Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back From The Beach!

Mentioned in an earlier post that the Duchess and I would be at the beach for two weeks. We had NO wireless for the 1st week, and only half the second. How did we get it? I suspect it will dearly cost me in the long run!

I accepted an appointment to the board of our timeshare.....also the Vice-Presidency! In return I and a fellow owner, installed a new Beldin wireless router in the office, and have on order an extender to pair with it for our top two floors where the current signal is weak.

The "path to the moon" picture above is one of my favorites, but you can see some more at my Tampa photo blog.....Tampa Town Review, including a neat place where they have wireless, sell specialty motorcycles/motorbikes, and serve a mean cup of coffee! Cafe Racer is worth a visit if you are ever in the Tampa/Madeira Beach area. Their site is RIGHT HERE...

Go take a look at the neat things they sell and have in the cafe.