Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democratic Platform - What Platform?

Michael Kinsley....Certainly not a GOP supporter....Finds a lack of content in the Democratic Platform and Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters gets on the topic.

For my part I am, in this election, bereft of any commitment to anyone as I see NO positive message at all. Just lies and deceit!

The GOP is talking positives, and they have produced a great economy currently. However, they also have failed in controlling the borders; gotten hideously out of line in budget matters; and, shown no ability to control from the driver's seat of the Congress.

The DEMs on the other hand have given us the non-platform. In power they will also give us tax hikes as soon as possible, killing the economic growth and then blaming it on someone else.

Where are our 3rd parties???? Libertarian? My son is one, but ashamed of their overall performance as well he should be. Greens? They are clueless as they practice the theme of opposition to things with no positives that are near workable.

I have personally known two politicians whom I liked.....And felt were honest and looking to improve the political picture. They did not make much of a splash on the national scene. (They were, by the way Paul Simon, Democrat from Illinois and John B. Anderson, GOP from Rockford, Illinois). Yes, I am originally from Illinois where I met the two during an 8 year stint as a radio newsman.

Sometimes politics just gets too heavy! Yet, it is our life and future for this magnificent country of ours.