Friday, June 26, 2009


* Taliban Bomber Kills 2 Soldiers in Pakistani Kashmir
* Gov. Sanford's Wife Not Standing by Her Man
- S.C. Lieutenant Governor Says Sanford Should Stay
* Gore a No-Show at Capitol Hill Thursday ... Why?
* Memorial to Honor D.C. Train Crash Operator
* Hospital at Afghan Base Sees More GIs
* Alaska Town With 46 Residents to Get $21M Airport
* Man Suspected in Porn Model Murder in U.S. Custody
* Woman's Head, Arms Found in Ohio Suspect's Freezer

* Oklahoma Boy, 7, Revived After Almost Drowning, Dies
* Body Found in Indiana Believed to Be Missing Toddler
* Doctors Baffled: Girl, 16, Has a Baby's Body
- PHOTOS: 16 Years Old — and Still a Toddler
* Hands, Feet of 4 Thieves Cut Off by Islamists
* Teen Paid Thousands After He Falls Off Bunk Bed
* Landlord Admits to Peeping on Women Tenants
* Court: Hustler Wrong to Print Pics of Wrestler's Wife
* Oregon Woman Who Fed Bears Ousted From Home

The level of FOX News and their coverage of the Democrat vote on CAP & TRADE!

Absent without cause.....So Much for the FOXNews independence.....

Michael Jackson....all-the-time