Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam to Swing High!

Death by hanging!

The verdict and punishment for Saddam Hussein. Nothing he does not deserve. While the actual hanging is going to be dependant upon more things than the appeal (his trial for killing thousands of Kurds, for instance), it is evident he will swing.

Captain's Quarters' Capt. Ed has a fine conclusion that I have not heard even closely reported in the media...."It's worth reflecting that Saddam would not ever have faced justice at all had we not acted to remove him from power. He and his sons would still run Iraq as their personal abbatoir, and the sons would have been worse than Saddam given the opportunity to run the nation. Kurds and Shi'ites would still wind up in mass graves and face the rape rooms at hospitals and police stations; they would still have their tongues cut out for speaking out against tyranny and their hands chopped off for any perceived rebelliousness. Instead, Uday and Qusay have shuffled off this mortal coil for significantly warmer climes than the Iraqi desert, and Saddam will stretch a rope after having been tried in a much fairer court than Iraqis ever experienced under his rule."

No truer words could be spoken, and they provide a perspective missing in the MSM!

Read Ed's entire story HERE!