic research is that unions do not increase workers' wages by nearly as much as they claim and that, at a number of companies, they do not raise wages at all.

* In essence, unions "tax" investments that corporations make, redistributing part of the return from these investments to their members. This makes undertaking a new investment less worthwhile. Companies respond to the union tax in the same way they respond to government taxes on investment--by investing less.

* Research shows that unions directly cause firms to reduce their investments. In fact, investment drops sharply after unions organize a company. One study found that unionizing reduces capital investment by 30 percent--the same effect as a 33 percentage point increase in the corporate tax rate

* The balance of economic research shows that unions do not just happen to organize firms with more layoffs and less job growth: They cause job losses. Most studies find that jobs drop at newly organized companies, with employment falling between 5 percent and 10 percent."

Unions, long on promises, and short on production!



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wafflin for Wienies!

PrezBo is playing a liberal-agenda game, following the tradition of Jimmah Carter.

Waffling over the horrendous Iranian State actions against their own people.

& He is continuing the already-announced plan to have Iranian diplomats invited to 4th of July cookouts (Wienie Roasts, anyone?) if the country were actually sane!

It is becoming much easier to tell who will be the next pro-terrorist past President of the USA to carry on when Jimmah departs this mortal coil.


Monday, June 22, 2009

ACORN Becomes COY.....ER....COI !!!!

May Day, May Day.....we are under attack for cheating, lying, and fraudulent actions....soooooo.... Let us take a NEW NAME to clear ourselves!

Instead of being known as ACORN (Everybody knows we are suspect), we'll be known as COI... Yeah, that's we are safe and secure....

Do these idiots really believe they will change their image by changing their name???

I firmly believe they are so very, very confident of their immunity that they think this will work....



Make sure your ACORN IS NOT COI!!!!


Missing Ingredient: NEW JOBS!

Obama missed a few points along the way to formation of a destitute nation.....

Michael A. Fletcher of the Washington Post details the problem....

Yessir, we got lots and lots of "Hope and Change" rhetoric....but the facts are becoming evident.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Thus spake the polls!

Rasmussen sez Honeymoon is over, and the plunge is underway...

I am NOT surprised!


Love My Pounds!....Well, Not Exactly!

Skinny ain't all just "the skinny" when it comes to life-expectancy!

Damn, and I was just getting comfortable with dieting; post-trip and all....


Love On The Rocks?

"Love on the rocks
Ain't no surprise
Pour me a drink
And I'll tell you some lies"
(Neal Diamond)

PrezBo is in dire straits......Even the Dems believe it is on-the-rocks!

Shall I give an "A-Men?"

Not yet....let us allow it to completely self-destruct before we yell and remember...the same yell and shout as for the death of the Hillary plan!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

IRAN Interpretation.....Varied, and Mostly Wrong!

Daniel Drezner postulates.....

I believe he is right, and most of the MSM/Pundits/Bloggers are wrong.

Iran will never be the same. The young-guns are ready to change. The old-guns have the control. They will punish the young-guns, and as a result reinforce the world's perception of their complete ignorance of human rights and behavior befitting a "real" nation of democracy.

Their Theocracy is showing!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Spread Your Wings & Fly, My Son!

Little Duke; son and formerly Libertarian (before they self-destructed probably worse than the that possible) has decided to add onto his blogging, and has a new site.

Go try Where Is Gault I am certain you'll find it interesting. We'll also be cross-posting some items.

Good Luck, Son.


Beat Them Soundly About The Head & Shoulders Until They Comply!

The tried (via the stimulus) and true method for making sure Obama's "Restructuring" (read US Govt. Take over) of health care succeeds is to make it a CRISIS! ACT NOW.....

Obama reminds me rather stupidly of the rabbit in "Through The Looking Glass"....running about the country screaming about a lack of time.

His fear, after all, is that the American public...and, indeed his own Congress...will see the future through clear glass rather than Obama's rose-colored ones.

A full-court press is underway by Obama sez Kim Priestap at Wizbang Blog

Mark Tapscott asks a critical question deserving of an Obama answer: Why not just FIX Medicare?

Indeed. Why should any member of Congress; or for that matter, any voter, believe the Obamassiah will provide a hastily-constructed-on-the-fly full multi-trillion dollar agency that will CUT COSTS! If Medicare can be so easily fixed, let us SAVE money vis-a-vis cost-cutting FIRST, and then look with a better budget at tackling this supposed problem?

Of course the answer is above....if voters have long enough to consider this they will oppose it firmly enough to provide a defeat for it. Obama cannot stand to feel any part of his largest-ever-presidential-agenda would not be enacted.

Time for the grownups to take charge. We've had a belly full of "the sky is falling" tactics from this tax and spend socialist and his minions.


Cuttin' Time......Obama On The Hook!

Waffle, Waffle, Waffle.....Obama has done so time and again as the thugs of the world ramp up their rhetoric and actions to test the limits of "The One's" resolve.

He has waffled on Iran's population revolt against the Mullahs....

He apologizes to averyone, everywhere for OUR USA....

He avoids conflict by bluster and public super-star actions/speaches, bereft of ANY substance....

Now a Korean ship which spy stuff of satellite or other nature, by more-than-one government, has indicated holds weapons/nuke materials, or both.

Obama will either cave and be seen as the weak, Jimmah Carter 2 that he is, or grow a pair and take positive action.

Ya wanna bet he talks Brits/Israelis/etc. into doing it so he can make another safe NON-DECISION????

That's my bet!


Obama/WH Display "Political Courage?"

Firing the IG Walpin is now a self-admitted act of "Political Courage" according to Obamassiah's WH.

The only political courage involved was when Walpin revealed his, you know, actual performance in his job....looking for waste and corruption....the actual act which irritated some deep-pocket PrezBo donators who happened to be Walpin's targets!

So much for "Hope & Change" and while we're at it what happened to "openness and transparency?"

Way to go Chicago Man....a playbook straight out of the Daley crowd.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm A Low-Level Terrorist!

I didn't know I was until I read this Neal Boortz item this morning:

"Department of Defense employees must take written exams as part of their routine training. See if you can correctly answer the following question:

"Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorism?"

  • Attacking the Pentagon
  • IEDs
  • Hate crimes against racial groups
  • Protests

Any guesses? I bet you know where this one is going, don't you? That's right. Protests. Now we have the Defense Department telling their workers that protests are "low-level terrorism." Excuse me, but isn't there something in the Constitution about the right to "peaceably assemble?" And then there's something else about the right to "petition the government for a redress of grievances." Now we call these activities low-level terrorism? What does that make all you tea-party demonstrators from earlier this year? Low-level terrorists?

Do you feel comfortable with this? Not I!"

Nor I!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


BULLETIN, BULLETIN The cost is astronomical.....AND Climbing!!!!!

We will be bankrupt for the next 20-30 years if they pass Obama-Care!

& We, the elder, will be denied care and save the costs.....

It is R-E-A-L folks....WAY TOO REAL!


Mr. Wishy-Washy Strikes a Blow for Mediocrity!!!

Go Obama, Go!......

B. S.

A Missed opportunity by Jimmy Carter, Obama!


May Day, May Day!....Full Discredit Mode.....

The Obama Administration is once-again in full denial as one of their own appointees finds fault with the gymnastics of funding....and they try to S-M-E-A-R him....

Surprised? No, it is Chicago Politics 101......if they argue, bomb the hell out of their credibility!

"Hope and Change!" INDEED!!!!!

You hope and they change the rules to suit themselves.

Too bad the majority of voters in this country had not been exposed to Chicago politics before they voted for the "Obamassiah!"

I was.


Message To Kids/ al

Carpe Diem, indeed!


Put up that wall!

On June 25th, on the Mall in Washington DC, we will witness the greatest opportunity this country may have ever seen. On June 25th, there will be a rally in DC in favor of “Single Payer Healthcare” for the United States.

What an opportunity. Never before in the history of the United States will there be such a concentration of looters and parasites all in one place. The fact that they will be where the most looter friendly congress in history is meeting makes it even better. Add to that the fact that the most parasite friendly President lives there as well is icing on the cake.

Here’s our opportunity… lets build a wall around DC. If we work quickly after the rally starts, we could build a wall in one afternoon. Then, the fun begins. We cut them off. No more tax dollars from the rest of us producers. No, they have to do it on their own. They want a single pay healthcare system? Fine, but they have to pay for it with their own money. I know they won’t like that because they prefer to be generous with other people’s money.

In fact, let them throw every Liberal/Progressive/Statist idea into motion (With their own money) and let’s see what happens. If I and most of the rest of the country are right, they’ll all be begging to get out in no time. If all of us producers are wrong, very soon we will see many people trying to get in.

Which will happen? I’m willing to bet we won’t see anyone trying to break into DC.

If Ronald Reagan were alive today, would his message to the producers of this country be “Freedom loving people, put up that wall!”

Little Duke

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Crisis Possible Due "Climate Change!"

EXCEPT!!!...It is C-O-O-L-I-N-G that is the problem, as outlined by Christopher Booker

Yep, that "inconvenient truth" thingee is gonna bite Mr. AlGore's butt!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama Shows "A Disturbing Ambivilance Toward" His Own Country

Charles Krauthammer gives new perspective to Obama's "Godliness!"

Do you get the feeling this President will wear thin on a lot of folks, here & abroad, in fairly short order?


Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama News & Then OBAMA NEWS!

PresBo visits Green Bay and the press goes WILD!!!!!!!!! They tell the story of PrezBo and his socialized, health care reform.

There is another story which YOU need to spread....since the Lame Stream Media won't....

Tea Party Protesters are now at every Presidential visit....just not on the MSM version.

There is a cause and a new stirring in the'll have to read blogs to find out about it.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

LIBERALS......BUY G-U-M!!!!!

Yessir......Make Obamassiah's, W-O-R-K!!!!!!

Liberals of America, the new socialist republic, B-U-Y GUM.......(Government/Union Motors).......The Car of the Liberals!


Of course, it should be obvious......The LIBS wish to make The One the messiah of choice, and his plans MUST work......Thus they MUST BUY GUM!!!!!

Wanna Bet??????

Har Har, I just love it....the warriors of Liberalism now face the quandary of buying things they hate to make Obamassiah successful!

L-O-V-E IT!!!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


That is my new name for the automaton which controls the soon-to-be-defunct Chrysler.....Our new "Government-Union-Motors"......

My GOD, did our own government do this?????



He's "Like A God".....Regurgaburp!!!!!!!!

NEWSWEEK is solidified as an Obamafile.......

The entire thing is sick....really....


Tell The Truth!



So How Is G(overnment) M(otors) Doing In The Marketplace?

The Polls say they are S-U-C-K-I-N-G!!!!!

Man what a surprise.

Probably ranks on the surprise scale right alongside the magical-mythical 600,000 jobs The Obamassiah will pull out of his empty hat this Summer.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Still On-The-Road!

Repeating an earlier post....We are still 8,300 miles into our motor home tour of the NW and points between Tampa and back. Currently we are in Houston resting and visiting kids and grands......

Go read some of our stories and view pics of our tour from April 20th forward.


Sunday, June 07, 2009


From Wizbang......The Auto Dealer Cuts are now a Democratic Dustup!

The ship of state may be leaking a bit with hemorrhages ahead.


Friday, June 05, 2009

That Voodoo You Do!!!!! - Lie To Me Obamassiah!!!!

At the Wall Street Journal's "Opinion Journal, Betsy McCaughey tells of the lies of Obama regarding healthcare and the future.

Is ANYONE listening???????

Doubt it......We are still finding the majority under the spell of "Hope & Change"....

We are doomed......Seriously


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dealergate - Not Completely Political....Well, YES, BUT!

HughS at Wizbang unveils a signed statement that tells the extent of bias involved in Chrysler dealer cuts!

I disagree with HughS only in that the Obama team WILL NOT change a thing, and might make even more biased decisions.

This administration "GOT ELECTED" which they seem to feel gives them the right to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to A-N-Y-O-N-E.......

What Hope and Change! I mean, WHAT???? Hope & Change????

4 Years???? and unless a whole lot of folks get their head out of their axx, 4 more too.

SAD, but then I guess I probably will not outlive the fiasco by much if at all!


Monday, June 01, 2009

Thanks to Obama for Three Nos!

"Abbas’s Three No’s - Eric Trager -

Three months after Syria, Jordan, and Egypt lost substantial territory during the 1967 Six Day War, the Arab League convened in Khartoum and issued its infamous “three no’s”: no peace with Israel; no recognition of Israel; and no negotiations with Israel. Yesterday in Cairo, an uncharacteristically defiant Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas offered an updated version of these no’s: “No amending the Arab peace plan; No normalization without withdrawal; and no to the Jewishness of the Israeli state.” You may wonder where a feckless, powerless, and unpopular leader of a non-state entity gets off setting the ground rules for future negotiations with the elected government of a regional power. As Jonathan has pointed out, the Obama White House has thrown its support so strongly behind Abbas - and issued such a strong condemnation of Israeli settlement expansion - that the Palestinian leader can hardly contain his newfound confidence. Let this be a lesson to those who insist that a more “even-handed” approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would produce faster peace dividends. If anything, Abbas’s sudden bravado indicates that tilting against Israel makes its adversaries less compromising and makes peace prospects more hopeless. Consider for a moment that two of Abbas’s three no’s - his refusal to amend the Arab peace plan and vocal opposition to Israel’s Jewish character - can be collapsed into one: an insistence on Palestinians’ “right of return” to Israel proper. This is a stipulation that no Israeli government would ever accept, while Obama rejected the “right of return” explicitly as “not an option” during his presidential campaign. In short, chalk up another failure for President Obama’s ongoing experimentation with American foreign policy."

The Obama/Democrat "Let's Just Make Nice" theory once again falls flat on its face.