Friday, June 19, 2009

Beat Them Soundly About The Head & Shoulders Until They Comply!

The tried (via the stimulus) and true method for making sure Obama's "Restructuring" (read US Govt. Take over) of health care succeeds is to make it a CRISIS! ACT NOW.....

Obama reminds me rather stupidly of the rabbit in "Through The Looking Glass"....running about the country screaming about a lack of time.

His fear, after all, is that the American public...and, indeed his own Congress...will see the future through clear glass rather than Obama's rose-colored ones.

A full-court press is underway by Obama sez Kim Priestap at Wizbang Blog

Mark Tapscott asks a critical question deserving of an Obama answer: Why not just FIX Medicare?

Indeed. Why should any member of Congress; or for that matter, any voter, believe the Obamassiah will provide a hastily-constructed-on-the-fly full multi-trillion dollar agency that will CUT COSTS! If Medicare can be so easily fixed, let us SAVE money vis-a-vis cost-cutting FIRST, and then look with a better budget at tackling this supposed problem?

Of course the answer is above....if voters have long enough to consider this they will oppose it firmly enough to provide a defeat for it. Obama cannot stand to feel any part of his largest-ever-presidential-agenda would not be enacted.

Time for the grownups to take charge. We've had a belly full of "the sky is falling" tactics from this tax and spend socialist and his minions.