Friday, November 10, 2006

Listen to YOUR Voters!!

N. Z. Bear sez it well about the GOP:

"The Grand Olde Party got its head handed to it last night. Any other interpretations are deluded, foolish, or otherwise stupid.

So, the obvious course of action is for the GOP to spend a few days --- oh, a week at most --- performing a perfunctory survey of the warm bodies closest to their leadership seats, and immediately anoint one of them to be the new face of the Republican Party. That's the great thing about leadership elections, you know --- no need to actually consult anyone resembling the actual rank-and-file of the Party. No need to actually consult the people who give the money, who work the campaigns, who actually, 'ya know, cast the votes to keep a party in power. Or --- who don't.

Wrong. Very wrong. Amazingly, stupendously, staggeringly and absurdly wrong.

The reality of November 8, 2006 is that the Republican party no longer has control of the agenda in Congress. And yes, that includes the Senate --- it's over. The GOP doesn't get to decide what bills will come to the floor. The GOP won't control committees; it won't control legislation. There is one, and only one, major decision that the Republicans have to make right now to influence how the next two years go --- and that is who the party will choose to be their leaders.

This is a huge decision, and it is not one that should be rushed."

The only thing Bear misses is the fact the statement applies to BOTH parties. Neither party shows, through their platforms or their actions, the response and adherence one would expect them to show their own voters. It is amazing to me that these self-anointed gods of politics always feel one of two things about their efforts.......a) they know better or b) they can extend their voter base by broadening their positions! Idiocy.

Dems and Bush will now legalize 12 million illegals in this country, and do so without stopping, or attempting to stop, the flow of new illegals. This has been repeated time and again. Why? Their own party in both cases is opposed adamantly to forgiving the illegals. Why is listed above.... Bush likes the idea because his business interests like the illegals cheap labor (a) above. The Dems on the other hand like the illegals because they feel they can make gains through (b) above.

Where is that 3rd party....You know, the one that listens to the voters. It is no wonder the country is still conservative in most voted items, but went liberal this time. The voters have little say about what their own party does, so the GOP was this time chastised by their own voter base for not listening!

Grumble, Grumble.....Politics is getting to me more and more each day!