Friday, June 26, 2009

All Michael Jackson....ALL The Time!

FOX network of folks NOT dedicated to the Obamassiah's song and dance is now

They are, on the day we might see the Congress pass a near 800 BILLION dollar bill to address unproven, oft-disputed, global warming that will possibly increase EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN's cost of living by $2,000 OR MORE......ABSENT-WITHOUT-CAUSE!

Trumpeting Michael Jackson, the sick, tired, entertainer's death as their lead!!!!

What-The-Fxxx happened to the voice of reason in the MSM?????

Are they tone deaf???? Are they Dead-by-design????


We, as rational, alert, and intelligent folks abandoned by the very network in which we HOPED there was still a voice of reason.

FOX....You may have died today!