Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not A Democrat This Time.....Card!

The anti-war, dump Lieberman, get out of Iraq, Democratic stance has cost them dearly in the guise of Orson Scott Card, an admitted Democrat since the 70s! (HT: Instapundit)

Read his logic and you see where hope may yet lie for Tuesday's election. The question in my mind is the number of voters giving consideration to something other than just general dissatisfaction with all politicians at this point....And their punishment of the party-in-power as a result. Perhaps Iraq, while a pain, is not strong enough an issue to the majority of voters as to keep the GOP in power.

The following point may not be an issue, but I have heard it now three separate times in the past week from quite dissimilar people. They all three pointed to the long-term positives given us by Reagan, and found a means to equate the efforts and direction he gave to the current situation. ??? I am a bit lost on it, and not sure where their source is, but it was enough to make me pause and consider.

Reagan as a force in the 2006 elections....Even subconsciously?