Monday, August 30, 2004

ACLU....The NEW Liberal Front????

How convenient.....the ACLU has "supported" the idea of liberal folk providing the "terrorists of the RNC" with names. etc.

I guess their ideas are "freedom of speech"...something they DO NOT always agree with!

I have, for years, felt the ACLU is becoming a tool of the Liberals.....and I guess this documents it!

How Very Very sKerry of them!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

sKerry, I knew you WHEN!

My God, this is getting obscene......

Bush has condemned the 527s and their rhetoric......sKerry has not.....

sKerry still calls, and violates the rules by initiating the rule that HIS 527s are "different" than those, like the Swift Boat folk, who speak out.....

This man is DISHONORABLE; ignoring requests to OPEN his own military records as has Bush, and creating "smoke screens" which allow him to NOT address ANY questions of the MEDIA....which are his GUYS!.......

He MUST have a LOT to HIDE!!!!!!

If not, then, Senator sKerry........tells us the truth, and open your records!

Go on; it will only hurt til Bush is re-elected in a landslide! 48 states for a margin?????
That is one prediction....

You, Mr. sKerry, make me ashamed that we still espouse the 2 party system.

Monday, August 23, 2004


My friends......I am as excited as I could be!

The truth of the matter has already been stated on several of the major blogs.....

This campaign for President.....the resultant...and expected...Liberal media bent.....published and providing the BLOGS with traction......

I cannot tell you how many friends, communicants, etc. have begun to delve into our world!

News for the sake of news......with bias announced in BOLD guessing, no hiding behind the guise of "Fair" with coverage we can all read thru and then decifer for ourselves!....

I do not need a Dan "Blather" or other such idiotic newsmen to "decifer" the news for me! They obviously have determined that news, for news sake, is unimportant.....they can provide us with their view and we do not need to therefore think or consider...just subscribe to their illness.

Bravo for BLOGS! The truth will out!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

How Can They Ignore??????

I am a person who finds George Bush less-than-my-ideal......

He has espoused many points with which I disagree!


This man, sKerry, is so devoid of principals, ACTUAL positions on ANYTHING, as to scare the HELL out of me!

I have NO IDEA where he would land on anything....excepting SPENDING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY!.....something Bush already is MORE than competant at doing!

Give me a "less-than-acceptable" candidate than one whose entire arguements for being viable are centered on a really bad military record!

WHY would a man wiyth 20 years in the Senate make his questionable-at-best military record his fight for the Presidency??????

Gotta be something in the fact he NEVER achieved any micro-tron of success as a Senator!

We have to prevent this idiot from becoming the "Commander-In-Chief"!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Funny thing happened here in Tampa.........Went to find "Unfit for Command" at Barnes and Noble only to be told....."Book was delayed by the hurricane (which never hit here).....

Funny thing is when you walk in to B & N you almost have to go climbing to get over the mountains of Clinton/sKerry/etc. books which are strategically placed so as to make getting by them almost impossible.

Could there be a bias in book sellers as well as the media?????

More as I watch and explore!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Less "Bounce" to the ounce....

sKerry and company, better known as "The Johns".......are off and running.....However, they seem destined to be "non-candidates".....

This I find to be rather unique!

The sKerry campaign is actually not a is an "anti-Bush" program....

Given that people of the Liberal persuasion did not HATE Bush, the Kerry folks would have NO arsenal to unleash......

Thus they find themselves in the position of trying really hard to have an identity when they are actually the shills for a major group who simply oppose Bush!

Different politics....but the fact of polarization of our political parties has actually given them a chance to gain the presidency for a man NOone actually finds competent/qualified/capable, etc.

That, my friends, is really sKerry!!!!!!!