Friday, December 30, 2011

Think Politics Is Not Important In Life?

Nope! I am not talking DEM/GOP politics.....I am speaking of the politics around the world....Charles Krauthammer gives a quite insightful look.


I Knew There Was Something Obama Hadn't Thought Of....

YEPPERS....Now his administration has corrected the error with a new phone number!

There is no length to which Obama will not go to help (get the vote of) in the year ahead.


Ron Paul; Ah We Knew Ye Well !!!!


Nuff said about why RP cannot be the nominee. He'd be good at US budgets, etc. but an idiot when dealing across the ocean!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bro, You Asked....So Go....Read!

My Bro asked about a valid lie told by PrezBO.......

Just to make it simple here is a list by year of those nasty things people are keeping track of and will unload upon the anointed one in the coming campaign....


We Are In The Best of Hands......

John Corrzine knows not where $1.2 BILLION went from MF......why should he; he was only the man in charge?

Oh, and bnow it comes out that one of his top lieutenants, Bradley Abelow, who also knows not where the money is remains a top-shelf adviser to the EPA!

I guess one of my questions would be, do we have an honest person in this administration?

Another would be, WHY are the GOP not all over this?

Washington; cesspool to the nation!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

172 Years Later.........

Why is it there are 12 Demo"Rats" leaving office.....voluntarily? All in the House. Well, maybe it is all about The rats leaving a sinking ship!

Couple that abandonment of office with 23 at-risk Senators for the Dems, and less than half as many GOPs, and you get the picture of deer-in-the-headlights thinking now entrenched in the DEMs minds. Senator Nelson leaving office, in recognition of his total sell-out on Obamacare recognized by his own state voters, and you see the current most-obvious example of what is in today's Congressional picture for the 2012 elections.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Voter Fraud......Not According To Holder!

Voter Fraud, something which has sent several to prison in the last two years (Dare I say they were ALL Democrats???) is something which Eric (I see nothing!) Holder has not been able to recognize. He still feels the major problem is those pesky laws which require folks to actually be identified!!~!!!! HOW DARE THEY!


The Holderites are those who wish to insure no ID so folks can vote early and often!



Changed my mind, and will live with this site for politics......My site for family, etc. will be different....soon I will introduce you!

& I have a 3rd site which is for our travels......


Monday, December 12, 2011

Really; That Long!!!!

Well, I got into a rut called posting on fb......Then I also changed my stance again and opened a 2nd blogspot......I'll refer you there eventually. Just hate to give up this name as it is quite me!